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Bulldog Puppy Training DIY Basic Dog Training

bulldog pupsBulldog puppy training can be somewhat daunting for those of you who own this fascinating breed.

These dogs have a mixed reputation. From 1500’s English courage, to defiant and stubborn, this lovable puppy is going to keep you on your toes.

When Choosing Your Bulldog

There are health considerations to first keep in mind when you’re choosing a bulldog puppy. This breed has a high mortality rate, and therefore, if possible, take your chosen pet to a trusted vet first and have it looked at for ear or nose problems (something bulldogs are prone to), or other health issues.

bulldog puppy trainingAlso, try to choose a puppy from a litter that is at least two months old, and a puppy that is alert and affectionate.

A bulldog pup that is at least two and a half months old should be properly socialized and ready to begin its bulldog puppy training. However, if your puppy is not yet of that age, or seems to be a little more aggressive than it should, you will need to deal with any aggressive issues before commencing your puppy’s training.

How to Go About Bulldog Puppy Training

There are some basic commands you should start out with. And all puppies (and dogs) should know these commands.  I call them:

Dog Training 101 Commands

1.  Come (recall)
2.  Sit
3.  “Okay” and “No”
4.  “Hold” and “Drop It”
5.  “Sit and Stay”
6   “Down” (Drop)
7.  “Heel”
8.  “Stand”
9.  “Wait ”
10. “Seek” (Find)

At a minimum, your Bulldog puppy should know these commands.  You can click here and read my other articles on this site for free step by step tutorials on how to train your dog to come, how to train your dog to stay, and how to train your dog to sit.

Once you’ve got the basic dog training commands down, you’re on your way to a well behaved dog!

Potty Training

Potty training will be addressed in a whole other section on this site, but I’ll address it here a bit.  Your young puppy may be quite stubborn, so constant training and reinforcement is necessary. Use crate training methods and be home as much as possible in order to give your pet proper potty training.

Don’t worry, your pet will be very careful not to have “accidents” in your home once trained, it just might take a little longer than other breeds for your bulldog to come around.

Use Crate Training

bulldog puppy trainingIt’s of the utmost importance you use crate training as much as possible for bulldogs, and it’s also imperative you teach your puppy to stay off the furniture (that includes not allowing him to sleep in your bed).

Make sure your puppy is not only housebroken, but also knows not to bite or nip aggressively (this can be taught with toys and by using your own loud, painful whining sound as proof).

Establish You’re The Alpha

bulldog puppy trainingEstablish your ranking early in the relationship. Your pet needs to know that you’re the one in charge.

Because your new puppy may be stubborn at first, you will need to work a little harder at obedience when doing your bulldog puppy training. Bulldog obedience training should begin somewhere between the first three and six months of life.

You’ll find that your puppy is going to become very proficient at your commands, and that learning to lie down, sit, come when you call, wait patiently, among others, will become second nature to your puppy if you’re persistent in training.

Bulldog Puppy Training For Their Own Safety

It’s not just for socialization and obedience that you want to begin your puppy training, your bulldog is actually at high risk of danger to to his natural curiosity and fearless nature.

It’s imperative that you train your bulldog puppy to stop at your command and not to run into the road or chase cars. Until your puppy is taught to be at your side in public, do not risk taking your pet off its leash.

Many people get put off investing in a bulldog because of the intense bulldog puppy training needed.  However, don’t be alarmed by what seems like a daunting task.

The bottom line is, a trained bulldog puppy will be the most lovable, and the most protective and loyal, pet you’ve ever known.

For comprehensive, step-by-step bulldog puppy training resource (complete with streaming videos and DVD, visit Dove Cresswell’s Puppy Training Academy or you can visit The Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package by Kingdom of Pets.

How To Stop Your English Bulldog from Biting People

An English bulldog will bite for many reasons.  But regardless of the reason, this behavior is unacceptable! In order to stop English bulldog biting, you must first understand why they are biting.

Only then can you train him not to bite.  Finally, you must try to keep your dog away from the situations which cause them to bite.

If your English bulldog is biting as an adult, you need to take immediate action so no one gets hurt, sues you, and have your dog put down. 

Why they are Biting

The root of the problem for a biting adult English bulldog usually narrows down to one of three common problems. The first of these common problems could be that your English bulldog never learned not to bite.

If you are just coming into the adoption of an English bulldog, it can be frustrating not to know how to curb his behavior.  

The second most common cause of English bulldogs biting is that they think they are protecting their owner. There is nothing wrong with your English bulldog being loyal to you and feeling the need to protect you, but your pet needs to know the difference.

If your English bulldog is biting, unless you are under life threatening circumstances, then their feelings go far beyond protection and need to be stopped.

The third most common cause of English bulldog biting is jealousy or fear of other dogs. If your English bulldog is biting other dogs, then that means they may have never been properly socialized.

If this is the case, then you should probably just try your best to keep your English bulldog away from other dogs until you are sure that their biting habit has been broken.

Discipline their Biting

The first step to stop English bulldog biting is to try the same technique as you would for an English bulldog puppy. If your English bulldog bites, yell out in a low, barking-type voice, “No!” or “No bite!” to let them know that it hurts.

If this does not work, you must then go to more extreme measures. No dog wants to be left alone. Therefore, if your English bulldog continues to bite, in order to discipline your pet, simply get up and walk away.

This will make your English bulldog realize that you don’t like what they are doing.

If your English bulldog continues to bite after you have made an effort to curb their habit, then you should seek professional obedience training.

Since your pet is grown, your English bulldog may need to be trained by someone who has had more experience with English bulldogs.

Keep them From Dangerous Situations

The third and final step to stop English bulldog biting is to keep your pet away from dangerous situations. Just like humans, English bulldogs, especially if they are already grown, have situations that irk them.

If you are not sure about how your English bulldog will react in a certain situation, it is probably a good idea to keep them away from it. It’s not that you should avoid introducing your pet to new things.

Rather, it is the things that you know bother them that you should avoid. Again, if you know your adult English bulldog does not like other dogs, then keep them away from other dogs.

Although it may be a bit of a hassle, it sure beats jeopardizing the safety of your English bulldog.

In summation, in order to stop English bulldog biting, you should follow these three tips. First, always remember to figure out the root of the problem.

Second, you should discipline your dog in the appropriate manor. Third, you should try not to aggravate your English bulldog by placing him in situations that you know make them uncomfortable.

Training Your English Bulldog

An English bulldog, despite their appearance, can be a very docile and gentle dog if trained the right way.

There are three steps which will show you how to train an English bulldog. The first step is to show your pet who is boss. The second step is to focus on one command at a time.

The third step is to ensure that you are proceeding at the right pace for your English bulldog.

Show them Whose Boss

To be effective in English bulldog training, the first thing that you have to do is establish dominance. Although an English bulldog will grow into being a very gentle and loving dog, if you do not assert yourself as the alpha, it could lead to problems later on.

As alpha, you must assert dominance in a variety of different ways. At first, everything that your pet does should be governed by your direction.

However, always remember to assert yourself in a consistent and encouraging way.

The English bulldog is a breed that craves human attention. Therefore, by using a positive form of training, especially when asserting yourself as a leader, your English bulldog will follow suit.

If you are positive and happy, your English bulldog will be positive and happy. Show your English bulldog positivity by rewarding them often and consistently for good behavior.

Focus on One Command at a Time

English bulldogs are intelligent, but part of learning how to train an English bulldog is in knowing that they are task oriented.

For instance, if you focus on sitting, then that is the one command you should be consistent with until it becomes second nature to your pet. If you try to teach your English bulldog to sit and roll over before they have mastered either command, they may get confused.

If your English bulldog gets confused, then they will not learn any commands. The best way to succeed in English bulldog training is to divide, conquer and then move on to the next command.

Proceed at the Right Pace

The third piece of advice, when learning how to train an English bulldog, is to ensure that both you and your pet are comfortable at a particular pace.

If you try to rush your English bulldog then they will not learn at all. Now, there is no one right pace for any English bulldog. Rather, to be effective, you must work around your own pet’s ability.

Some English bulldogs are easier to train than others. Some English bulldogs may pick up different commands easier than others. It all depends on your particular English bulldog.

To close, there are three very important steps to managing your English bulldog’s training. The first step is to achieve dominance. The second step is to tackle one command at a time.

The third step is to make sure your English bulldog is comfortable with the pace your training has taken on.

If you remember these three tips, as well as offer up lots of love and treats, your English bulldog will be trained before you know it!

Stop Your English Bulldog from Shedding

Shedding is a common problem among owners of English bulldogs. Although, to stop English bulldog shedding, you just have to follow these three easy steps!

First, you need to analyze why your English bulldog is shedding. Second, you need to introduce salmon fish oil tablets into your English bulldog’s healthy diet.

Third, you need to you need to brush your English bulldog daily.

Why they Shed

Like most things, a crucial key to stop English bulldog shedding is to understand why they are shedding. You may have noticed that in the spring and summer months, your English bulldog sheds the most.

This is because your English bulldog is shedding his winter coat in the spring and keeping his coat thin in the summer. Just like our hair, your English bulldog’s hair grows all of the time.

So, while you can put your hair up or get it cut if it’s too hot, your English bulldog needs to shed their hair off to stay cool. Therefore, in the spring in the summer especially, you must stay ahead of your English bulldog’s natural shedding process.

Introduce Salmon Fish Oil

In order to stop English bulldog shedding, give your pet salmon fish oil. It needs to be salmon fish oil because that is the type of fish oil that comes recommended for the coat of the English bulldog breed. Salmon fish oil will help to cleanse their coat and keep it silky.

Salmon fish oil also holds essential vitamins for your English bulldog to keep their coat healthy. The health and wellbeing of your English bulldog’s coat is what will lessen your pet’s shedding.

In addition to salmon fish oil, also make sure that your English bulldog is getting the right nutrition in his diet. Any dog food that is branded specifically for English bulldogs will do.

It doesn’t have to be the most expensive brand by far, but it is important that the food contains the essential nutrition specifically manufactured for English bulldogs.

Brush them Daily

Finally, the most important tip to stop English bulldog shedding is to brush your pet daily. By brushing your English bulldog, especially in the spring and winter, you will collect most of the loose hair that your pet would otherwise shed.

Brushing your English bulldog allows you to continue to stay ahead of the shedding curve. An English bulldog obviously needs loose hair to shed.

However, if you collect all of that loose hair, then there is nothing left to shed. Brushing your English bulldog will also help you to bond with your pet.

After a while, this will become an activity that you share together, like walking or playtime. It will become a part of your collective routine that both you and your English bulldog will enjoy!

In summation, if you follow these three easy steps, you will stop English bulldog shedding! First, understand the problem fully. Second, make sure to feed your English bulldog the right kind of fish oil in addition to a healthy diet.

Third, brush your English bulldog every day! Then, you will be able to enjoy your English bulldog without the hairy mess that otherwise comes with your relationship.

Stop Your English Bulldog Puppy from Biting

Just like human babies, English bulldog puppies learn a lot about the world around them by putting things in their mouth. In order to stop English bulldog puppy biting, you must make an effort to realize and react in these three ways.

First, you must come to understand why your English bulldog puppy is biting. Then, you must realize how to stop your English bulldog puppy from biting in the appropriate way.

Thirdly, after understanding why they bite and discouraging your English bulldog puppy from biting, you must find an appropriate biting outlet for your puppy. 

Why they Bite

Understanding why they bite is the first crucial step to stop English bulldog puppy biting. Puppies bite for two reasons.

Those reasons are to teethe and to play. Even when an English bulldog puppy is brought home months after they are born, their teeth have not yet fully developed.

Therefore, they chew and they bite because it feels good on their gums and helps their teeth to break through.

Another reason English bulldog puppies bite is because it is a natural form of playing. When English bulldog puppies are with their littermates, they roughhouse with each other and end up biting at each other.

So, when your English bulldog puppy thinks you are playing with them, their natural attempt at playing is to bite as well. When your puppy bites, it is not even aware that they are hurting you.

Therefore, you must discipline your puppy with that in mind.

Disciplining their Bite

Of course, in order to stop English bulldog puppy biting, you must discipline your pet before it becomes a habit.

However, there is a need to reprimand your English bulldog puppy correctly or threaten the bond that you share. If you scream at and hit your English bulldog puppy, then their bite will truly become the result of aggression, not playfulness.

The correct way to discipline your English bulldog puppy is to react as though your pet’s mother would react. When an English bulldog puppy bites the puppy’s mother will bark a warning at them.

If the English bulldog puppy persists, then their mother will walk away, leaving the puppy alone.

In order to replicate this motherly reaction, you should yell a loud, gruff, command like “No!” This will simulate the mother’s bark. If that doesn’t work, then just get up and walk away.

Your English bulldog puppy wants to spend time with you. If you leave them, they will get the message that they have done wrong.

Find an Appropriate Outlet

As previously stated, all English bulldog puppies need to bite and chew. So, in order to stop English bulldog puppy biting, you must direct their habit to something other than your hand.

This can be done by buying a lot of different doggy chew toys. When your English bulldog puppy accepts the toys, then you reward them.

Especially when you are not going to be home, in order to stop your English bulldog puppy from chewing on other things in your home, it is important to provide your pet with a lot of chew-toys to pick from.

So, always remember that first, you need to understand why your English bulldog puppy is biting. Second, you need to discipline your English bulldog puppy the right way.

Third, you need to find an appropriate chewing outlet for your English bulldog puppy.

By succeeding in these three steps, you will be well on your way to stop English bulldog puppy biting and ready to relish in the joy that your new pet brings to your home.

Stop Your English Bulldog from Snoring

It’s a common misconception that you cannot stop English bulldog snoring. Unfortunately, because their nose is pressed into their face more than other dog breeds, snoring is a problem for almost all English bulldogs.

An English bulldog snores because it is having trouble breathing. 

Thankfully, there are three pieces of advice that will work to stop, or at the very least lesson your English bulldog’s snoring.

The first bit of advice is to make sure your English bulldog is healthy. The second piece of advice is to make sure the room where they sleep is always cool.

The third point of advice is to change the humidity in the room your English bulldog is sleeping.

Make Sure they are Healthy

The first tip to stop English bulldog snoring is to make sure that your pet is healthy all the way around! Take your English bulldog to the vet to see if they are at the right weight for their size or if there is anything else that needs to be checked.

English bulldogs are prone to Brachycephalic Upper Airway Syndrome and Laryngeal Edema. A symptom of these conditions, but not a direct diagnosis, is snoring.

Therefore, you should just take your English bulldog to get checked out. If your English bulldog checkup reveals that they need to lose some weight, make sure that you make time to exercise with them and adjust their diet.

Also, check to see if the food you are giving them is quality dog food specifically made for English bulldogs.

Is their Room Cool?

The second tip to stop English bulldog snoring is to make the room where your pet sleeps cool. This will cause them to sleep sounder, be more comfortable and reduce snoring.

English bulldogs are naturally overweight, even if they are healthy. So, the hotter it is in the room where they sleep, the more uncomfortable they are and the harder it is for them to breathe.

Thus, the more your English bulldog will snore. By making sure your English bulldog is cool, you can eliminate their discomfort and hopefully, their snoring.

Change the Humidity

In order to stop English bulldog snoring, you may need to change the humidity in the room.

If you have cooled the room and your English bulldog is still snoring, then there may be too much or not enough moisture in the air for your English bulldog to sleep comfortably. An inexpensive trick to changing the humidity is to open a window.

However, if for some reason opening a window would do more harm than good, you could always look into a humidifier for the room where the dog sleeps.

Fortunately, if your English bulldog sleeps in your room, you will benefit from the humidifier as well.

So, in order to stop English bulldog snoring, you should try these three solutions. The first, being to make sure your English bulldog is at their healthiest.

The second is to make sure your English bulldog is comfortable and cool. The third and final solution is to change the humidity in the room to something that is pleasing to your English bulldog.

Hopefully these tips will help so that you and your English bulldog finally get a soundless, good night’s sleep!

Stop your English Bulldog from Barking

Normally, English bulldogs do not bark very much. However, if you feel that you need to stop English bulldog barking, there are three ways that will help you to achieve your goal.

First, you must figure out why your English bulldog is barking. Second, in order to stop their barking you must discipline your English bulldog the right way.

The third way to stop their barking is to begin correcting this behavior from the very beginning.

Why are they Barking

The first step to stop English bulldog barking is to understand why your pet is barking. The natural reaction for every dog to communicate is through barking and whining.

Dogs do not understand that humans do not speak dog bark. Therefore, humans do not always know what their pets want.

Additionally, the English bulldog breed is known for not barking unless they have a reason. So, it is fairly rare to have an excessively barking English bulldog.

Hence, if your English bulldog is barking excessively, you should try to figure out what makes them bark. If your English bulldog is skittish, find out what is scaring them.

It could be as simple as they do not like the scent of the mailman or a neighbor that walks by every day. Whatever it is, try to pinpoint the times that your English bulldog barks and figure out what is going on during that time frame.

Finding the source of your English bulldog’s barking could not only stop them from barking, but also comfort and cure your pet from getting startled from that situation.

Discipline your Pet the Right Way

Your pet, especially an English bulldog, will always feed off of your reaction. Your pet can feel when you are angry or excited and they know when you are calm.

In order to stop English bulldog barking, you cannot get angry at them and scream, “No!” or they could get the wrong opinion of your command and think that there is a reason to bark.

So instead, in order to calm your English bulldog down and stop them from barking, pick a command word, other than, “No,” such as “Enough,” or event “Stop” and say it loudly so that they hear, but calmly.

If done correctly, every time they bark, your English bulldog will understand that there is no real reason for them to bark and they should quiet down.

Discipline them from the Start

The third way to stop English bulldog barking is to begin to discipline the behavior right from the start. If your English bulldog is beginning to bark excessively, you cannot wait for a habit to form.

If a habit of barking forms with your English bulldog, then it will be much harder to stop your pet from excessive barking.

The easiest way to curb this behavior is to pick a command word as discussed earlier and stick to it as soon as you notice a problem.
In summation, in order to stop English bulldog barking, you must follow these three steps. First, you have to figure out the problem.

Then, you must discipline your English bulldog appropriately. Finally, you must remember to discipline your English bulldog as soon as you begin to see a pattern of excessive barking.

Hopefully, these tips will allow your household a little peace and quiet!

Stop Your English Bulldog Puppy from Whining

Just as babies cry, English bulldog puppies are known to whine a lot during the first few weeks of being in your home. In order to stop English bulldog puppy whining, you must enact these three steps. First, you must understand why your English bulldog puppy is whining.

Second, you must bond with your puppy. Third, you must keep a healthy balance of solving their problems as well as teaching your English bulldog puppy the ways of the household. 

Understanding Why they are Whining

The first step to stop English bulldog puppy whining is to understand why they are whining.

The most common reason is that your puppy is experiencing separation anxiety from their home, mother and littermates.

Think of it from your puppy’s perspective. You are born and all you know is your home, your mother, your brothers and sisters and the humans who live in the house.

Then, one day, some total strangers, take you away from everything that you know and bring you to a new house. These strangers may play with you for a while, but when night falls, they stick you in a room and turn off the light. 

As cruel as this situation seems, it is essentially what happens to every puppy who is adopted. Given that situation, it really makes sense as to why a puppy would whine.

When humans bring home a puppy, they are excited but when a puppy is brought home for the first time, they are probably very scared.

Another reason that an English bulldog puppy may whine is because they are hungry or otherwise uncomfortable. These situations should be dealt with on a case by case, situation by situation basis and always done with a healthy amount of patience.

Bond with your Puppy

The most important step to stop English bulldog puppy whining is to bond with your puppy. As soon as they trust you and love you, then your puppy will stop feeling so anxious, which in turn will stop their whining.

If your puppy knows that you love them and will readily take care of all their needs, then that sense of abandonment and loneliness from losing their other family will dissipate.

The first couple weeks of bringing a puppy home is crucial to the development of your relationship with that puppy. In those weeks, you will work into a routine and your puppy will learn the ways of the household.

Keep the Balance

The third essential step to stop English bulldog puppy whining is to attend to their needs, but do not give in to them and cause bad habits.

Crating is always a good idea because it allows your English bulldog puppy to have its own space.

However, if your English bulldog puppy is having trouble adjusting to the loneliness, try putting a warm bottle of water under a blanket and ticking clock to simulate another puppy with a heartbeat so your pet does not feel cold and alone.

Although, no matter how bad you feel for your whining puppy, you must never give into the temptation of bringing them out of their crate, if that is your chosen method.

You should lessen their loneliness and give them an abundance of love, but you cannot give into your English bulldog puppy. Always remember that you are still the master.

To close, if you stick to these three steps, you should be able to stop English bulldog puppy whining effectively. First, figure out why they are acting this way.

Second, give them the love they deserve. Third, try to lessen their loneliness but do not cave to them.

Stop Your English Bulldog from Farting

It could be silent or it could be roaring, but to maintain peace and sanity in your home you must stop English bulldog farting!

There can be nothing worse than a stinky English bulldog. English bulldogs are a little more prone to farting because their noses are pressed into their face more than most dogs and therefore, while eating or drinking, they breathe in more air.

For the same reason that humans cannot eat too fast, or it will cause them gas, English bulldogs swallow a lot of air when they eat, causing gas. 
Now, you obviously cannot help your dog from breathing in too much air, but there are ways to reduce the amount of your English bulldog’s farting in other areas.

The first way to limit the amount of gas your English bulldog has is to feed them the right food. The second way stop the farting is to refrain from feeding your English bulldog table scraps.

The third piece of advice for having a flatulence free English bulldog is to feed them smaller meals throughout the day.

Feeding them the Right Food

The first way that you can stop English bulldog farting is to feed your pet Premium Dog Food, specifically for English bulldogs.

In the same way that a human will get gas by eating cheap food, your English bulldog will follow suit.

This quality dog food may be a little bit more expensive, but it could really save your sense of smell at home. Additionally, this Premium Dog Food does not have to be the most expensive.

In fact, if you look around a little you may even be able to find it at a comparative price. Either way, to end the stench you should choose
Premium Dog Food!

Do Not Feed them Table Scraps

Feeding your pet table scraps is bad for many reasons. If nothing else, it will spoil your English bulldog.

However, especially with an English bulldog, which is a breed prone to illness and allergy, feeding them human food can also be dangerous to their health.

In addition, to stop English bulldog farting, you must stop giving your pet food from the table. English bulldogs were not meant to have human food.

Therefore, if they eat human food, then their stomach will have an adverse reaction, causing gas.

Feed them Smaller Meals Daily

It can be stressful during a busy work week or to make plans but the final way to stop English bulldog farting is to feed your pet smaller meals three or four times per day, instead of the normal two.

Also, like humans, eating multiple, small meals throughout the day is healthier for your pet’s digestive track. That way, there is less food your pet’s body has to deal with at one time and so it is less to cause your pet to have gas.

So, in summation, in order to stop English bulldog farting, you must enact these three changes to your pet’s diet. First, you should switch to a higher quality dog food.

Second, you should refrain from feeding your English bulldog table scraps at all costs. Third, you should feed your English bulldog smaller meals throughout the day.

If you follow these instructions, you should be able to enjoy the lovely scent of your home, without the threat of an English bulldog’s fart stench!

Stop Your English Bulldog’s Diarrhea

If your English bulldog has been in pain for a while now and what you thought was just a little bug has turned into something you fear is more serious, will need some tips on how to stop English bulldog diarrhea.

The most common cause of diarrhea in English bulldogs is a lacking dietary need. Therefore, you must first examine your dog’s eating habits.

Then, you should research the food that you are feeding your English bulldog in relation to other dog foods. Finally, you should introduce the new food the proper way.

Examine their Eating Habits

If your English bulldog is having trouble with their bowel movements, the first thing you should do to stop English bulldog diarrhea is to focus on what they are eating.

For instance, if you feed your English bulldog from the table, which you shouldn’t do anyway, you should stop immediately. If stopping the human food consumption does not help, you then should focus on their dog food.

Research their Dog Food

Before anything else, to stop English bulldog diarrhea, make sure that you are feeding your pet dog food specifically manufactured towards English bulldogs.

If you are not, then you should switch to a dog food that is specifically geared for English bulldogs.

So then, you will be sure that your pet is receiving the right vitamins and dietary essentials for the English bulldog breed.

English bulldogs are slightly more prone to allergies and illness than other breeds. So, even if you are getting the right food for the English bulldog breed, your pet may still have an allergy to one of its ingredients.

In order to check that, you must first look at all of the ingredients in their dog food against all of the different dog foods for English bulldogs.

Once you find a new brand that you think may make a difference to your pet you must introduce it into their diet slowly.

Introduce the New Diet

In order to stop English bulldog diarrhea, the last step in this process is to introduce the new food to your pet the right way. Since the English bulldog is prone to illness and allergy, the best advice is to introduce their new dog food to their diet slowly.

Mix the new dog food in with your pet’s old dog food first so that their digestive system is not shocked.

This may sound like it is prolonging your pet’s diarrhea, but if this is not done then your English bulldog may have an adverse reaction to the new food.

Hopefully enacting a change in your English bulldog’s diet will regulate them. Just remember in order to stop English bulldog diarrhea, first, you need to figure out the problem.

Second, you need to research the problem. Third, you need to enact a solution to the problem in a way that will not upset the delicate balance of your English bulldog’s already upset stomach.

However, if changing your English bulldog’s diet does not work, you should make an appointment with your pet’s vet because then, there may be something more serious going on that needs to be addressed immediately!