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How To Stop Labradoodle Jumping Up On People and Furniture

how to stop labradoodle jumpingIt’s not always easy to stop Labradoodle jumping up on people. It’s even harder to stop your Labradoodle from jumping on furniture, especially when you’re not home.

But you can train your Labradoodle to not jump on people or furniture quickly and easily.

You’ll need 3 things:

1.  Discipline

2.  The Right Training Method

3.  A Schedule

My Labradoodle Won’t Stop Jumping!

labradoodle jumping on manI hardly ever hear anyone say their Labradoodle is mean.

I almost never hear anyone say their Labradoodle is temperamental.

I do, however, hear people say their Labradoodle jumps on everything in sight.  If this is your problem, you’re not alone. These dogs will happily jump on the couch with you, jump on the bed with you, jump on you and your friends and anyone else.

Nine out of ten times they’re just being friendly and showing some love.

However, you need to teach your dog it’s not appropriate behavior by setting up a disciplined training schedule that teaches him not to jump on you, your furniture, or anything else.

And, it will take some determination and self-discipline on your part in order to stop your Labradoodle from jumping up on people.

When Does Your Dog Jump On Furniture?

stop labradoodle jumpingThe first thing to do is determine when your dog is doing the jumping. Is your Labradoodle jumping up on the furniture whenever you’re sitting, or whenever you’re not around?

If he’s doing it when you’re sitting there, he wants attention. If he’s doing it when you’re not there, he’s either being territorial or mischievous.


You’ve got to set up a consistent schedule for when you want to train your dog.  Then you have to stick with it and do it every day.

Only focus on one behavior at a time, or your dog will get overwhelmed and confused.

Make sure you exercise your dog first.  If your dog hasn’t been exercised, he’ll be too hyper to pay attention to you.

Once you’ve let him run around vigorously in the park for 30 minutes to an hour, begin training him for 20 minutes on how to stop jumping.

The Right Training Method

consistency is keySome dog owners hear the word “discipline” and they think it means hitting the dog or doing something harsh to get the dog to listen to them.

That’s not what discipline means at all.

The goal of dog training is to get your dog to respect you, not be afraid of you.  So when giving your dog correction after he’s jumped on you or the furniture, make sure you choose a humane method to correct him.

I highly recommend Canis Clicker Training. It’s one of the most humane, reward-based dog training method on the market.

The Knee Method

kneeI have two Jack Russells.  Jack likes to jump on me and other people. What I use is the knee method.

Whenever Jack comes to jump on me, I lift my knee so that my knee hits the hollow of his chest.

I know, I know, it sounds painful, but it’s not – if you do it correctly.

You think I’m lying don’t you? Well, I’m not, so keep reading.

After you do it the first time, your dog will look at you puzzled.  He’ll no doubt try it again.  When he does, do it again.  It’s more powerful if you say, “No jumping!” while you raise your knee to his chest.

Then tap your knee to coax him to jump.

If he seems hesitant, it’s working.  If he jumps on you gladly, you need to keep training him with the knee method.  You’ll know your progress by your dog’s hesitancy to jump when you bait him.

Ultimately,  when you tap your knee and he doesn’t jump, it means the training worked and he will no longer jump.


And because this is a very powerful technique, it works fast!

Now, remember, because Labradoodles are one of the friendliest breeds, they’re always genuinely happy to see you.

And, their happiness is expressed by jumping on you or other people.

Still, the jumping behavior is unacceptable.  And you’ll have to learn how to stop your Labradoodle from jumping on people, because at some point, he’ll become too big to handle.

And you don’t want him knocking you over!

Scheduling Time & Commitment 

scheduleTraining a dog takes time and commitment.  Although you’ll get fast results with the knee method, it still takes time.

You need to write out a schedule for when you’ll train your dog.

Actually, you should have a complete schedule for your dog for when he:

  • Eats
  • Sleeps
  • Poops
  • Plays

You’ll also need to be consistent with the schedule.  Like human beings, dogs learn by repetition.

If you train him well, you can be confident that he won’t jump on the furniture when you’re not there.  Again, you just need to apply the right dog training technique.

Quick Easy Way To Stop Labradoodle Jumping On Furniture

stop labradoodle jumping on furnitureOne of the easiest and quickest methods to stop Labradoodle jumping up on the couch is to spray him with a spray water bottle after using a firm “No! Down!”, and pointing to the floor.

As soon as he obeys, reward him with something meaningful to him.

On the other hand, if you need to stop your Labradoodle from jumping up on the couch when you’re sitting there, the technique is going to be a little different.

In this case your pup is looking for your attention. Use the same verbal no and point to the floor, stand up, and when he gets down reward him and spend some time playing with him.

Play With Him

It’s not always convenient to stop what you’re doing and play with your dog. I know you’re busy, still, it’s very important to play with him daily so he feels connected to you and loved by you.

Use His Collar

It’s best to train your dog with a leash and collar first. That way you can hold him back from jumping on someone as you teach him to listen to your voice command.

When he listens to “No! Down!” give him a treat for positive reinforcement. And say very enthusiastically while rubbing his head, “Good Boy!”

These dogs are extremely smart so it won’t take long to train them Labradoodle to stop jumping on people.

Show Your Labradoodle Who’s Boss

stop labradoodle jumpingRegardless of your dog’s age, you need to show him that you’re the boss.  You decide when he eats, sleeps and plays.

There’s a saying:  “If you treat your dog like a person, he’ll treat you like a dog.”

For more in-depth lessons on how to stop your Labradoodle from jumping, get Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package – the best Dog Training & Care books, audio, and video all in one place!



Stop Labradoodle Barking

It’s rare you need to know how to stop Labradoodle barking. Labradoodles make some of the best pets on the planet. This lovely breed is known for its gentility and ability to get along great with kids.

Because they are usually very easy going animals, Labradoodles don’t often have behavioral issues. Still, every now and again your dog might decide to bark when he should be behaving and you need to know.

Labradoodle Barking Barrage

Chances are if you have a Labradoodle you’ve hear him bark. You will never have a completely silent dog because it’s not feasible. Dogs bark because that’s how they communicate to us and to other animals.

If you try to stop Labradoodle barking altogether, then you’re going to be disappointed and your dog is going to be very unhappy.

Your pet needs to be able to communicate with you. Most often Labradoodles bark from fear or anger and those are important keys of communication.

However, if your dog is barking incessantly you need to find out why he’s barking and put an end to it.

Sometimes Labradoodles bark because they are bored and trying to get your attention. This is actually one of the most common reasons for Labradoodles giving you their signature low-pitch vocal opinion.

Because Labradoodles are extremely friendly and want to be loved and adored, if you’re not giving them the proper attention they will bark. They will bark loud and they will bark a lot.
In order to stop Labradoodle barking from boredom, it’s important to pay attention to your animal. This doesn’t mean you can play with him for a half an hour then ignore him the rest of the day. No, you need to make sure you’re keeping your dog happy.

The best way to stop Labradoodle barking is to wear him out by playing with him whenever he starts barking at you, after you tell him not to bark.

You need to set up routine play times with your Labradoodle to keep him happy. You also need to spray your pooch with a water spray bottle and train him to “Sit! Quiet!” on command before you play with him.

Training him to obey first will stop Labradoodle barking.

How Do I Stop Labradoodle Barking at Strangers?

The best way to stop Labradoodle barking at people as you walk down the street is to teach him the verbal command of “Quiet!” or “Stop” as mentioned above.

He tricky thing about strangers is that you want your labradoodle to protect you, however, he can’t go around barking at everyone and you know that.

It’s more important to stop Labradoodle barking at strangers through a verbal command than it is to make him stop barking at anyone.

Sometimes, you do want your dog to bark at someone he doesn’t know.

Use a short leach when you take him out for a walk. When your Labradoodle start to bark at a stranger, spray him with the bottle and use a voice command to “Stop!”

When he sits quietly, give him a “Good boy!” verbal praise and a treat. Also make sure you gently guide him closer to your own body by tugging the leash if he goes to move towards a stranger.

This will stop Labradoodle barking.



Stop Labradoodle Biting

In order to stop Labradoodle biting it’s important to train your dog from a young age.

Labradoodles’ are beautiful breeds.  A combination of Poodle and Labrador Retriever, this breed is known to be gentle and good tempered.

However, biting can still be a problem with Labradoodles just as it can with any dog breed. Knowing how to stop Labradoodle biting will make you and your pet happier.

Why is My Labradoodle Biting?

Because Labradoodles’ aren’t very temperamental there are really only a few possible reasons your dog is biting. He could be biting in anger or to be territorial. He could be biting in fear.

Your dog could simply be biting from boredom.

Determining the reasons why is the first step to stop Labradoodle biting. Pay close attention to when your dog is biting. Is he biting and when you’re not paying attention to him?

If so, this is a type of separation anxiety or boredom. You can very easily learn to stop Labradoodle biting from separation or boredom.
Is your Labradoodle biting whenever he wants something and you say no?

Is he biting other dogs when the get too close? This is a dominant bite or a territorial bite. This type of biting is not usually common in Labradoodle breeds, however, it can show up in puppies who don’t know any better.

Is your dog biting whenever he feels threatened? Is he biting in order to protect his food? This is likely fear biting and you can easily stop Labradoodle biting from fear with gentle reprimanding.

How Do I Stop Labradoodle Biting?

If your dog is biting because of separation anxiety or boredom, one way to stop Labradoodle biting is to play with him and wear him out. If your biting is boredom, then your dog needs more stimulation physically and mentally.

Spend more time with your Labradoodle. Take him to the park or toss the ball around with him.

Exhausting him will stop the biting. You can also gently spray him with a water spray bottle if he’s biting and being overly aggressive to get your attention inappropriately.

If your dog is biting to be dominant or territorial with you or other dogs, the water bottle is going to be very important. Keep a short leach on your puppy when you go out for a walk.

If he starts to get aggressive and tries to bite other dogs (a dominant issue) then pull the leash closer to you, look firmly at your dog and say “No! Sit!” and point at the ground until he sits.

When he behaves and sits quietly, use a clacker and give him a verbal praise. Once he is able to walk past other dogs (or people for that matter) without biting at them, use the clacker, give him verbal praise such as “Good boy!”, and give him a treat.

This extra incentive lets your Labradoodle know he’s done very good and will be one key way to stop Labradoodle biting.

Stop Labradoodle Chewing (on your shoes, etc…)

One of the top questions I hear asked is how to stop Labradoodle chewing.  If your puppy is chewing on everything in sight (except how chew toys, of course), then you might have some Labradoodle anxiety issues.

Anxiety issues are common in many dog breeds, but Labradoodles tend to display these issues a little more commonly. Labradoodles are loving pets.

They are calm and gentle and they want to be loved and adored. These are great pets for kids. However, they don’t like to be ignored and one of the main reasons for Labradoodle chewing is lack of attention.

My Shoes!

If your Labradoodle is well past the teething stage and still chewing on your shoes and furniture then there are two possible reasons for his behavior.

The first possible reason is that your dog is bored. Labradoodles need attention. They need lots and lots of attention, as a matter of fact.

If you have a Labradoodle and you want to stop Labradoodle chewing from boredom, it’s time to exercise your pet.

There’s a trick to stopping your dog from chewing on things when he’s bored. The first thing you need to do is decide on when you’re going to take your dog out to play.

You should set aside a few times a day for walking and outdoor play time with your pet. Your Labradoodle needs to be exhausted.

Once those play times are decided, it will be easier to stop Labradoodle chewing.

Start training to stop Labradoodle chewing as soon as possible, you don’t want your pet to keep the bad habits going. Whenever you catch your puppy chewing on something he shouldn’t first stand up and over him, point at him and say “NO!”

It won’t do you any good to reprimand him sometimes and ignore the bad behavior at other times. In order to stop Labradoodle chewing you have to be persistent all the time.

After you have given the verbal command, spray him gently with a water spray bottle and give the verbal command again. Then, give him his chew toy.

This will teach him he can chew on his toys when he needs to chew, but not on your shoes.

How to Stop Labradoodle Chewing When You Aren’t Home

One of the main reasons dogs chew when you aren’t around is because of separation anxiety. Your pets chew just like you pace the floor when you’re nervous.

I know people who lock their dogs in a large cage, but this is a method I suggest avoiding.

If you have a spate dog room for your pet, it’s okay to keep your Labradoodle in his room while you’re at work as long as he has his toys, some food and water in there.

It’s not ideal, but it is one way to keep your furniture and shoes intact. However, spraying items you want safe from your canine’s canines is going to help you out much more and allow your dog to run free.

Use a solution of apple vinegar and water, or even some water and hot sauce to spray a layer where your dog chews most. If you can, use ammonia and water spray on your furniture when your Labradoodle isn’t around.

Make sure to test the spray on material first to avoid stains. But unpleasant sprays will stop Labradoodle chewing.

Stop Labradoodle Digging

In order to stop Labradoodle digging you need to know why he’s misbehaving. Is your family pet destroying your azaleas?

Maybe he’s digging a hole under the fence or burying things in the yard? Could it be your Labradoodle is even starting to dig at the living room floor?

If the answer to any of that was “yes!” then you need to stop Labradoodle digging.

He’s Trying to Escape

If you see your Labradoodle digging at the fence, then you might have an escape artist on your hands. Luckily, it takes these guys a little while to dig a hole that big.

Still, you want to know why your dig is trying to escape, so in order to stop Labradoodle digging you need to check out the surroundings.

The first question is when is he digging? Is your pet digging around the fence when the neighbor has their dog outside? Is your pet digging along the fence when he’s in the yard alone?

One of the main causes for fence digging is, of course, there’s something interesting on the other side.

If your Labradoodle is trying to dig into the neighbors’ yard to play with Fido, then there are two ways to stop Labradoodle digging. The first method is to reprimand your dog and train him not to dig the fence.

The second method is to bring your dog back inside whenever the neighbor lets his dog out (if you can).

He’s Bored

Another reason your Labradoodle is digging is because he’s bored. It’s important to remember that dogs are like children. They need a lot of love and attention, especially those very loving Labradoodles.

If you see your dog digging up the yard or burying your favorite slipper, then he’s bored and is crying for attention.

The best way to resolve boredom is to pay attention to your pet. It’s not enough to just let him outside in the yard to run off his energy, you have to get play with him, love him, and most importantly, wear him out.

How to Stop Labradoodle Digging

Stopping the bad behavior is a must. Whenever you see your dog trying to get under the fence or digging holes in your garden the first thing to do is walk over to him, stand with your feet slightly apart and one hand on your hip, point your finger at him and say sternly “No!”

Then, spray him with a spray water bottle.

As he begins to understand he’ll get sprayed with water when he digs in the yard, start using a clicker and reward his good behavior.

If he starts digging and you say “No!” and he immediately stops, then click the clicker and say “Good boy!”, positive reinforcement is just as important to stop Labradoodle digging as negative reinforcement.

When he stops digging altogether use the “Good boy!” and give him a treat.

Lastly, while your training your Labradoodle, be sure to close up and holes and place heavy rocks over his favorite dig spots in order to stop Labradoodle digging.