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Tips and tricks to stop your dog from biting other people.

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Pit Bull Dog Bites – Minimize the Chances of Getting Bitten!

pit bull dog bitesPit Bull dog bites can be frightening for the victim and devastating for the dog owner. In many cases, a Pit Bull will be put to sleep after it bites a human. Even the gentlest Pit Bull can react to some situations aggressively, especially if the dog feels threatened or intimidated. There are some things that an owner can do to help avoid Pit Bull dog bites and protect the dog from the consequences of aggressive behavior.
Early Socialization is Key

Why Pit Bulls Bite

Owners of Pit Bulls should expect to devote a large amount of time and energy training their dogs from the very beginning. Pit Bull dog bites are usually the result of poor socialization when the dog was a puppy.

How to Stop Pit Bull Dog Bites – Socializing Your Pit Bull

As soon as you bring your Pit Bull puppy home you should begin the socialization process. Take your dog out with you as often as possible so that it has more opportunities for positive experiences with strangers.

At home, teach your dog what behaviors are acceptable and what behaviors are not acceptable. If you live with other people, it is important to make sure that everyone in the house understands the training process and cooperates. Positive rewards for good behavior are more effective than punishment.

Leashes and Halters

pit bull dog bitesThere are training leashes and halters that were designed specifically to help you avoid the possibility of Pit Bull dog bites. The most common form of halter fits around your dog’s shoulders and allows you to have more control over the dog’s movements.

A leash that is connected above the dog’s shoulders gives you the chance for sharp motions on the leash that communicate better to the dog.

If your dog is stubbornly aggressive, you may want to invest in a halter that includes a muzzle to keep the chances for PitBull dog bites at a minimum.

Reduce Fearful Situations

Some Pit Bull dog bites are the result of the dog being placed in a fearful situation. Dogs commonly react to fear with aggressive behavior, including biting.

If your Pit Bull has displayed unexpectedly aggressive behavior, pay attention to what is going on when the behavior occurs. You may notice that there are loud children playing in the neighborhood or large machinery being used nearby.

If possible, remove your dog from the fearful situation by bringing him or her into the house with you. If the fearful stimulus continues for a long time the dog may become used to it eventually, although you should always pay attention to situations that can lead to aggressive behavior.

Establish and Maintain Dominance Over your Pit Bull

pit bull dog bitesA Pit Bull will try to dominate other dogs or people it comes into contact with. To avoid Pit Bull dog bites, it is important that you establish your dominance over your dog as early as possible. Invest in an excellent dog training book for step by step instructions on how to be the alpha dog and how to train your pit bull not to bit.

You need the Pit Bull to defer to your leadership decisions at all times in order to avoid Pit Bull dog bites. Pit Bulls are very loyal and intelligent animals that respond well to training.

They generally attach themselves to one main person, but can be trained to behave in a subservient manner with anyone who lives in the household. Controlling your dog’s behavior is the best way to avoid Pit Bull dog bites.