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Excess barking is a sign that your dog may not be getting enough exercise. I’ll give you tips to get your dog to stop barking.

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How to Train Your Dog Not to Bark at People – Unnecessarily

How to Train Your Dog Not to Bark Unnecessarily

how to train your dog not to barkUnnecessary barking is a dog owner’s nightmare.  Nuisance barking is especially problematic if you live in an area that’s heavily populated, such as an apartment complex.

But I’ll teach you how to train your dog not to bark unnecessarily at people, places and things.

Noisy dogs are an annoyance to neighbors as well as a cause of stress for their owners. Before you learn how to train your dog not to bark inappropriately, you have to understand what’s causing your dog’s barking behavior.

Why Do Dogs Bark?

Let’s face it.  You’re never going to stop dogs from barking completely. First, it would be unnatural as well as impossible.  And second, a dog’s bark serves several important purposes.

For instance, dogs use barking and other vocal sounds as their primary way to communicate. In the wild, wolves and other related animals use a series of sounds to alert pack members to potential threats, show dominance or submission, and to encourage play.

Dog Play and Positive Reinforcement

how to train your dog not to barkFrom the time a dog is a newborn, he learns that vocalizing causes a desired response. For example, when a puppy whines, his mother comes to his aid. When an older puppy barks at his litter mates, they engage in play. This desired response prompts more vocalization.

In those instances, the dog is receiving positive reinforcement.  He learns that if he barks, he gets a desired response.  So now he thinks barking is the way to get what he wants.

And by the way, some dog breeds bark more than others.

Excessive Barking Due to Lack of Clear Leadership

how to train your dog not to barkNot establishing yourself as the Alpha dog is the cause of most excessive barking.  If your dog believes he is the ultimate protector and decision maker, he’ll bark excessively and ignore your commands to stop.

You’ve got to establish yourself as the alpha if you want to learn how to train your dog not to bark.  In addition, you need to understand the different types of barks and what they mean.

Various Types of Barks  

There are different types of barks.  Each bark has a different meaning. Before you can determine the reason your dog is barking you need to understand what type of bark is being used.

Is it legitimate?  Is your dog  warning you of a possible intruder?  Is he bored, anxious, scared, frustrated or excited?

Once you’ve discovered the cause of excessive barking, you can get started on learning how to train your dog not to bark.  Remember, the method you use to stop your dog’s barking behavior will depend on your correct interpretation of  the bark.

Here are two of the most popular types of bark and what they mean.

Alarm Barking

how to train a dog not to barkIs your dog alarm barking?  Meaning, is there a stranger in your front yard?  If your dog respects you as the alpha, a simple “good boy – enough!” will suffice.  This will let him know that you appreciate his help, but that you have the situation under control.

Boredom Barking

Excessive barking can also be due to pent up frustration.  If your dog doesn’t get out much, you’ve got to take him out and exercise him.  A tired dog is a quiet dog.  Do you live near a dog run?  A park?  Take him out for an hour daily in the park so he mingles with the other dogs.

Do you have busy hours at work?  Try cageless doggy day care. Cageless doggy day care allows your dog to play in an open space with other dogs all day long.  Believe me, when your dog comes home, he’ll be too tired to even eat his dinner.

Hire a Dog Walker 

Alternatively, hire a dog walker to take your dog out for an hour while you’re at work.  Then when you come home, take him out again for 30 minutes.  Don’t just walk with him either.  Play catch and frisbee with him so he tires out.

In addition to tiring out your dog, exposure to lots of triggers will desensitize him and decrease the probability of unnecessary barking.

Stopping Barking:  Remove Triggers

train your dog not to barkA good way to prevent dog barking problems is to remove whatever triggers the behavior. If your dog barks at cars passing, you may want to move the dog to an area where he cannot see the road.

If he barks at every jogger that runs by, close the blinds.  If he barks because he wants your attention when he’s is alone, you may need to reconsider his resting place and place him closer to you.

How to Give Corrections To Stop Excessive Barking

Be careful with this one.  Giving corrections requires good timing!  If you wait 10 seconds after your dog has done something to correct him, he won’t make the connection.  You’ve taken too long.

The correction has to take place immediately following the behavior.  I’d say within 3 seconds.  If you’re not close enough to your dog when he’s barking to give him the type of correction you’ve chosen, don’t bother correcting him.  Wait until next time.  But do reward him when he stops barking.

Here’s an example of a popular corrective measure dog owners use:

Give Meaningful Corrections So He Makes The Connection

In order for a correction to have an effect, you have to know if it has meaning for your dog.  In order for something to be meaningful to your dog, it has to have an immediate impact on his behavior.

If within 3 to 4 repetitions of the correction your dog has not either decreased the frequency or intensity of his barking, the correction is not meaningful. You know your dog.  You have to find out what’s meaningful to your dog.

How to Train Your Dog Not to Bark – Example Correction

train your dog not to barkTry this exercise:  Buy a squirt bottle and fill it with Bitter Apple.  You can also use breath spray.  As soon as your dog barks, spray either the breath spray or the Bitter Apple spray (diluted with water in the spray bottle) directly in your dog’s mouth.

Immediately follow the squirt with the command “Quiet.”  No need to raise your voice.  Just say it firmly and calmly.

After you’ve made your dog associate your command with the correction (this usually happens after about 10 times), try saying the command without using the correction.

If it works, you now know how to train your dog not to bark.

Don’t Reward Barking Behavior

When learning how to train your dog not to bark, it’s important not to make empty threats.Your dog needs to know that if he doesn’t obey the first time he gets the command, he’s going to get a correction.

It’s also important to keep in mind that yelling will only further the problem. It’s understandable that you might want to yell at your dog when he’s barking because you, like most dog owners, become frustrated when your dog is barking, especially when it’s late at night when you’re trying to sleep.

Remember, the reason you don’t want to yell at your dog goes back to the idea of puppies barking to engage play. Yelling is translated as barking to your dog. When a puppy barks, and you bark back, you have unintentionally engaged him in play.  For more tips and techniques dealing with puppies barking, read my article on how to stop puppy barking

Be Consistent

Lastly, consistency and repetition are very important in all aspects of dog training.  Putting an end to a dog barking problem is no different. Make sure that every member of your family responds to the bad behavior the same way to prevent confusion.  For more in depth training on how to train your dog not to bark, buy Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer.

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How to Stop Dog Barking

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Stop Dog Barking

Most dogs whine, howl, and bark at times, but some dogs take it too far and become extreme barkers. It’s important to learn how to stop dog barking because dogs that bark excessively for no apparent reason can become a huge annoyance to their owners and neighbors. In order to learn how to stop dog barking, it’s important to understand why dogs bark and how to address those issues.

Why Dogs Bark

Dogs bark for a variety of reasons, and not just because they can or because they think it’s fun. To understand how to stop dog barking, it’s extremely important to understand why the dog is barking in the first place. Dogs can bark as a warning or alert to their owners, when they’re anxious, when they’re feeling playful or excited, when they’re bored, when they’re seeking attention, and in response to other dogs.

However, if a dog barks inappropriately, the ultimate explanation is that its owner has placed it in a situation or environment where it’s more rewarding for the dog to bark than to be quiet. In order for dog owners to change the situation and attitudes of their dogs, they must make it more rewarding for the dog to be quiet than to bark.

How to Stop Dog Barking

Learning how to stop dog barking is easiest once the owner learns the source of the problem. Dogs who don’t get enough exercise experience a lot of pent-up energy that they try to diminish by barking. Therefore, the first thing to try is to increase the dog’s physical activity.

If this does not solve the problem, more investigation is needed to control the barking. Most importantly, owners should make it a priority to not reward the dog in any way when it’s barking. Because some dogs bark for attention, one should never pet, hug, comfort, or feed an incessantly barking dog.

Attention reinforces the dog’s behavior, which only encourages it to keep barking. The owner should try to get its attention by clapping or whistling. Once the owner has the dog’s attention, try to shift the dog’s focus by practicing basic commands.

Once the dog is completely quiet, the owner should redirect the dog’s attention towards something pleasing, like a treat or toy. The practice of redirecting the dogs attention, quieting it, and then rewarding it is something that owners may have to perform many times before the dog fully understands that it is being rewarded for being quiet.

Most dogs can learn how to stop barking with some basic training from their owners. However, certain uncontrollable dogs may need advanced dog obedience training.  You should definitely buy a really good dog training guide online that teaches you how to stop dog barking.  A really great dog training book that teaches you how to stop dog barking is called Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer by Adam Katz.  This ebook is #1 online for teaching dog owners how to stop dog barking.

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Stop Puppy Barking – Restore Peace to Your Home


Stop Puppy Barking – Restore your Home’s Peace and Serenity 

Bringing your puppy home is a fun and exciting event, but sometimes a noisy puppy can make things intolerable so it’s important to know how to stop puppy barking.

Little puppies are an adorable addition to your home, and there are many things pet owners need to do to raise a well-behaved puppy and dog.  A puppy’s bad habits may be cute and tolerated early on, but these habits need to be corrected right away if you want to raise a well-behaved dog.

Why Puppies Bark

One of the most common bad habits a puppy may have is excessive and uncontrolled barking. It’s important to figure out why your puppy is barking. Anxiety, fear, excitement, and general playfulness are just a few of the many reasons puppies bark uncontrollably. Addressing these causes is crucial to stop puppy barking.

Form Good Habits Early

leastraining dogdownloadAsserting the upper hand through consistent and loving discipline must begin when the puppy enters the household – that is, if you want to retain your sanity and prevent headaches later on.

Your puppy views you and your family as his pack and he will obey his pack leader. When a puppy obeys your command, he is acknowledging you as the pack leader. Maintaining the respect of your puppy is an important step to stop puppy barking.

Preempting Anxieties

Let your puppy sleep near you in his crate or bed the first few nights to avoid separation anxiety.  Expose the young puppy to life situations that could possibly cause anxiety later on.

Let your puppy get used to walking on the sidewalk along a busy street. Familiarize him with noises like motorcycles, vacuum cleaners, hair dryers.

Living Environment

Make sure that the puppy’s living environment is comfortable. Many experts recommend introducing your puppy to a crate where he can sleep. The crate serves as both a comfortable bed and a safe place when the puppy wants time alone in a busy household.

Basic Commands

dog sitdownloadTeach your puppy the basic commands, sit, stay, heel and no. Teaching your puppy basic commands will help you control many problem behaviors and also will prevent or stop puppy barking.


Deterrents to Barking: Spray Bottles & Noisemakers

Use a spray bottle as a disciplinary aid to stop your puppy from barking.  A light spray in a barking puppy’s face will stun him enough to stop barking without hurting or scaring him.

One short spray is sufficient. Use only plain cool water in the spray bottle. Bitter Apple spray, found in your local pet store can also be used for this spray.

A noise maker can also help stop puppy barking.  Create a noise maker by filling a coffee can with a few coins and sealing the opening of the can.

To stop your puppy from barking, rattle the can near his head and firmly say “no”. The puppy dislikes the noise and will begin to associate it negatively with barking.

Formal Obedience Training

secretsFor busy pet owners, formal obedience training can help instill proper behavior. Puppy classes are very beneficial as dogs learn basic commands and how to socialize with people and other dogs.

Formal obedience training classes may be to costly for the average pet owner.  I highly recommend downloading Secrets to Dog Training which contains videos and downloadable ebook taking you step by step through your dog’s training process.

Dog Barking Solutions – What to Do About Your Dog’s Excessive Barking

Suggestions for Dog Barking Solutions

Doggy-Dans-5-Free-Doggy-Tips-Videos350Dog barking solutions can be hard to find because dogs bark for many reasons. Sometimes, they are trying to tell you that something may be dangerous, that they are hungry or they want attention. Sometimes they bark just for the sake of barking.

Whatever the reason, dog barking can be a common problem that dog owners have to deal with, and it is not always easy to find dog barking solutions. This article will provide some dog barking solutions that will help dog owners deal with this issue.

Loneliness and Boredom

The most common reason that dogs bark all the time is because they are bored or lonely. This typically happens when the owner is gone all day at work. Dogs get bored, so they use barking to fill their down time.

Take them to Cageless Doggy Daycare

Dogs will also bark during this time because they are lonely with no one at home to spend time with them. If this is the case, I find one of the mose effective solutions is to take your dog to a cageless doggy day care.

I live in New York City, and I take my Jack Russells to Running Paws Athletic Club.  Not only do the dogs get to play all day with each other, for a small fee, the club has runners that run with the dogs individually!  I typically send my dog there from 7:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.  And he’s exhausted when he comes home!

Come Home On Breaks

If you can’t afford cageless doggy daycare, another great dog barking solution is to come home more often and spend more time with your dog. This could be during a lunch break or if you are out running errands for a long period of time. The dog needs to know that it has not been abandoned and that someone will return to take care of him or her.

Dog Obedience Training as a Solution

puppy need trainingbanner-180-150Another solution is to give your dog some obedience training. Whenever your dog begins to bark, get the dog’s attention and tell them to stop. When they do, reward them with a treat or with extra attention. This will teach the dog that barking is not acceptable, and that he will be rewarded when he behaves well, that is, by not barking.  A really great dog training product is called Doggy Dan’s the Online Dog Trainer.  This dog training program is online videos showing Doggy Dan actually training the dogs so you can go step by step with him. 

Other Alternatives

I don’t recommend this, but there are several products on the market that will help curb your dog barking problems. One of these tools is a bark collar that sends a harmless shock to the dog when he barks, startling him and thus stopping him from barking.

Another tool is similar to a fire alarm, only it detects when your dog is barking and will send out a high-pitched sound that also gets the dog’s attention and keeps him from barking. Eventually, your dog will associate these consequences with barking and will no longer bark just for the sake of barking.

You’ll Never Completely Stop Dog Barking

However, it is important to also be aware that dogs bark as a warning as well, not just always for fun. Remember that sometimes your dog is trying to protect you by barking, and that your dog will probably never cease to bark altogether. These dog barking solutions are intended to help control your dog’s barking rather than to end it entirely.  Try Doggy Dan’s The Online Dog Trainer to help solve your dog barking problems.

How to Stop Terrier Barking in 3 Simple Steps

stop terrier barkingYou’ve landed here because you want to learn how to stop Terrier barking.  Some breeds are more prone to barking than others and the terrier group falls into that tendency.

Nonetheless, we love our terriers. From Jack Russell to Smooth Fox and from Minature Bull to Kerry Blue, what they lack in bark control they make up for with their engaging personalities and lively attitudes.

Stop Terrier Barking in 3 Simple Steps

When caring for a dog of any breed, but especially our energetic terrier group, it is important to make sure the dog is healthy: physically, emotionally and intellectually. Meeting these core requirements can help stop  terrier barking before it becomes problematic.

1. Exercise your dog daily. Your terrier is full of spunk and has energy to burn. It is especially important to exercise terriers that are left alone for lengthy periods. A brisk 15-minute walk before work can keep your dog content until you return home.

2. Make sure your dog is properly socialized. When in an unfamiliar situation like meeting a new dog or encountering a group of children on a bike ride, terrier barking can be triggered if your dog is not properly socialized.

Expose your terrier to many different sights and sounds in a safe and controlled environment. When your dog feels emotionally secure, terrier barking is less likely to be triggered by exposure to new sights, sounds and situations.

3. Give your terrier a job to exercise his mind. There are several food reward activities you can provide for your pet to encourage a sharp mind. Place several pieces of kibble in a “Buster Cube” or a “Kong” and watch your terrier solve the problem of releasing the reward.

Recognizing Problem Barking

stop terrier barkingTerrier barking is a natural means of communication for your dog. Barking is your terrier’s way of telling you something. It is important to decipher acceptable barking from unacceptable barking.

If your terrier barks in the middle of the night at a loud, unfamiliar sound, it’s likely an acceptable communication. However, if terrier barking occurs when the mail is delivered daily, this could be a problem.

The mail carrier leaves and the dog is rewarded: essentially the dog has “chased” the mail carrier away.

Stop Terrier Barking With Distractions

Use distractions to stop terrier barking. For example, play a game of fetch with the dog when the mail is being delivered. Do this daily until the terrier no longer perceives the carrier as a threat.

There are many reasons for problem terrier barking. Pay attention to what your terrier is trying to tell you to help solve the problem barking. There are many dog training books online that deal with barking.

In fact, I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 best dog training books that deal with barking.  You can also visit Secrets to Dog Training if you are having difficulty with dog barking, aggression and other unwanted behavior.