English Bulldog

Training Your English Bulldog

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An English bulldog, despite their appearance, can be a very docile and gentle dog if trained the right way.
There are three steps which will show you how to train an English bulldog. The first step is to show your pet who is boss. The second step is to focus on one command at a time.

The third step is to ensure that you are proceeding at the right pace for your English bulldog.

Show them Whose Boss

To be effective in English bulldog training, the first thing that you have to do is establish dominance. Although an English bulldog will grow into being a very gentle and loving dog, if you do not assert yourself as the alpha, it could lead to problems later on.

As alpha, you must assert dominance in a variety of different ways. At first, everything that your pet does should be governed by your direction.

However, always remember to assert yourself in a consistent and encouraging way.

The English bulldog is a breed that craves human attention. Therefore, by using a positive form of training, especially when asserting yourself as a leader, your English bulldog will follow suit.

If you are positive and happy, your English bulldog will be positive and happy. Show your English bulldog positivity by rewarding them often and consistently for good behavior.

Focus on One Command at a Time

English bulldogs are intelligent, but part of learning how to train an English bulldog is in knowing that they are task oriented.

For instance, if you focus on sitting, then that is the one command you should be consistent with until it becomes second nature to your pet. If you try to teach your English bulldog to sit and roll over before they have mastered either command, they may get confused.

If your English bulldog gets confused, then they will not learn any commands. The best way to succeed in English bulldog training is to divide, conquer and then move on to the next command.

Proceed at the Right Pace

The third piece of advice, when learning how to train an English bulldog, is to ensure that both you and your pet are comfortable at a particular pace.

If you try to rush your English bulldog then they will not learn at all. Now, there is no one right pace for any English bulldog. Rather, to be effective, you must work around your own pet’s ability.

Some English bulldogs are easier to train than others. Some English bulldogs may pick up different commands easier than others. It all depends on your particular English bulldog.

To close, there are three very important steps to managing your English bulldog’s training. The first step is to achieve dominance. The second step is to tackle one command at a time.

The third step is to make sure your English bulldog is comfortable with the pace your training has taken on.

If you remember these three tips, as well as offer up lots of love and treats, your English bulldog will be trained before you know it!