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Stop Your English Bulldog’s Diarrhea

By September 26, 2013 No Comments

If your English bulldog has been in pain for a while now and what you thought was just a little bug has turned into something you fear is more serious, will need some tips on how to stop English bulldog diarrhea.

The most common cause of diarrhea in English bulldogs is a lacking dietary need. Therefore, you must first examine your dog’s eating habits.

Then, you should research the food that you are feeding your English bulldog in relation to other dog foods. Finally, you should introduce the new food the proper way.

Examine their Eating Habits

If your English bulldog is having trouble with their bowel movements, the first thing you should do to stop English bulldog diarrhea is to focus on what they are eating.

For instance, if you feed your English bulldog from the table, which you shouldn’t do anyway, you should stop immediately. If stopping the human food consumption does not help, you then should focus on their dog food.

Research their Dog Food

Before anything else, to stop English bulldog diarrhea, make sure that you are feeding your pet dog food specifically manufactured towards English bulldogs.

If you are not, then you should switch to a dog food that is specifically geared for English bulldogs.

So then, you will be sure that your pet is receiving the right vitamins and dietary essentials for the English bulldog breed.

English bulldogs are slightly more prone to allergies and illness than other breeds. So, even if you are getting the right food for the English bulldog breed, your pet may still have an allergy to one of its ingredients.

In order to check that, you must first look at all of the ingredients in their dog food against all of the different dog foods for English bulldogs.

Once you find a new brand that you think may make a difference to your pet you must introduce it into their diet slowly.

Introduce the New Diet

In order to stop English bulldog diarrhea, the last step in this process is to introduce the new food to your pet the right way. Since the English bulldog is prone to illness and allergy, the best advice is to introduce their new dog food to their diet slowly.

Mix the new dog food in with your pet’s old dog food first so that their digestive system is not shocked.

This may sound like it is prolonging your pet’s diarrhea, but if this is not done then your English bulldog may have an adverse reaction to the new food.

Hopefully enacting a change in your English bulldog’s diet will regulate them. Just remember in order to stop English bulldog diarrhea, first, you need to figure out the problem.

Second, you need to research the problem. Third, you need to enact a solution to the problem in a way that will not upset the delicate balance of your English bulldog’s already upset stomach.

However, if changing your English bulldog’s diet does not work, you should make an appointment with your pet’s vet because then, there may be something more serious going on that needs to be addressed immediately!