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How To Stop Shiba Inu Aggression In The Dog Park!

shiba inu barkingAre you embarrassed by your Shiba Inu’s aggression in the dog park?

Are you afraid you’re going to get sued or have to put your Shiba Inu down because of his aggression?

Stop worrying.

Find out how to stop shiba Inu aggression in the dog park with these tips!

Dog Parks Are Supposed To Be Fun

dog parkYou take your dog to the dog park to romp around and have fun. Get exercise.  Socialize.

You also go to the dog park to socialize yourself with other dog owners.

Imagine having to avoid your fellow dog owners because you’re embarrassed that your Shiba Inu is always attacking other dogs in the park?

Worse, other dog owners are shunning you.  In fact, every time you come in the dog park, they take their dogs and leave!

While it’s possible to stop Shiba Inu aggressive behavior, you first have to understand why your dog is being aggressive.

Why Is My Dog Acting This Way?

question mark 2You’re probably pulling your hair out trying to figure out why your Shiba Inu is acting so aggressively.

Stop trying to figure it out.  Here’s the answer.

Quite frankly, one of the main causes for your dog’s aggression is that Shiba Inus are naturally alpha animals.

Because of their natural alpha tendencies, your pups are going to do whatever it is they can to make themselves the head dog.

Aggressive tendencies usually happen over food or dominance issues. There are other times your dog might be feeling a little aggressive such as:

• When he’s anxious
• When he’s over excited
• When he’s being protective of you
• When he’s feeling as if his personal space is being violated

All of these are very common reasons for your dog to become aggressive. The key to helping you stop aggressive Shiba Inu behavior is to recognize which reason to correct.

An Overly Anxious Dog Makes For Bad Company

shiba anxietyJust like us, dogs get nervous and scared. Although every dog has a different temperament, there are times when you might see your dog acting more nervous or upset than usual.

Anxiety can occur in pets for many reasons. Your dog might be scared of another animal or person.  He might be nervous about the weather.

Thunderstorm fears are common.  Or, he might even feel anxious that he needs to be in charge and not you.

Being around a lot of strange dogs in a dog park may be too unsettling for your Shiba Inu and may be the cause of his aggression.

Make Your Shiba Inu Feel Safe

The first step you need in order to stop your Shiba Inu from being aggressive is to make sure your pet feels safe.

If your dog is exhibiting aggression toward another dog in the park, take him out of the park immediately and let him stay in the gated area.

Most dog runs have a gated entrance  before the actual dog run play area.  That area is called the holding pen.  Keep your Shiba Inu there (while you’re with him) until he calms down.

It could be the other dog is the issue, but you won’t know that just yet.  After he calms down, about 10 minutes later, re-enter the park with him.

Introduce Him To The Dog Park Slowly

dog park areaWhen you enter the dog park with your Shiba Inu, if there are other dogs there already, a good idea would be to let him sit in the gated area with the gates closed so that the other dogs can’t get to him yet.

Let the other dogs sniff him through the bars.

This slow introduction will allow your Shiba Inu to assess the situation for himself.  He needs to know for himself that it’s safe.

After 10 minutes, if you see he’s resistant to entering the park, close the gate and let him stay in the gated area for as long as he needs to.  Then try re-introducing him.

Socialize Him With Cageless Doggy Daycare

socialize shiba inuPersonally, I believe in socializing pets early.  It’s a good idea to take your dog to a cageless doggy daycare center.

Running Paws, is an awesome cageless doggy daycare center in New York City. It’s located on 61st and First Avenue.  The owners are Seth Chodosh and Joshua Stine.

Running Paws is the best place in New York City to get your dog socialized.  If any doggy daycare center can stop Shiba Inu aggression and socialize your dog, it’s Running Paws.  Visit the Running Paws Facebook Fan Page.

What If Your Dog Is Already An Adult?

If your dog is already an adult, you can still take him to a cageless doggy daycare center.  He’ll get the benefit of learning how to interact with and get along with other dogs fast.

You don’t have to take him every day either.  3 times a week is plenty. During the other days, you can continue to take him to the dog park.

Remember,. always, keep him in the gated area first before bringing him in the park.

Aggression Due To Thunderstorms 

thunder stormSometimes the weather can suddenly turn bad while you’re in the park.

Your dog will get anxious and afraid if he hears thunder.  Take your dog out of the park immediately and look for shelter – NOT UNDER A TREE!

Find a doorway after you leave the park where you can both stand until the storm passes.

If you’re already home, and the storm starts and your Shiba Inu is expressing aggression due to the weather, try to distract your dog. If possible, play music to drown out the sound of the storm.

Easing the anxiety is what will stop Shiba Inu aggression.

Territorial Aggression – Don’t Bring Toys To The Dog Park

dog toyIf you bring toys to the dog park, your dog may become territorial -especially if he’s the only dog you own.

If your Shiba Inu is feeling territorial or aggressive around other dogs with his toys, put the toy away immediately.


You Are The Alpha Dog – Not Your Shiba Inu 

alpha dog t shirtIf your dog is acting aggressively due to its alpha nature, and you’re the problem, you need to stop Shiba Inu aggression by being more dominant yourself.

Do not allow your dog to be the one in charge of the relationship.  You call all the shots.  Be the alpha.

Once you’ve established that you are the alpha and your Shiba Inu backs down, reward your dog for backing down.

For more comprehensive lessons on stopping aggressive shiba inu behavior, and fixing all dog behavior problems, see Secrets to Dog Training.

How To Stop Shiba Inu Puppy Biting Instantly – 3 Tips To Stop Shiba Inu Puppy Biting

stop shiba inu puppy bitingDogs, particularly Shib Inus, use biting as a form of communication. Whether your puppy is trying to play with you or trying to be aggressive, it’s important to learn how to stop Shiba Inu puppy biting early on. I’ll show you 3 proven methods to stop your puppy from biting.

Puppy Bite Inhibition – How Puppies Learn How Hard To Bite

stop shiba inu puppy biting Shiba Inu puppies can easily be taught how to control their biting through proper training exercises. Your puppy naturally learns how to control the strength of their bite when they’re still nursing on their mother or playing with their siblings.

If one puppy bites too hard on the other, the bitten puppy will yelp loudly and ignore the aggressor.

If you’re not in the position to be able to stop Shiba Inu puppy biting through the natural course of nursing and sibling play, there are 3 proven effective methods you can use at home to train you pup from biting:

1.  Feeding
2.  Redirection
3.  Verbal Commands

How To Stop Shiba Inu Puppy Biting Through Feeding

how to stop shiba inu puppy biting Stopping your puppy from biting can be taught by hand feeding him. Hand feed your dog little pieces of his food slowly and lovingly speak to him as you do.

If your dog bites down on your fingers too hard, make a loud quick cry, turn your head, and ignore him. Your dog will realize he hurt you and will learn to be more careful.

Use Positive Reinforcement 

Positive reinforcement is extremely important here. While acting hurt and offended is a necessary part to stop your Shiba Inu puppy from biting, you also have to remember it’s just as important to praise your puppy when he’s behaved himself.

If your puppy doesn’t bite while you’re feeding him, pet him and speak happy, encouraging words to him.

Verbal Commands

stop shiba inu puppy bitingOne of the techniques most often used is similar to the feeding technique. It’s called the verbal command.

The biggest advantage to this particular technique is that you don’t have to be feeding your Shiba Inu in order to train him.

Whenever your dog bites you, use a harsh verbal command to stop.

One of the things you forget as a dog owner is that your dog needs to respect that you are the one in charge.

And having an “in charge” verbal command and appropriate voice tone is the best way to keep your dog in line.  It reinforces that you are in the dominant position.


how to stop shiba inu puppy bitingAfter you have given your Shiba Inu a stopping voice command,redirect his biting by giving him a chew toy.  A chew toy can be effectively used to stop Shiba Inu puppy biting.

It’s important to make sure you give your puppy a chew toy that he’s already familiar with so he doesn’t think you’re rewarding bad behavior.

What’s more important is that you need to keep training him consistently.

Be Consistent

Stop Shiba Inu Puppy Biting If you let your dog bite sometimes and only train him not to bite on occasion, then your puppy will not respect your command.

Quite frankly, he’ll be confused.

So, it’s super important to stick true to the training in order to stop Shiba Inu puppy biting. Find a really good DIY all-in-one dog training package that covers every single possible bad puppy behavior and teaches you how to fix your puppy’s bad behavior problems.

I highly recommend Secrets to Dog Training Mastery Multimedia package – the solution to all your Dog Training & Care issues in one fantastic product!

How To Stop Shiba Inu Whining

shiba inu whining 3There are times when your dog needs to whine. Perhaps your Shiba Inu is a little scared, or maybe your puppy is nervous or overstimulated, like when he’s going for a car ride.

Sometimes, though, your puppy could be whining for what seems like no reason at all and you are going out of your mind trying to figure out how to stop Shiba Inu whining.

Don’t worry, there are numerous training methods you can try to stop your puppy from whining all the time.

The First Step to End Shiba Inu Whining

step 1The first step to end your Shiba Inu whining is to find out the exact reason behind the whining. There are limited ways your puppy can communicate with you.

While it might be driving you crazy, whining is still one of the most effective forms of canine communication. Because your puppy talk is limited, it’s important to narrow down the reasons behind the whining.

Some reasons for puppy whining might include:

• Greeting overstimulation
• Anxiety
• Injury or ailment

Inferior feelings

If your puppy is feeling nervous because of any of these reasons you can certainly stop Shiba Inu whining and puppy whining in general, through active training.

How to Train Your Shiba Inu

Once you have determined the reasons your puppy is whining so much, you can begin teaching him to stop. The first reason behind the whining could potentially be over stimulation.

Over Stimulation

anxious dogOver stimulation often occurs during greetings. Have you ever noticed that when you pay too much attention to a toddler they get hyper and overstimulated?

Your Shiba Inu is the same.

You can stop overstimulation whining by lessening the excitement. While it is still extremely important to greet your puppy with love when you come home from work, you need to tone it down a notch.

Greet your dog quietly and speak softly to stop Shiba Inu whining from over stimulation.


If your dog is whining because of anxiety, which is actually a very common reason for whining, the most important thing you can do is calm your puppy.

Teach your dog that there’s no reason to be afraid or nervous. Use positive reinforcement to keep your dog from whining anxiously when it’s not necessary to be anxious.

If your puppy is hurt or ill then there is no reason to train your dog to stop Shiba Inu whining, instead make sure to take your dog to the vet and get him or her treated.

Use soft, calming words to keep him from getting too nervous or upset when he doesn’t feel good.

The Napoleon Complex

napoleon complexSometimes your puppy might have an inferiority complex and in order to stop Shiba Inu whining due to those inferior feelings you need to build your puppy’s confidence.

Dogs who whine and step back around other, more dominant, dogs are actually acting on normal animal behavior. Still, it can be distressing watching your puppy feel inferior.

In order to stop Shiba Inu whining around more alpha dogs, build your puppy’s confidence by getting them comfortable with games such as Frisbee or rope tug of war.

Interact positively with your dog on a very regular basis. Teaching your dog to be confident will stop Shiba Inu whining.

For more comprehensive lessons on arresting shiba inu whining and fixing all dog behavior problems, take a look at Secrets to Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package, the best Dog Training & Care books, audio, and video all in one place!


Stop Shiba Inu Digging

shiba inu diggingIs your little Shiba Inu digging you into insanity? If so, then you are not alone.

One of the many frustrations amongst Shiba Inu owners is that they can’t seem to stop their Shiba Inu digging up their garden.

Sometimes the pups are content to just dig holes in the yard, and sometimes these little guys will want to wreak havoc on your kitchen linoleum.

3 Reasons for Shiba Inu Digging

In order to figure out the reason your Shiba Inu is digging, the first thing to do is figure out why. There are usually three possible reasons your pup is tearing up the yard.

  1. Boredom
  2. Restlessness
  3. The other dogs are doing it

Treating Boredom

shiba inu diggingIf Boredom is the cause of your problems, then in order to stop Shiba Inu digging from tearing up your garden you need to keep your dog entertained.

Puppies, much like toddlers, have a very short attention span and they need constant entertainment. One of the best ways to keep your dog entertained is to invest in puppy toys.

Some Great Dog Toys

shiba inu diggingGetting him a Kong toy will be a big help to control his digging urges. The Kong toy is a cylindrical rubber chew toy with a hole in the center to put treats in that your Shiba Inu has to dig out.

Dog biscuits fit inside them nicely, as do pieces of Beggin’ Strips or Doggie Jerkey.

Stop Shiba Inu Digging from Restlessness

shiba inu diggingWhile you may not realize it, Shiba Inus get restless just like we do. Simply letting your dog outside to play and then closing the door on him is not going to give your puppy the proper exercise needed to exhaust himself.

You may not realize this, but many times in order to stop Shiba Inu digging, simply spending more time exercising your dog will do the trick.

This is especially true if your dog is digging inside. Taking your dog for a jog and playing fetch or Frisbee are a couple of excellent ways to get your puppy worn out.

But, Mom, All the Other Dogs Are Doing It

shiba inu diggingOne of the most frustrating reasons a puppy won’t stop digging is because he sees another dog digging and, quite frankly, it looks like a lot of fun.

Whether you have other dogs in your home that dig or your little pup sees the neighbor’s dog digging on the other side of the chain link fence, you need to find a way to control the chaos.

How to Stop Shiba Inu Digging

basic dog commandsThe first thing you need to do is to train your Shiba Inu in the basic dog training commands.  You’ve got to teach your Shiba Inu to Sit, Stay, Heel, “No”, “Wait.”  Once you learn how to train your dog in the basics, you can implore more advanced techniques to stop digging.

In addition, you can fill the holes with cement. It’s effective, but only temporarily.

Another method, which is much easier on the wallet, is to bring your puppy inside whenever he starts digging. A firm “No!” and a march back indoors will take a little while to work, but puppies are smart and yours will eventually catch on.

A good dog obedience training book is always an excellent way to stop Shiba Inu digging.  Read my honest, in-depth review of the best dog training books online and learn how to train your dog yourself.

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Stop Shiba Inu Barking

shiba inu barkingAll dogs bark at times.  But if your little Shiba Inu is barking non-stop, there’s a good reason.

Dogs, like children, need to voice their thoughts and Shiba Inus are no different. It’s important to teach your dog when to bark and when not to and there are ways to stop Shiba Inu barking that don’t confuse your baby.

The Natural Way to Stop Shiba Inu Barking

Positive reinforcement is always the best way to teach your dog when it’s okay to bark and when it isn’t.

using a clicker to help train your Shiba Inu is one excellent method of training your dog not to bark. Whenever your dog is barking for an inappropriate reason the first thing to do is use a voice command such as “NO!”

This will remind your dog that you are the one in charge. When your Shiba Inu is silent for a moment’s pause, use the clicker and then give them a treat.

A treat for good behavior reminds your puppy you are not angry, but you are still showing that you’re the one in charge.

If your dog doesn’t stop barking completely and lowers their bark to a soft “woof” then lean down and softly say “Good boy/girl” or something that thanks your puppy.

To stop Shiba Inu barking it is very important to make sure you thank them and reward them for their good behavior.

What Not To Do

There are things you should avoid when you are trying to stop Shiba Inu barking from driving you insane. Don’t do the following:

  • Use negative reinforcement
  • Use a barking collar
  • Teach your dog to bark

The first thing to avoid is negative reinforcement, which means in order to stop Shiba Inu barking you cannot yell at your dog or reprimand your dog without backing it up with positive reinforcement when they obey.

Simply yelling at your dog and getting angry actually makes the situation worse and your dog will continue this unwanted behavior.

Many people consider using a barking collar. While it is true that a barking collar will stop Shiba Inu barking, the collar doesn’t do anything to really improve the situation.

In other words, your precious member of the family is not learning when and where to bark, he’s learning not to bark. This is not a healthy means of resolving the situation.

You have to train your dog that it is okay to bark under certain circumstances, not all the time.

Finally, do not teach your dog to bark when you’re trying to stop Shiba Inu barking from happening all the time. One of the most confusing things for a dog is having their owner command them not to bark during training, then encourage them to bark during play times.

Until your Shiba Inu knows when it is okay to bark from the times it is not okay, do not encourage any kind of playful barking banter with your pup, otherwise you will have no luck when you’re trying to stop Shiba Inu barking.