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Housebreaking Your Dog Easily For Adults and Puppies

housebreaking your dogMost people associate housebreaking a dog with puppy raising. This is for good reason since new dogs have to be taught where to go. In the event you have a new puppy, then by all means, housebreaking your dog is a must. In a matter of a couple of weeks, you will have the dog on track and it will actually look forward to going outside.

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How to Stop Dog Poop Accidents – Top 5 Mistakes Dog Owners Make

how to stop dog poop accidentsHow to stop dog poop accidents is one of the biggest dilemmas facing dog owners. I know for me, as a dog owner, I couldn’t get my Lily to stop pooping in the house, especially after she marked her territory.

I dreaded slipping and falling into a puddle of pee. But what was I doing wrong? I’ll show you the top 5 biggest mistakes you’re making and then I’ll show you how to stop dog poop accidents in your home.

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