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Stop Pitbull Barking

How to Stop Excessive Pitbull barking

Pitbull barking can become quite bothersome. It can happen during any time of the day. This fact can really cause major problems. Your neighbors might be bothered, you might lose sleep, and you may become extremely agitated and angry at your pit bull. However, it is important to understand that pit bulls do not bark for nothing. Pitbull barking can be their way of trying to tell you what is wrong with them. Your pit bull may be suffering from lack of exercise, lack of attention, or boredom. The first step to figuring out how to stop the barking is to figure out what is wrong with your dog.

No Exercise

As you may have noticed, pit bulls are very large dogs. It is needless to say that they have a lot of energy that they need to release. If you keep your dog locked in the house all day, they may not be able to release their energy. As a result, you will receive endless pitbull barking. It may help to give your dog at least ten minutes of exercise every day. This keeps them tired and relaxed.

No Attention

If you give your dog the exercise that they need, this may not be enough. Pit bulls are often known for the loyalty and love that they have for their owner. This can pose a problem if you are not spending enough time with your dog. Pitbull barking can be their way of asking for your attention. It might help to give your dog a few minutes of your undivided attention each day. When they know that you have not forgotten them, they may not feel the urge to catch your attention every day and every night.


One major problem with pitbull barking is the fact that your dog may be bored. If you give them exercise and attention and they still bark, you may also want to try giving them durable toys. This gives them something to do while you are busy during your day. If they are barking at you, it may be because they have nothing better to do. Giving your dog toys can give them something to play with. In addition, pit bulls enjoy chewing on certain things. Toys can solve your barking problem and your chewing problem.

It Is Up To You

What you do with your dog is completely up to you. It is important to understand that all dogs are different and these techniques might not work on your dog. If it is a behavioral problem, you may have to try a few different things in order to solve pitbull barking. When you combine attention, exercise, and toys, your dog may become satisfied.