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Stop Shiba Inu Barking

By September 18, 2013 No Comments

shiba inu barkingAll dogs bark at times.  But if your little Shiba Inu is barking non-stop, there’s a good reason.

Dogs, like children, need to voice their thoughts and Shiba Inus are no different. It’s important to teach your dog when to bark and when not to and there are ways to stop Shiba Inu barking that don’t confuse your baby.



The Natural Way to Stop Shiba Inu Barking

Positive reinforcement is always the best way to teach your dog when it’s okay to bark and when it isn’t.

using a clicker to help train your Shiba Inu is one excellent method of training your dog not to bark. Whenever your dog is barking for an inappropriate reason the first thing to do is use a voice command such as “NO!”

This will remind your dog that you are the one in charge. When your Shiba Inu is silent for a moment’s pause, use the clicker and then give them a treat.

A treat for good behaviour reminds your puppy you are not angry, but you are still showing that you’re the one in charge.

If your dog doesn’t stop barking completely and lowers its bark to a soft “woof” then lean down and softly say “Good boy/girl” or something that thanks to your puppy.

To stop Shiba Inu barking it is very important to make sure you thank them and reward them for their good behaviour.

What Not To Do

There are things you should avoid when you are trying to stop Shiba Inu barking from driving you insane. Don’t do the following:

  • Use negative reinforcement
  • Use a barking collar
  • Teach your dog to bark

The first thing to avoid is negative reinforcement, which means in order to stop Shiba Inu barking you cannot yell at your dog or reprimand your dog without backing it up with positive reinforcement when they obey.

Simply yelling at your dog and getting angry actually makes the situation worse and your dog will continue this unwanted behaviour.

Many people consider using a barking collar. While it is true that a barking collar will stop Shiba Inu barking, the collar doesn’t do anything to really improve the situation.

In other words, your precious member of the family is not learning when and where to bark, he’s learning not to bark. This is not a healthy means of resolving the situation.

You have to train your dog that it is okay to bark under certain circumstances, not all the time.

Finally, do not teach your dog to bark when you’re trying to stop Shiba Inu barking from happening all the time. One of the most confusing things for a dog is having its owner command them not to bark during training, then encourage them to bark during playtimes.

Until your Shiba Inu knows when it is okay to bark from the times it is not okay, do not encourage any kind of playful barking banter with your pup, otherwise, you will have no luck when you’re trying to stop Shiba Inu barking.