Stop Labradoodle Chewing (on your shoes, etc…)

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One of the top questions I hear asked is how to stop Labradoodle chewing.  If your puppy is chewing on everything in sight (except how chew toys, of course), then you might have some Labradoodle anxiety issues.

Anxiety issues are common in many dog breeds, but Labradoodles tend to display these issues a little more commonly. Labradoodles are loving pets.
They are calm and gentle and they want to be loved and adored. These are great pets for kids. However, they don’t like to be ignored and one of the main reasons for Labradoodle chewing is lack of attention.

My Shoes!

If your Labradoodle is well past the teething stage and still chewing on your shoes and furniture then there are two possible reasons for his behavior.

The first possible reason is that your dog is bored. Labradoodles need attention. They need lots and lots of attention, as a matter of fact.

If you have a Labradoodle and you want to stop Labradoodle chewing from boredom, it’s time to exercise your pet.

There’s a trick to stopping your dog from chewing on things when he’s bored. The first thing you need to do is decide on when you’re going to take your dog out to play.

You should set aside a few times a day for walking and outdoor play time with your pet. Your Labradoodle needs to be exhausted.

Once those play times are decided, it will be easier to stop Labradoodle chewing.

Start training to stop Labradoodle chewing as soon as possible, you don’t want your pet to keep the bad habits going. Whenever you catch your puppy chewing on something he shouldn’t first stand up and over him, point at him and say “NO!”

It won’t do you any good to reprimand him sometimes and ignore the bad behavior at other times. In order to stop Labradoodle chewing you have to be persistent all the time.

After you have given the verbal command, spray him gently with a water spray bottle and give the verbal command again. Then, give him his chew toy.

This will teach him he can chew on his toys when he needs to chew, but not on your shoes.

How to Stop Labradoodle Chewing When You Aren’t Home

One of the main reasons dogs chew when you aren’t around is because of separation anxiety. Your pets chew just like you pace the floor when you’re nervous.

I know people who lock their dogs in a large cage, but this is a method I suggest avoiding.

If you have a spate dog room for your pet, it’s okay to keep your Labradoodle in his room while you’re at work as long as he has his toys, some food and water in there.

It’s not ideal, but it is one way to keep your furniture and shoes intact. However, spraying items you want safe from your canine’s canines is going to help you out much more and allow your dog to run free.

Use a solution of apple vinegar and water, or even some water and hot sauce to spray a layer where your dog chews most. If you can, use ammonia and water spray on your furniture when your Labradoodle isn’t around.

Make sure to test the spray on material first to avoid stains. But unpleasant sprays will stop Labradoodle chewing.