Stop Beagle Barking

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beagle barking

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Solutions for Beagle Barking

All beagle owners face a common problem – beagle barking. All beagles bark – all dogs bark. That doesn’t mean nothing can be done about it. With proper knowledge and techniques a beagle can be taught to bark only when acceptable. In order to decide how to stop it, one must first know why their dog is barking. There is always a reason for a beagle barking. Once the reason is determined, taking appropriate action will help to stop the problem.

Beagle Behavior Traits

Beagles are social dogs who desire companionship. They have distinctive behavior patterns and barking is instinctual to them. Specifically bred to track and hunt, the barking is one of their breeding traits. A barking dog is communicating what is going on with them and around them. When hunting, the barking alerts their owner to their location.

Reasons for Beagle Barking

Other reasons for a beagle to bark include hunger, boredom, loneliness, separation anxiety, excited, wants to play, another animal, something’s unusual, needs to go outside and manipulation. A beagle barking always means something. It is up to the owner to determine what it means and act accordingly.

Tips to Reduce Barking

Sometimes spraying a dog with water will work to stop the barking. A fence to reduce visibility can reduce barking by removing disturbances catching the dog’s eye. Desensitization to unusual sounds can help. For example, a beagle barking at sirens can be desensitized by using a home smoke alarm to familiarize the sounds.

Training Techniques

One approach is to teach a beagle to “speak”. Teaching to speak on command helps control a beagle barking when not commanded to. Be sure to praise the dog when he is quiet and tell him “good dog”. Don’t react to barking except when you have told it to speak. Then reinforce with “good dog”. If barking without being commanded to and for no apparent reason, reacting will reinforce that it gets attention by barking, even if it’s getting in trouble. He got your attention.

Regular Schedule Necessary

Keep a regular schedule. Feed and walk at the same time daily and have an exercise/play schedule. If a regular time is established and maintained for the dog’s daily needs, there will be no beagle barking to say they’re hungry or need to go out. The exercising daily helps eliminate barking due to extra energy.

Other Prevent Barking Methods

If training doesn’t work, there are other methods to prevent barking. Citronella collars, noise collars and shock collars all claim to stop unwanted barking. When all else fails, a medical procedure called the “debark” procedure can stop the barking permanently. Remember, sometimes a beagle barking is necessary to communciate something to you, if debarked – they can’t communicate!