Jack Russell Terrier

How To Stop Jack Russell Barking – Simple Tips For Training Dogs At Home

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According to the Department of Animal Science, University of California, excessive barking is a common reason behind sending street dogs to animal shelters.

Many terriers and cross bred varieties have a bad reputation for barking. There are numerous reasons behind this unnecessary barking. In the next couple of paragraphs, we shall learn how to stop Jack Russell barking, in a few simple steps.

Know Your Dogs:

Jack Russell Terrier is a breed of small dogs that have their roots in fox hunting.  They may be broken-coated or rough-coated and their entire body is white in color, with smooth and spotted fur.

They’re physically strong, stubborn, territorial, determined, protective, intelligent and highly energetic.

This energetic breed relies on stimulation and intense physical workout to stay fit and healthy. Being hunter dogs, they have a peculiar habit of alerting their owners through growling.

Why They Bark?

Before training your dog, the owners must determine their barking patterns under different circumstances. They can easily stop Jack Russell barking, if they’re able to find out why these pooches yell.

# The pups instinctively bark when they’re approached by dangerous elements, strangers, weird objects and big dogs.

# According to the researchers at Department of Applied Ethology, Saskatchewan University, pups bark when they’re alone, bored or stressed. They turn excited when they see something new and start howling.

# They have high energy levels and need to spend it in physical workouts, otherwise they can create a great deal of nuisance, due to pent-up energy.
# They start woofing when they feel the need to go to the toilet or because they feel thirsty, hungry and sick. Moreover, some playful members start yowling when they have to capture the owner’s attention.
How To Stop Jack Russell Barking:

# Make sure that you return home as soon as possible. If possible, you can consider hiring a dog sitter or request your neighbors to drop by at home and play with your pets. This will interrupt his solitude and he shall enjoy in your absence.
# Provide your four-legged friend with plenty of toys, dummies and entertaining stuff to keep him entertained during the day.
# Owners must take their pooches for daily walks and engage them in physical exercising, running and hunting activities.
# Spend some time with your K9 pal and shower your affection on him. Give him a bath, pet him or stoke his fur. This will discourage his repeated attempts to seek attention.
# Give him a helping hand when he’s not able to catch the objects that are placed beyond his reach or else, he’ll start barking out of sheer frustration.
Ground Rules For Training:

Owners must start their training at an early stage to effectively stop Jack Russell barking in the future.

# Always discourage your pooches from snarling at other dogs when they’re walking on the streets or watching yard in the night.

# Set a fixed play time for him. Give him his meals on time and take him out for toilet twice a day. Use bells or dog whistles to train him for their daily activities.
# Use the “stop” command and scold him as soon as he starts yowling. Wait for some time and notice his behavior. If he stops on your command, you should reward him for his disciplined behavior.
# You may also use electric dog collars (mild ones) and other punishment objects if he acts stubborn.
Dog training requires attentiveness, dedication and consistency. You must follow all the aforementioned steps to train your dogs. Check online websites for more tips on how to stop Jack Russell barking.