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Dog Food Secrets Review – Don’t Let Your Dog Die Young!

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Dog Food Secrets Review

dog food secrets reviewI purchased the book Dog Food Secrets because I wanted to see if it could help my sick dog.  I was so thrilled with it, I decided to do a Dog Food Secrets review.  I don’t want to sell you on it, but I want you to know that if you’re buying certain commercial dog food, you’re decreasing your dog’s life by at least 7 years!

It seems like every day there’s another story on the news of dogs sickened or killed by commercial dog food. Dog Food Secrets reveals the truth about commercial dog food and also provides a solution to the problem.  Like I said, I reviewed Dog Food Secrets to see if it’s a useful tool for the average dog owner.

Widespread poisoning

Dog Food Secrets exposes many toxic chemicals found in dog food today.  It also exposes what “by-products” that go into your dog food.  Yes, very popular dog food brands put these things in your dog’s food:

  • Dead animal carcass
  • Animal feces
  • Animal vomit
  • Hoofs
  • Claws
  • Eyes
  • Road Kill

and more disgusting things.

See, big corporations want to save a big buck.   So they dump these toxins in your dog’s food, and over time,DOG HEAD IN TOILETdownload
your dog becomes sick.   Now, the educated dog owner knows this.  But not the average Joe.

Listen, if it’s not fit for human consumption, it shouldn’t be fit for a dog, right?  Well, not for the greedy corporations.

Here’s how dog food is made…

Toxic Dog Food Rendering Process

DOG FOOD SECRETS REVIEWDog Food Secrets does a good job of describing how toxic rendered by-products are created. It also does an excellent job of describing the loopholes in dog food regulations that allow dog food companies to avoid listing preservatives and toxic chemicals in their ingredient lists.

If the chemical is added before the dog food company receives the material, the ingredient doesn’t have to be listed. This information may come as a surprise to many pet owners, who probably think they’re saving their dog by buying foods labeled “preservative and by-products free.”

What Are “Premium” Commercial Dog Foods?

Unlike most material that describes how poisonous commercial dog food is, my Dog Food Secrets review found that this book actually offers a solution to the problem. Our Dog Food Secrets review reports that the 4th edition of Dog Food Secrets provides a list of the nine commercial dog foods on the market that won’t actually kill your pet.

Dog Food Secrets: Understand Food Labels

In addition, the material comes with a guide to understanding dog food labels. The fact that dog food labels are deliberately designed to be misleading may shock some dog owners. Dog Food Secrets explains some of the more common tricks dog food companies use to make their foods seem far better than they actually are.

Dog Food Secrets Review: Recipes

Our Dog Food Secrets review found that the most useful part of Dog Food Secrets is its material on how to feed your dog without using commercial dog food.

It offers 35 home-made dog food recipes that can significantly extend the lifespan of your dog. This material by itself makes Dog Food Secrets an essential tool for any dog owner.

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dog food secrets review