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Aggressive Poodle: How to Stop Their Aggression Easily & Quickly

By January 8, 2014 No Comments

aggressive poodleWhile most poodles are affectionate, reliable, and polite, you can occasionally come across an aggressive poodle.  Whether you obtain your poodle as a young pup or as a mature dog, there are steps you can take to minimize undesirable behaviors in your aggressive poodle.


Aggressive Poodle Behavior

Aggressive behavior in a poodle may be against humans or other dogs. They may lunge, snap, push, bark, or bite. Often this behavior is a fearful reflex when they are nervous. Poodles, while extremely intelligent, are very high strung and can be easily stressed. Fear based aggression can be minimized and eliminated by socializing and training your aggressive poodle. Consistent and firm training will help your dog understand what his boundary limits are.

What Can I Do If He Is Aggressive?

Can you spot any aggressive behavior patterns? Does your poodle only display aggressiveness when in close proximity to another dog? Does he bite or threaten when someone approaches his food bowl? Does he offer attitude when he’s left alone for long periods of time? Being able to spot patterns will help you to better identify positive corrective action for your aggressive poodle.

Remove The Triggers

aggressive poodle

While socializing and training are often used as preventative and corrective actions, there are times when removing situations that are “triggers” for your dog are called for.

While it is easy to socialize a young pup with other dogs at an early age, it is not as easy to do so with a mature dog newly introduced to your family.

If your dog has trouble with other dogs, in some cases, it may be best to minimize or eliminate contact with other dogs. The less stress that you can help your aggressive poodle deal with, the happier and healthier he will be.

What to do When Your Poodle Bites or Nips

If your poodle nips or bites, you need to let him know that it hurts and that it is unacceptable behavior. A high pitched “Ouch” or “Stop” followed by a firm “No Bite” is appropriate.

Do not yell or threaten as this may scare him into more fear based aggression. Remove your presence and ignore them for a short period of time. Poodles crave attention and dislike being left alone. Is he acting up because he has been left alone too long? Some poodles react well to having a television or radio left on in the house while their owners are out.

Are You Exercising Your Poodle Enough?

aggressive poodleAnother thing to consider is how much exercise your poodle receives on a daily basis. A walk on a leash twice a day may not be enough for your dog. Can you give your poodle access to a water source where he can splash and swim for an hour?

How about a dog park or an energetic game of fetch or frisbee? Exercise where he is able to use up considerable energy will assist in minimizing any aggressive behavior.

Is There A Point When I Ask For Help?

If you arrive at a point where you are overwhelmed with your dog’s behavior and view him as a threat to you or a family member, it is time to contact your vet and ask for help.

Your vet should be able to put you in contact with a Dog Behavior Specialist who can help you with your aggressive poodle.

All You Really Need is a Good DIY Dog Training Guide

However, 9 out of 10 times, all you’ll really need is a good DIY dog training system that gives you A-Z instructions on how to train your aggressive poodle and has videos to accompany it.  It’s also a cheaper alternative that works. One really great dog training resource for an aggressive Poodle is Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer.