How to Train Your Dog At Home

250 x 250Are you a new dog owner tearing your hair out, wondering how to train your dog? Perhaps he bolts out the front door, pulls on the leash, pees on your floor, or she eats off your plate every time you turn around.  Let’s not forget – barking, growling and nipping at your guests’ ankles are on the agenda too for your puppy.

Using a traditional trainer or dog class is simply too expensive for most people. A kind and proactive manner must be taken to train your dogs at home.

Train Your Dog With Kindness If You Want Results

Why do dogs need to be trained with kindness rather than punishment? Dogs that are rewarded for good behavior continue to behave well, while dogs that are punished for bad behavior often continue the bad behavior. Keep in mind while learning how to train your dog: all training sessions should be done after the dog has been in the house for at least a few days, with small treats as rewards, and in 10-15 minute increments.

Start With Basic Obedience Commands

There are two basic commands you must know when learning how to train your dog: Sit and Stay. These two commands will make your life as a dog owner much more freeing and less stressful.

The Sit Command

“Sit” is the basic command you should start with first. It’s simple for you as well. Kneel down to eye level with your dog. Hold a treat by his nose and watch as his butt lowers and his head raises, following the yummy treat. Once his bottom is touching the ground, immediately release the treat into his mouth and praise him. Combine this activity with the word “Sit.” It is the easiest method in how to train your dog to obey you.

The Stay Command

“Stay” is more difficult for dogs, but just as necessary. First, put your leash on your dog. Wave your palm in front of his mouth and tell him to stay. Walk right in front of him for a few seconds before returning to his side. Next, reward him for remaining still. If he moved, say a nice, calm word such as “oops” and return him to his spot. Keep repeating this until you are able to get him to stay on command. Then choose a release word such as “okay” or “come on.”

House Training Your Dog

The next most pressing issue when learning how to train your dog is the potty training. Dogs are prone to relieve themselves in the house. All dogs have accidents, especially puppies. Expect this. But with simple training, you can break them of this habit. It’s important to not punish the dogs or put their face near any accidents they had. It’s likely to frighten them and cause or worsen problems.

Set Up a Consistent Schedule

Learning how to train your dog requires  setting up a consistent schedule for your puppy. You need a consistent schedule as to when they eat as well as when you take them outside to potty.

There are certain times a puppy has to go potty. First thing in the morning, after he eats or drinks, after he plays, every 1-3 hours (depending on age), and before bed time.

Praise your puppy immediately after he goes potty, as this will let them know exactly what he’s being praised for. Find a keyword to associate with this action, such as “Let’s go potty” or “Make poop?” Repeat these activities multiple times a day to train your dog in the best way!

Buy a Really Great Dog Training Video 

I don’t know about you, but I tend to learn better when I actually watch a video!  I strongly urge you to get a really good dog system complete with dog training videos that addresses dog obedience training, house training, and dog health care all in one.

A really great online dog training program is called Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer.

Or… Buy a Really Good Dog Training Book

Or, if you like to read, a really great book that addresses all 3 problems – dog obedience training, house training, and dog health – there’s a really good book at a very low price called The Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package by Kingdom of pets.   In no time, you’ll have learned how to train a dog effortlessly!