How to Train Your Dog Yourself – Stop Wasting Money!

How to Train Your Dog Yourself – Stop Wasting Money!

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How To Train Your Dog at Home Yourself

how to train your dogHow to train your dog is not such an easy feat.  It depends on what you want to train him to do.  Stop jumping? Stop chewing? What?  Okay. So you’ve brought your puppy home. You’ve got all the toys he needs.The house is puppy proofed – so you thought… until you found the lamp cord frayed.


So, what’s the problem?

Your puppy doesn’t understand that he shouldn’t bolt out the front door – and that’s why he almost got run over by a car!

And he doesn’t know that he shouldn’t look at you like you have 2 heads when you tell him to “Come.”

What’s worse, you don’t want to hire a trainer because you don’t have extra money to spare.  Besides, you don’t think it’s necessary to hire a trainer since he’s just a pup and he hasn’t done anything really bad – yet – but you don’t know how to train your dog either.

Why It’s Important for You to Learn How to Train Your Dog Yourself

how to train your dogOn the other hand, you think to yourself, if you could learn how to train your dog yourself at home – like get some basic dog obedience training under your belt – you’d feel more in control.

You’ll have confidence knowing that you can protect your dog from himself because he’ll listen to your every command…

He won’t bolt out the door and get hit by a car and killed…!

He won’t get lost because he ran off to chase a squirrel…

And you’ll feel secure, knowing that your dog won’t tear through your house like a bullet, destroying things in his path — and chewing up your shoes, jumping on people and barking too much.

Your problem is solved.  That’s what this site’s all about!  I’ll give you tips and techniques on how to train your dog to listen to you.

Forget Obedience Classes: Teach Yourself How to Train Your Dog

how to train your dogListen closely.  Forget about obedience training classes.

In the end, you still have to do all the work to get your dog to listen to you.

If your dog trainer is training him, he’ll listen to the dog trainer – not you!

So, better to teach yourself how to train a dog yourself – at home – for far cheaper and longer lasting results.

It’s best if you learn how to train your dog yourself – as opposed to a dog trainer, because you’ll establish a close bond with your dog.

Besides, once you know how to train your dog with the basic dog commands, you’ll easily breeze through advanced dog training!

How To Train Your Dog With 7 Tools of The Trade

how to train your dogAlthough we’re starting with the basics, you should have all of these things in place before training your dog at home.

So, before we get started, here are a few things you’ll need to contain and control your dog:

1. Crate

2. Collar (a plain well fitting one)

3. Leashes – a 6 foot leash; a longer length leash; and a retractable leash.  Buy a leash that feels comfortable in your hand rather than what fits your dog or matches his collar

4. Gate

5.  Draglines

6. Aversives

7. Soft Treats

Now, let’s get started!

Basic dog training lessons are the foundation for all advanced dog training. And if your foundation is rock solid, advanced training will be a breeze!  Here are some basic dog training commands your dog needs to know.

I won’t cover all of them in this article, but I’ll get you started on one and then point you to some really great resources that show you how to train your dog step by step.

Dog Training 101 Commands

1.  Come (recall)
2.  Sit
3.  “Okay” and “No”
4.  “Hold” and “Drop It”
5.  “Sit and Stay”
6   “Down” (Drop)
7.  “Heel”
8.  “Stand”
9.  “Wait ”
10. “Seek” (Find)

Again, each of these commands requires a lesson by itself, so I won’t try to cram all 10 lessons in this one article.  I have tons of articles on this site on how to train your dog – including advanced dog training techniques.

Let’s start with the “Sit” Command

how to train your dogThe sit command is an easy behavior to teach your puppy or any dog of any age.  I’d even say it’s the easiest.  Puppies have no self control.  And they’re much easier to manage if they learn to sit on command.

For instance, if you teach your dog to sit before you give him his food, he’ll learn early on that he’ll get a reward for doing the right behavior – and more likely to perform that good behavior in the future.

How to Train Your Dog to Sit In 5 Easy Steps

1.  Sit on the floor next to your puppy.
2.  Position a treat close to the tip of his nose, and let his head follow the treat as you move your hand up.
3.  As his head moves up in the direction of your hand, his butt will lower.
4.  Once his butt hits the floor, release the treat to his mouth. Immediately give him hearty praise for doing it. Simply say
“good, sit!”
5.  Repeat multiple times every day. Pair the behavior with the word “sit.”
how to train your dog


Important Tips While Training Your Dog

If you hold the treat too high, your dog will try to jump to get it.  So make sure you hold it close to his nose with a closed hand just high enough that he’s forced to stretch his neck. Then, every time his butt hits the floor, say “Good sit!”

Keep Training Sessions Short

Puppies have a short attention span and will get tired and lose interest fast if you try to have long training sessions with them.  Instead, play this game with him in short busts several times a day.

Make sure you reinforce the sit command in other situations whenever possible.  For example, make him sit before you feed him.  And make him sit before you open the door to take him out for his walk.

Don’t Punish Him

how to train your dogIf he doesn’t listen to you when you command him to sit, don’t be harsh with him.  If you yell at him, he’ll be afraid of you.  Instead, gently say, “try again” before you give him his food or open the door to take him out.

If the sit command is reinforced every time you tell your dog to sit away from the door, he won’t bolt out the door when you open it.

Be Consistent

If you’re inconsistent with your training, your dog will have many relapses.  He needs you to be consistent if you expect to him to be consistent.

Be Patient With Your Dog – He’s Patient With You!

how to train your dogLastly, be patient.  Your dog has patience with you when you try to make him do tricks!

So extend the courtesy.  No matter how easy a command is, everything takes time.

Just stick with your training on a regular schedule, give him lots of positive reinforcement, and in no time, you’ll have your dog sitting.


More Dog Training Resources

how to train your dogFor a step-by-step dog training guide that teaches you how to train your dog from home, and solve all your dog behavior problems, read Secrets to Dog Training Book!

And for an even more comprehensive dog training resource that teaches you how to train a dog at home, including house training, dog health, I highly recommend The Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Training Package.

In my next post, “How to Get Your Dog To Come,”  I’ll give you step-by-step instructions on how to get your dog to come on command.