Jack Russell Terrier

Ways to Stop Jack Russell Growling and Aggression

By September 16, 2013 No Comments

Many dog owners experience aggression problems with their Jack Russell, especially in the form of biting or growling.

There are a few ways to stop Jack Russell growling, most of which require a great deal of patience and discipline.

Before anything else, always remember that you should never start disciplining the dog by calling out to them – this makes them anxious and will give them the tendency to think that every time you call them out, you will be punishing or disciplining them.

Instead, be the one to go to the dog whenever you are trying to stop Jack Russell growling or biting.

Another no-no when it comes to training your dogs is hitting. Any form of violence is strongly prohibited, if you care about your dog and want him to be disciplined properly.

Do not use objects to hit the dog because this will cause nothing but fear and resentment. At the end, you won’t be able to stop Jack Russell growling because the dog will not trust you at all.

Instead, perform the “chin slap” – an upward slap that is gentle but just the right amount of force to close the dog’s mouth. NEVER flip the dog’s head back!

If you have a smaller dog, three fingers or less will do the job. If you want to stop Jack Russell growling, nipping, mouthing, barking, crying or biting, the chin slap is a good way to train without enforcing violence.


Think of yourself as the mother (or father) of your puppies. Grab the young pup by the scruff of their neck to lift them up just a little bit. Then, shake them back and forth for a little while while they are growling.

The scruff is the loose skin between the head and the back. Use just one hand to perform this method. Of course, if you have a larger dog, you’ll have to use both hands on either side of the neck and head to stop Jack Russell growling and aggression.

The degree of the shaking involved will have to depend on what your Jack Russell did that requires disciplinary action.

All in all, whatever method you choose to enforce, always treat your dogs with respect. Never use violence or sheer force.

The correct way of discipline will leave nothing but learning and a good sense of trust between the pets and their owner.  Soon enough, problems like growling and biting would be nothing but a thing of the past for you.