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How To Stop Shiba Inu Puppy Biting Instantly – 3 Tips To Stop Shiba Inu Puppy Biting

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stop shiba inu puppy bitingDogs, particularly Shib Inus, use biting as a form of communication. Whether your puppy is trying to play with you or trying to be aggressive, it’s important to learn how to stop Shiba Inu puppy biting early on. I’ll show you 3 proven methods to stop your puppy from biting.




Puppy Bite Inhibition – How Puppies Learn How Hard To Bite

stop shiba inu puppy biting Shiba Inu puppies can easily be taught how to control their biting through proper training exercises. Your puppy naturally learns how to control the strength of their bite when they’re still nursing on their mother or playing with their siblings.

If one puppy bites too hard on the other, the bitten puppy will yelp loudly and ignore the aggressor.

If you’re not in the position to be able to stop Shiba Inu puppy biting through the natural course of nursing and sibling play, there are 3 proven effective methods you can use at home to train you pup from biting:

1.  Feeding
2.  Redirection
3.  Verbal Commands

How To Stop Shiba Inu Puppy Biting Through Feeding

how to stop shiba inu puppy biting Stopping your puppy from biting can be taught by hand feeding him. Hand feed your dog little pieces of his food slowly and lovingly speak to him as you do.

If your dog bites down on your fingers too hard, make a loud quick cry, turn your head, and ignore him. Your dog will realize he hurt you and will learn to be more careful.



Use Positive Reinforcement 

Positive reinforcement is extremely important here. While acting hurt and offended is a necessary part to stop your Shiba Inu puppy from biting, you also have to remember it’s just as important to praise your puppy when he’s behaved himself.

If your puppy doesn’t bite while you’re feeding him, pet him and speak happy, encouraging words to him.

Verbal Commands

stop shiba inu puppy bitingOne of the techniques most often used is similar to the feeding technique. It’s called the verbal command.

The biggest advantage to this particular technique is that you don’t have to be feeding your Shiba Inu in order to train him.

Whenever your dog bites you, use a harsh verbal command to stop.

One of the things you forget as a dog owner is that your dog needs to respect that you are the one in charge.

And having an “in charge” verbal command and appropriate voice tone is the best way to keep your dog in line.  It reinforces that you are in the dominant position.


how to stop shiba inu puppy bitingAfter you have given your Shiba Inu a stopping voice command,redirect his biting by giving him a chew toy.  A chew toy can be effectively used to stop Shiba Inu puppy biting.

It’s important to make sure you give your puppy a chew toy that he’s already familiar with so he doesn’t think you’re rewarding bad behavior.

What’s more important is that you need to keep training him consistently.

Be Consistent

Stop Shiba Inu Puppy Biting If you let your dog bite sometimes and only train him not to bite on occasion, then your puppy will not respect your command.

Quite frankly, he’ll be confused.

So, it’s super important to stick true to the training in order to stop Shiba Inu puppy biting. Find a really good DIY all-in-one dog training package that covers every single possible bad puppy behavior and teaches you how to fix your puppy’s bad behavior problems.

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