How to Stop Excessive Rottweiler Barking

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What Rottweiler’s are Bred to Do – Barking Issues

The Rottweiler is a working dog.  Like the Doberman, Boxer, Saint Bernard, and Newfoundland, the Rottweiler was bred to perform serious jobs like guarding, search and rescues, and security or police work.

This breed is extremely intelligent and physically very powerful.

You should know up front that getting a Rottweiler to stop barking is not going to happen permanently.  It’s what they were meant to do.  But if you want to avoid excessive and unwarranted Rottweiler barking, you need to keep them happy and relaxed.

So…that means they need lots of physical and mental exercise and stimulation.

Rottweilers are great dogs for families, especially kids. Their loyalty and high intelligence have put them high on the popularity list. But Rottweiler barking can be a problem because the Rottweiler has a deep and intimidating bark, and when a Rottweiler is barking, people tend to pay attention.

Why Rottweilers Bark

Rottweilers are dogs that tend to be a little bit of a clown when with their families and loved ones. However, according to the American Kennel Club, Rottweilers do not make friends “indiscriminately.”

Rottweilers have an ingrained, inherent need to protect their families.

Rottweiler barking is one of the ways they let a stranger know that he’s there and is ready to “go to work” if necessary. Rottweiler barking is effective because of the depth and intensity of their bark.

Rottweilers make great watchdogs. That’s what they were bred to do.When someone hears a Rottweiler barking, they know to stay away.

Rottweilers Training

If Rottweiler barking is a problem, there are several steps one can take to address the issue and stop the barking. Rottweilers are extremely intelligent, and Rottweiler barking is not arbitrary as it is with so many other breeds. So people with these strong, self-assured dogs do not report that Rottweiler barking is a big problem with their dogs. But if it does become a problem, a trainer should be consulted as there are many things one can teach a dog to do, and one of them is to stop barking. To stop Rottweiler barking, trainers recommend that the dog first be taught to bark on command. Once the Rottweiler is barking on command, he can simply be taught to stop as well. This technique has been proven to stop annoying Rottweiler barking while preserving the dog’s instinct to bark when necessary.

Products for Barking

Other methods of addressing Rottweiler barking are commercial products used for this purpose. The use of some of these products is controversial for a variety of reasons ranging from charges that the products are inhumane, are ineffective, and may cause neurosis in the dog. However, if used properly, many of the products manufactured and sold specifically for barking issues are both humane and effective. One of those products is a citronella spray collar that squirts a foul-smelling mist in the dog’s face when the dog barks, teaching the dog to associate the bad smell with the barking. Another collar works by a pager system. The owner holds a small remote control in his hand that emits a sound humans cannot hear but dogs dislike. When the dog barks, the owner triggers the sound. Less humane is the electric shock collar which has the potential for abuse.

With the many products and solutions available to assist those who love their dogs, Rottweiler barking should never be a problem.