Stop Pomeranian Barking

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Stop Excessive Pomeranian Barking


Excessive pomeranian barking is a common problem many pom owners are facing but are not sure how to deal with it. Although Pomeranians are small dogs, the noise level of pomeranian barking can be extremely high and will affect the owner’s life. When the owner becomes frustrated with the pomeranian barking, he/she may become frustrated which spirals down into an even worse situation.

What Leads to Pomeranian Barking

Pomeranian barking is due to many factors. Some common reasons include self-protection, territorial instinct, attention-seeking, excitement, and boredom. Pomeranians are smart dogs who get bored easily. When they are alone at home, they will bark to entertain themselves. Many owners carry the Pomeranians around when they are at home, and thus some Pomeranians may develop separation anxiety and begin to bark excessively when their owners are not around. Sense of insecurity can also lead to pomeranian barking. For example, the dog may be anxious that their toys and food bowls will be taken away and they bark to guard their possessions. Since Pomeranians are very alert, it is not uncommon for them to bark excessively at visitors and moving objects.

Basic Solutions

Some basic tricks to stop excessive pomeranian barking are playing with them until they are tired, giving them plenty of toys when no one is at home, and practising commands with the dog. These methods will keep the pomeranian physically and mentally occupied, and thus it will be less likely to bark. Practising command will train the dog to put its focus on the owner even when moving objects are in the background.

Barking for Attention

Like many lap dogs, Pomeranians are used to being treated as the owner’s children because of their small size and cute appearance. During training, the owner will have to assert himself/herself as the dog’s leader but not its peer. The first step is not to reinforce any barking behaviour. When the pomeranian begins to bark, the owner has to ignore the dog until it calms down. The owner can practice the “quiet” and “sit” command, and reward the dog once it obeys the order. This way, the pomeranian will understand that barking will not help it get what it wants.

Barking at Visitors

The pomeranian may see the visitors as intruders. The owner will need to desensitize the dog to new people and train the dog to associate visitors with rewards. This can be done by using the “quiet” command when visitors arrive, and when the dog obeys, the owner will reward it with treats.