Stop Labradoodle Digging

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In order to stop Labradoodle digging you need to know why he’s misbehaving. Is your family pet destroying your azaleas?

Maybe he’s digging a hole under the fence or burying things in the yard? Could it be your Labradoodle is even starting to dig at the living room floor?

If the answer to any of that was “yes!” then you need to stop Labradoodle digging.

He’s Trying to Escape

If you see your Labradoodle digging at the fence, then you might have an escape artist on your hands. Luckily, it takes these guys a little while to dig a hole that big.

Still, you want to know why your dig is trying to escape, so in order to stop Labradoodle digging you need to check out the surroundings.

The first question is when is he digging? Is your pet digging around the fence when the neighbor has their dog outside? Is your pet digging along the fence when he’s in the yard alone?

One of the main causes for fence digging is, of course, there’s something interesting on the other side.

If your Labradoodle is trying to dig into the neighbors’ yard to play with Fido, then there are two ways to stop Labradoodle digging. The first method is to reprimand your dog and train him not to dig the fence.

The second method is to bring your dog back inside whenever the neighbor lets his dog out (if you can).

He’s Bored

Another reason your Labradoodle is digging is because he’s bored. It’s important to remember that dogs are like children. They need a lot of love and attention, especially those very loving Labradoodles.

If you see your dog digging up the yard or burying your favorite slipper, then he’s bored and is crying for attention.

The best way to resolve boredom is to pay attention to your pet. It’s not enough to just let him outside in the yard to run off his energy, you have to get play with him, love him, and most importantly, wear him out.

How to Stop Labradoodle Digging

Stopping the bad behavior is a must. Whenever you see your dog trying to get under the fence or digging holes in your garden the first thing to do is walk over to him, stand with your feet slightly apart and one hand on your hip, point your finger at him and say sternly “No!”

Then, spray him with a spray water bottle.

As he begins to understand he’ll get sprayed with water when he digs in the yard, start using a clicker and reward his good behavior.

If he starts digging and you say “No!” and he immediately stops, then click the clicker and say “Good boy!”, positive reinforcement is just as important to stop Labradoodle digging as negative reinforcement.

When he stops digging altogether use the “Good boy!” and give him a treat.

Lastly, while your training your Labradoodle, be sure to close up and holes and place heavy rocks over his favorite dig spots in order to stop Labradoodle digging.