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Stop Aggressive Dog Behavior

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Ideas For How To Stop Aggressive Dog Behavior

Many dog owners would like to know how to stop aggressive dog behavior before something bad happens. When a dog is aggressive, not only are its owners and family at risk, but the neighborhood around that dog is at risk as well. As a dog owner, it is your general responsibility to be sure your dog is not acting aggressively. If your dog is acting aggressively, you must do something to curb that behavior immediately. Aggressive behavior can go from bad to worse if it is not directly and immediately taken care of. There are some great ways that any dog owner can stop aggressive dog behavior quickly and effectively.

Types of Aggressive Behavior

Aggressive behavior manifests itself differently in different dogs. Some common aggressive behavior would be biting, growling, charging or restlessness. First and foremost, if your dog is exhibiting new kinds of aggressive behavior, you are going to want to have him checked out to make sure he does not have an underlying health condition. Once you know that he is not crabby because of a health condition, you can begin to look at other reasons. Was your dog abused at any time? Does your dog get enough exercise? These are all important questions and can often contribute to aggressive behavior in dogs.

How To Stop Aggressive Dog Behavior

If your dog is acting aggressively, there are a few great ways that you will be able to let him know that this is not desirable behavior. First of all, make sure if you are punishing him for his behavior that you are punishing him as the behavior occurs, not after the fact. If you punish afterwards, your dog will not know why he is being punished. For instance, if you have trouble with a dog that bites, make sure you know the warning signs that occur just before the dog strikes. Then, firmly with your knee or your hand, give the dog a stern “no” and touch him on the back or side of his neck. This will give him the signal that you are not happy with the behavior and he needs to back off. This same tactic can be used with dogs who growl or bark aggressively at strangers or guests. The key to stop aggressive dog behavior is to know ahead of time what is going to set your dog off. Many people feel helpless and don't believe that they can stop aggressive dog behavior, but all it really takes is consistency and patience. Make sure to reward your dog when he exhibits positive behaviors. For instance, when the first moment happens when he doesn't bark aggressively at a guest, make sure to shower him with as much positive love and attention as you can. It also wouldn't hurt to give him a treat so that he knows he's done something good.

Don't Give Up

Hope is not lost for any dog, no matter how badly they seem to be damaged. When you are able to stop aggressive dog behavior, you and your dog will have a better overall relationship and you will be able to rely more on one another. In the end, isn't that what you want in a pet? Take care of your dog and your dog will always be there to take care of you as well.