Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety in Dogs – How to Stop Whining and Reassure Your Dog

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secrets of a professional dog trainer ebook coverSeparation anxiety in dogs:  How do you know if your pup suffers from dog separation anxiety?  Here's a clue: Your dog whines every time you start to leave. You come home from work to find your sofa cushions shredded into confetti.  Separation anxiety in dogs manifests itself in many ways and as a dog owner, you need to be able to detect it and understand it, otherwise, you may end up re-thinking your reasons for adopting a puppy or adult dog.  Many dogs with separation anxiety will bark all day until you come home.  They may become destructive, depressed, or urinate in the home when left alone. Here are some tips to combat separation anxiety in dogs.

Reassure The Dog You're Coming Back

Most puppies are never alone from birth to at least six weeks of age. To all of a sudden be left alone for long periods of time is a strange sensation to them, and they aren't sure how to react. The dog may feel as though you have left and are never coming home.  Once you've determined your dog is suffering from dog separation anxiety, the first step is to re-assure you dog that you will always be back.

Steps to Alleviate Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Start out by leaving the dog alone for five to ten minutes as you check the mail, weed the flower beds, or sweep the driveway. Gradually increase the time you are away to help stop dog separation anxiety. Reward the dog with a treat as their behaviour improves, and always reassure them that they are loved and that you will return.

Stay Calm When Preparing to Leave

An important move in helping to stop dog separation anxiety is to keep calm when preparing to leave. If you are anxious or nervous, the dog will pick up on those feelings, and become anxious and nervous as well. Go about your routine, playing with your dog, and saying goodbye to them at least thirty minutes before leaving. Once it is time to leave, just leave, with no good-byes. Leaving becomes a natural part of the morning when it is done in a calm manner.

Buy a Good Dog Obedience Training Book

Many people consider obedience training to combat separation anxiety in dogs.  For good reason.  Most, if not all dog training/obedience deal with dog separation anxiety.  There are excellent dog obedience training books online that deal specifically with dog separation anxiety.  I highly recommend Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer.  It's the # 1 dog training resource online that deals with separation anxiety in dogs effectively.  You also get free email consultations.  Buy Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer and stop your dog's separation anxiety!