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Secrets To Dog Training Review
Reviewer: Shalisha Alston
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secrets to dog training reviewIf you have ever tried to search online for a complete and comprehensive A to Z dog training program, most of the time you would have come up empty handed.

But you just need to know where to look. In this Secrets To Dog Training review I will be doing a thorough analysis of this so called “complete” course that is the bigger and grown up version of the famous Sit Stay Fetch program.

An Outgrowth of Sit Stay Fetch

The creator of Secrets To Dog Training, Daniel Stevens, is well known from his mega popular and highly successful dog training course, Sit Stay Fetch.

Although the program set the standard for training guides in the past and was a best seller, there have been concerns about how relevant it is today and whether another program has come along and stolen its crown.

Daniel has not only updated his program to include new findings and training techniques but he has also continually refined the fundamental dog training principles so that they are more powerful and effective than they were in the past.

Easy to Use Step by Step Instructions

Daniel is a straight forward and no fluff teacher. Within the training you get a balance of both theory and practical exercises, tricks and techniques. Everything is taught in an easy digestible manner.

If you have always wanted to get inside the mind of your dog to discover how it thinks and feels, to know why it behaves the way it does, then Secrets To Dog Training could be just what you’re looking for.

The lessons that cover the psychology of dogs are not only interesting and insightful, but will also give you some major “aha” moments that will allow you to reverse even the most troublesome bad habits your dog displays.

Secrets To Dog Training Features:

Dog Whispering Techniques – We all know the TV show, now find out how this cutting edge and powerful technique works and how you can use it to bring about huge changes in your dog quickly and easily.

Ultimate House Training Guide – Secrets To Dog Training goes into detail through just about all the common (and not so common) dog behavior problems and bad habits. You will get quick and easy step by step tips and techniques to help you find solutions fast.

Members Only Dog Community – Networking, hanging out with like minded owners, and picking up additional helpful tips can now be within your reach any time you want.

In addition to the Secrets To Dog Training program, you will also get unlimited access to the members only community. Some wonderfully helpful people hang out here, from dog trainers and vets, to fellow dog owners and enthusiasts.

What’s Inside?

256 Page Instantly Downloadable eBook

Secrets To Dog Training is suited for all dog owners or soon to be dog owners of all breeds. The huge 260 page core manual may seem intimidating when you first glance over the contents but it’s very well organized.  You can download it on your tablet, android or iphone so you can take it on the go.

Audio Book Version 

You also get an audio book version of the ebook.  That means you can listen to it wherever and whenever while reinforcing lessons.  You can also choose to read it from cover to cover and implement the techniques as you go along, or you could just read the parts of the guide that are relevant to your dogs problems.

Premium Videos When You Upgrade

When you upgrade, you get access to valuable dog training videos.

The 5 Premium Videos Which Cover:

  • How to Stop Dog Aggression Part I (towards family, strangers, children, fear aggression, territorial aggression)
  • How to Stop Your Dog From Barking
  • How to Stop Your Dog Biting
  • How to Stop Your Dog Chewing
  • How to Stop Pulling on the Lead

Dog Training Master Multimedia PackageDaniel Stevens Secrets To Dog Training is a powerful, cutting edge, and up-to date program that has not only stood the test of time but also changed and adapted throughout the years.  He also came out with The Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package system.   You can read about it in my

If you want premium dog training at a fraction of the cost, I highly recommend that you read my article The Top 5 Best Dog Training Books online.

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