Stop Chihuahua Chewing Your Shoes & Furniture

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Stop Chihuahua Chewing – Four Reasons They Chew

stop chihuahua chewingAt some point in any Chihuahua owner's life, they come to the question: How do I stop Chihuaha chewing?  Although the chihuahua is a little dog, chihuahua chewing can be a big problem! There are generally four reasons why this small dog chews your slippers, best running shoes, wires, and anything else he can get his hands on.  But don't worry, I'll give you some tips on how to stop Chihuahua chewing.

Chihuahua's Chew Because of Teething Pains

stop chihuahua chewingYes, if the chihuahua is a puppy, chewing can definitely be a problem. You can prevent Chihuahua chewing by giving him a frozen pet toy. This will help him get over this phase. He needs to be able to chew on cold frozen chew toys to help relieve the discomfort.

Chihuahua's Chew Out of Curiosity

Chihuahuas are known for their intelligence and often go looking for “why” and “how come”. They mouth objects to taste and smell like humans pick up things to feel and shake. This is how they discover what is in the world at their level.

But you have to teach them basic dog training commands like “Sit”, Come, Wait, No.  When you learn how to train your dog in the basics, everything else, like chewing, because easier to handle.

If you come upon them chewing on something inappropriate, give them a firm “No”, remove the object and replace it with one of their chew toys. This breed is very intelligent.  It won't take them long to understand that they're only allowed to chew “their” toys, not yours.

Chihuahuas Chew Out of Nervousness

stop chihuahua chewingChihuahua's are little and have cause to fear larger things in their lives. Loud noises may startle or upset them. Lots of commotion may have them wondering if they will be trampled. New people and experiences introduced one after the other may cause them to tremble and look for a safe place. Chihuahua chewing often happens when they are nervous.

Minimize Loud Noises in the Home

chihuahua chewingTake a moment and think about what goes on in the home on a daily basis. Are there loud activities that can be minimized or eliminated? Is there always someone intruding on their personal space? Have you provided your pet with a quiet place they can go to when they feel the need. A place where no one is allowed to go?

Give Him a Quiet Space of His Own

stop chihuahua chewingAllowing your small chihuahua to have a comfortable crate or padded bed in a quiet corner or room will give your dog more control over his worries. Make sure he has chew toys so he can satisfy his chihuahua chewing habits. Ensure any children in the family understand that when your pet heads for this space that they are to leave him alone.

Boredom – Being Cooped up in the House

stop chihuahua chewingIntelligent dogs become bored more quickly than those who aren't mental athletes. There's nothing worse than being cooped up in the house – even if you have chihuahua playmates! Giving your chihuahua toys to play with that move or make noise can help. There are interactive pet toys on the market that pop out toys at regular intervals for those who need mental and physical stimulation during long periods of time left alone.

Give Him Playtime

stop chihuahua chewingEnsure your pet gets some playtime before you leave him alone for hours at a time. The more physical activity you enjoy with your dog before he is left alone, the more time he will need to nap while you are gone. And, yes, nap time means that there is no chihuahua chewing going on!


Buy a Good Dog Training Book

Buying a dog training book is a must if you want to learn how to train your dog.  There's only so much info you can get from an article.  I've put together a review of the best dog training books online.  There's even a dog training system that does the training completely by video.

I think dog training videos are the best way to learn how to stop chihuahua chewing or stop any other dog behavior.  You get to actually see the techniques being implemented and then you're also assured that you're doing them right.  A really good dog training video I recommend is Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer.

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