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Stop Your English Bulldog Puppy from Whining

Just as babies cry, English bulldog puppies are known to whine a lot during the first few weeks of being in your home. In order to stop English bulldog puppy whining, you must enact these three steps. First, you must understand why your English bulldog puppy is whining.

Second, you must bond with your puppy. Third, you must keep a healthy balance of solving their problems as well as teaching your English bulldog puppy the ways of the household. 

Understanding Why they are Whining

The first step to stop English bulldog puppy whining is to understand why they are whining.

The most common reason is that your puppy is experiencing separation anxiety from their home, mother and littermates.

Think of it from your puppy’s perspective. You are born and all you know is your home, your mother, your brothers and sisters and the humans who live in the house.

Then, one day, some total strangers, take you away from everything that you know and bring you to a new house. These strangers may play with you for a while, but when night falls, they stick you in a room and turn off the light. 

As cruel as this situation seems, it is essentially what happens to every puppy who is adopted. Given that situation, it really makes sense as to why a puppy would whine.

When humans bring home a puppy, they are excited but when a puppy is brought home for the first time, they are probably very scared.

Another reason that an English bulldog puppy may whine is because they are hungry or otherwise uncomfortable. These situations should be dealt with on a case by case, situation by situation basis and always done with a healthy amount of patience.

Bond with your Puppy

The most important step to stop English bulldog puppy whining is to bond with your puppy. As soon as they trust you and love you, then your puppy will stop feeling so anxious, which in turn will stop their whining.

If your puppy knows that you love them and will readily take care of all their needs, then that sense of abandonment and loneliness from losing their other family will dissipate.

The first couple weeks of bringing a puppy home is crucial to the development of your relationship with that puppy. In those weeks, you will work into a routine and your puppy will learn the ways of the household.

Keep the Balance

The third essential step to stop English bulldog puppy whining is to attend to their needs, but do not give in to them and cause bad habits.

Crating is always a good idea because it allows your English bulldog puppy to have its own space.

However, if your English bulldog puppy is having trouble adjusting to the loneliness, try putting a warm bottle of water under a blanket and ticking clock to simulate another puppy with a heartbeat so your pet does not feel cold and alone.

Although, no matter how bad you feel for your whining puppy, you must never give into the temptation of bringing them out of their crate, if that is your chosen method.

You should lessen their loneliness and give them an abundance of love, but you cannot give into your English bulldog puppy. Always remember that you are still the master.

To close, if you stick to these three steps, you should be able to stop English bulldog puppy whining effectively. First, figure out why they are acting this way.

Second, give them the love they deserve. Third, try to lessen their loneliness but do not cave to them.

Stop Your English Bulldog from Farting

It could be silent or it could be roaring, but to maintain peace and sanity in your home you must stop English bulldog farting!

There can be nothing worse than a stinky English bulldog. English bulldogs are a little more prone to farting because their noses are pressed into their face more than most dogs and therefore, while eating or drinking, they breathe in more air.

For the same reason that humans cannot eat too fast, or it will cause them gas, English bulldogs swallow a lot of air when they eat, causing gas. 
Now, you obviously cannot help your dog from breathing in too much air, but there are ways to reduce the amount of your English bulldog’s farting in other areas.

The first way to limit the amount of gas your English bulldog has is to feed them the right food. The second way stop the farting is to refrain from feeding your English bulldog table scraps.

The third piece of advice for having a flatulence free English bulldog is to feed them smaller meals throughout the day.

Feeding them the Right Food

The first way that you can stop English bulldog farting is to feed your pet Premium Dog Food, specifically for English bulldogs.

In the same way that a human will get gas by eating cheap food, your English bulldog will follow suit.

This quality dog food may be a little bit more expensive, but it could really save your sense of smell at home. Additionally, this Premium Dog Food does not have to be the most expensive.

In fact, if you look around a little you may even be able to find it at a comparative price. Either way, to end the stench you should choose
Premium Dog Food!

Do Not Feed them Table Scraps

Feeding your pet table scraps is bad for many reasons. If nothing else, it will spoil your English bulldog.

However, especially with an English bulldog, which is a breed prone to illness and allergy, feeding them human food can also be dangerous to their health.

In addition, to stop English bulldog farting, you must stop giving your pet food from the table. English bulldogs were not meant to have human food.

Therefore, if they eat human food, then their stomach will have an adverse reaction, causing gas.

Feed them Smaller Meals Daily

It can be stressful during a busy work week or to make plans but the final way to stop English bulldog farting is to feed your pet smaller meals three or four times per day, instead of the normal two.

Also, like humans, eating multiple, small meals throughout the day is healthier for your pet’s digestive track. That way, there is less food your pet’s body has to deal with at one time and so it is less to cause your pet to have gas.

So, in summation, in order to stop English bulldog farting, you must enact these three changes to your pet’s diet. First, you should switch to a higher quality dog food.

Second, you should refrain from feeding your English bulldog table scraps at all costs. Third, you should feed your English bulldog smaller meals throughout the day.

If you follow these instructions, you should be able to enjoy the lovely scent of your home, without the threat of an English bulldog’s fart stench!

Stop Your English Bulldog’s Diarrhea

If your English bulldog has been in pain for a while now and what you thought was just a little bug has turned into something you fear is more serious, will need some tips on how to stop English bulldog diarrhea.

The most common cause of diarrhea in English bulldogs is a lacking dietary need. Therefore, you must first examine your dog’s eating habits.

Then, you should research the food that you are feeding your English bulldog in relation to other dog foods. Finally, you should introduce the new food the proper way.

Examine their Eating Habits

If your English bulldog is having trouble with their bowel movements, the first thing you should do to stop English bulldog diarrhea is to focus on what they are eating.

For instance, if you feed your English bulldog from the table, which you shouldn’t do anyway, you should stop immediately. If stopping the human food consumption does not help, you then should focus on their dog food.

Research their Dog Food

Before anything else, to stop English bulldog diarrhea, make sure that you are feeding your pet dog food specifically manufactured towards English bulldogs.

If you are not, then you should switch to a dog food that is specifically geared for English bulldogs.

So then, you will be sure that your pet is receiving the right vitamins and dietary essentials for the English bulldog breed.

English bulldogs are slightly more prone to allergies and illness than other breeds. So, even if you are getting the right food for the English bulldog breed, your pet may still have an allergy to one of its ingredients.

In order to check that, you must first look at all of the ingredients in their dog food against all of the different dog foods for English bulldogs.

Once you find a new brand that you think may make a difference to your pet you must introduce it into their diet slowly.

Introduce the New Diet

In order to stop English bulldog diarrhea, the last step in this process is to introduce the new food to your pet the right way. Since the English bulldog is prone to illness and allergy, the best advice is to introduce their new dog food to their diet slowly.

Mix the new dog food in with your pet’s old dog food first so that their digestive system is not shocked.

This may sound like it is prolonging your pet’s diarrhea, but if this is not done then your English bulldog may have an adverse reaction to the new food.

Hopefully enacting a change in your English bulldog’s diet will regulate them. Just remember in order to stop English bulldog diarrhea, first, you need to figure out the problem.

Second, you need to research the problem. Third, you need to enact a solution to the problem in a way that will not upset the delicate balance of your English bulldog’s already upset stomach.

However, if changing your English bulldog’s diet does not work, you should make an appointment with your pet’s vet because then, there may be something more serious going on that needs to be addressed immediately!


Stop Your Jack Russell from Digging

Jack Russell Terriers are notorious for digging. There are three important steps to stop Jack Russell digging. First, you must first understand the root of the problem.

Then, you must discourage your Jack Russell from digging through discipline. Finally, you must find other outlets for your pet to expend their instincts.

Why they Dig

Jack Russell Terriers were bred to hunt fox and other animals which dig tunnels in the ground. Therefore, it is their natural instinct to want to dig.

However, if they are digging up a yard or worse, your furniture, this is definitely a problem that must overrule natural instinct.
In order to stop Jack Russell digging, you must ask yourself three questions. Why does your pet dig? Where does your pet dig? And also, around what circumstances do they dig?

For instance, if your Jack Russell digs when you are not home, it means that they are not stimulated enough. Rather, if your Jack Russell digs at all times of the day, whether they are in the house or outside, it means that their natural instinct has been triggered.
To be clear, though, your Jack Russell Terrier is not digging with the intent to cause you hardship or annoyance. So, once you figure out the root of the problem, you will be able to fix it!

Discourage the Digging

Whether your Jack Russell is digging in the house, or out in the yard, it is an unacceptable behavior. To stop Jack Russell digging, your pet must be disciplined from the start.

Giving your Jack Russell a firm, “No!” and slapping them on the chin is a good way to make them know what they did was wrong. However, to be clear, you are only slapping your pet with just enough force only to close their mouth, not to make their head go back.

This chin slap should also only be done with your hand and nothing else! When disciplining in this manner, their head should not move at all!

Explore Healthier Outlets

So, now you have figured out the root of the problem and you have actively disciplined your Jack Russell. The next step to stop Jack Russell digging is to find a better way for your Jack Russell to take out his natural instincts.

If you find that your Jack Russell is digging because they are bored, then you should provide them with more exercise and challenge their mind through obedience training.

If you find that this is a natural instinct that your Jack Russell is having trouble curbing, disturb the spot where he likes to dig so that it is no longer a fun experience for him.

For instance, if your Jack Russell likes to dig the couch, put a blanket there with a taste they do not like. If he is digging outside, plant a rose bush in his favorite digging spot so that your Jack Russell will be deterred by the thorns.

Hopefully these tips will help you to stop Jack Russell digging! Just remember to identify the problem, discipline the problem early and then explore other avenues for your pet.

Jack Russell Terriers can make great pets. All your Jack Russell needs is a little patience and some tough love!

Stop your Jack Russell from Chewing on Furniture!

Chewing on furniture is a common problem associated with Jack Russell Terriers. In order to stop Jack Russell chewing on furniture, there are three provisions you should make.

First, you should discipline the problem from the very beginning. Second, you should make sure that your pet has plenty of chew toys.

And finally, you should make sure you provide your Jack Russell with plenty of entertainment so that they do not get bored.

Discipline the Problem

There is no excuse or leeway for your Jack Russell to be chewing furniture. Regardless of the reason, chewing on furniture is inexcusable.

When your Jack Russell chews your furniture, it not only ruins your home, but it also prevents you from forming a positive bond with your pet.

Therefore, in order to stop Jack Russell chewing on furniture, you must discipline the problem from the very beginning.

Remember, your Jack Russell will take far more freedom then you give them, so don’t give your Jack Russell a break when they chew. Start to discipline the first moment you notice the problem and stick with it!

Allow for Plenty of Chew Toys

If your Jack Russell is chewing, they are going to chew something, no matter what you do. So, if you allow them to have plenty of acceptable choices to satisfy their need to chew, then you will be more successful in your quest to stop Jack Russell chewing on furniture.

Especially if you are going to be at work or otherwise out of the house for a reasonable amount of time, make sure that your Jack Russell knows what they can chew and has plenty of toys to choose from.

In order to teach your Jack Russell the difference in chewing furniture and chewing their chew toy, make sure you make a big deal about both extremes.

Of course, you must discipline your Jack Russell when they chew your furniture. However, when you introduce a new chew toy and your pet accepts it, make sure that you make a big deal about praising your Jack Russell.

It is just as important that they get just as much, if not more positive attention for accepting each new chew toy then the negative attention they receive from chewing furniture.

Provide Plenty of Entertainment

Jack Russell Terriers need to be entertained. The root of the problem for Jack Russell’s chewing on furniture is usually boredom. So, in order to stop Jack Russell chewing on furniture, you must make sure your Jack Russell gets plenty of exercise and receives a good amount of mental stimulation.

Mental stimulation can come from obedience training or just taking an active role in your pet’s life. Either way, since this is such an intelligent breed, if your Jack Russell is entertained, they will be far less likely to act out.

So, in summation, remember the three things you need to do in order to stop Jack Russell chewing on furniture. First, you must discipline the problem from the start.

Second, you must allow for plenty of chew toys and praise their use so that your pet knows the difference. And finally, you need to provide plenty of entertainment for this breed to keep them from getting bored. Jack Russell Terriers are great breeds, if you are willing to put in the time and patience to teach them!

How To Stop Shiba Inu Whining

shiba inu whining 3There are times when your dog needs to whine. Perhaps your Shiba Inu is a little scared, or maybe your puppy is nervous or overstimulated, like when he’s going for a car ride.

Sometimes, though, your puppy could be whining for what seems like no reason at all and you are going out of your mind trying to figure out how to stop Shiba Inu whining.

Don’t worry, there are numerous training methods you can try to stop your puppy from whining all the time.

The First Step to End Shiba Inu Whining

step 1The first step to end your Shiba Inu whining is to find out the exact reason behind the whining. There are limited ways your puppy can communicate with you.

While it might be driving you crazy, whining is still one of the most effective forms of canine communication. Because your puppy talk is limited, it’s important to narrow down the reasons behind the whining.

Some reasons for puppy whining might include:

• Greeting overstimulation
• Anxiety
• Injury or ailment

Inferior feelings

If your puppy is feeling nervous because of any of these reasons you can certainly stop Shiba Inu whining and puppy whining in general, through active training.

How to Train Your Shiba Inu

Once you have determined the reasons your puppy is whining so much, you can begin teaching him to stop. The first reason behind the whining could potentially be over stimulation.

Over Stimulation

anxious dogOver stimulation often occurs during greetings. Have you ever noticed that when you pay too much attention to a toddler they get hyper and overstimulated?

Your Shiba Inu is the same.

You can stop overstimulation whining by lessening the excitement. While it is still extremely important to greet your puppy with love when you come home from work, you need to tone it down a notch.

Greet your dog quietly and speak softly to stop Shiba Inu whining from over stimulation.


If your dog is whining because of anxiety, which is actually a very common reason for whining, the most important thing you can do is calm your puppy.

Teach your dog that there’s no reason to be afraid or nervous. Use positive reinforcement to keep your dog from whining anxiously when it’s not necessary to be anxious.

If your puppy is hurt or ill then there is no reason to train your dog to stop Shiba Inu whining, instead make sure to take your dog to the vet and get him or her treated.

Use soft, calming words to keep him from getting too nervous or upset when he doesn’t feel good.

The Napoleon Complex

napoleon complexSometimes your puppy might have an inferiority complex and in order to stop Shiba Inu whining due to those inferior feelings you need to build your puppy’s confidence.

Dogs who whine and step back around other, more dominant, dogs are actually acting on normal animal behavior. Still, it can be distressing watching your puppy feel inferior.

In order to stop Shiba Inu whining around more alpha dogs, build your puppy’s confidence by getting them comfortable with games such as Frisbee or rope tug of war.

Interact positively with your dog on a very regular basis. Teaching your dog to be confident will stop Shiba Inu whining.

For more comprehensive lessons on arresting shiba inu whining and fixing all dog behavior problems, take a look at Secrets to Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package, the best Dog Training & Care books, audio, and video all in one place!


Stop Your Jack Russell From Jumping On People

For a small breed, they really can get some air! At first, it may be amusing but this is a bad habit that will only get worse, so you must stop Jack Russell jumping immediately!

In order to stop Jack Russell jumping you need to first, start disciplining your pet from the very first jump.  Second, remember to get down to their level to greet your Jack Russell as soon as you walk in the house.

And finally, you need to find a way to consistently drain their massive amounts of energy without hurting yourself!

Stop Jumping Immediately

The first jump is the first sign of trouble. Just as you have to establish the hierarchy in the household or your Jack Russell will run rampant, you must also establish that jumping is not an acceptable behavior.

In fact, you shouldn’t even allow your dog to put their paws on you, or your guests, because if you give a Jack Russell a foot, they will take a mile!

In order to stop Jack Russell jumping, you must start by gruffly tell your pet, “No!” after they jump. Ensure that you continue this behavior every time your Jack Russell jumps so that they associate jumping up as being bad.

Get Down to Their Level

As important as it is to discipline your Jack Russell after they jump, it is equally important to make a compromise and show them an acceptable way to greet you.

Your Jack Russell is going to love and trust you, so when you come home, they are going to want to see you and receive attention.

In order for them to feel they will receive that attention without jumping up, you should get down to your pet’s level to greet them.

You should continue to get down to their level every time you come home, as soon as you come home, in order to teach your Jack Russell that this is the proper way to receive the wanted attention.

Drain their Energy

Jack Russell Terriers have a lot of energy that they are just bursting to release. This excitement could be a cause of why they jump.

So, in order to stop Jack Russell jumping and to lessen their energy, without draining your own energy, instead of taking your pet for a walk, take them for a bike ride, or rollerblade ride.

This technique should only be done if you’re sure you can safely preform this exercise with your Jack Russell, but if you can, it is a great exercise for the dog and a lot of fun for the owner!

Bike riding or rollerblading allows your Jack Russell to move at a much faster speed and so it is freeing for them. In addition, it tires them out without tiring you out nearly as much!

So, in summation, the best ways to stop Jack Russell jumping is to curb their jumping habits from the start, get into the habit of getting down to their level to greet them and also, using a bike ride or rollerblading excursion to expend their energy in place of a walk!

Then, enjoy the pleasures of having a beautiful Jack Russell Terrier without the jumping!

I’ll teach you how to get incredibly satisfying results, by learning how your dog’s mind works and which techniques to use to get the most out of your dog…

Stopping Your Jack Russell’s Aggression

Your Jack Russell Terrier may be great most of the time, until something aggravates them, or this could be a reoccurring, daily problem; but either way, the aggression that you’re witnessing within your pet needs to stop! The three best steps to stop Jack Russell aggression is to identify the cause of the aggression, discipline the aggression on the spot and then reconfigure your Jack Russell’s daily routine, so that their trigger is never set off.

Identify the Cause

If your Jack Russell Terrier is acting out, there has to be a reason. The Jack Russell breed is known for being loyal and loving, so the first step to stop Jack Russell aggression is to find the root of the problem! A common problem for a Jack Russell stems from boredom or lack of companionship. Since this breed is so intelligent, their brain needs to be stimulated or they will get bored and act out.

Another common problem for the Jack Russell breed is; despite their size, if they’re not consistently kept in their place, they will assume the role of alpha and subsequently challenge anyone they feel is threatening them. This type of aggression may be taken out on other pets, human visitors or eve their owners. In order to discourage this behavior, it’s important to establish the role they play in the household from day one and stick to it!

Disciplining Aggression

After you have identified the root of the hostility, in order to stop Jack Russell aggression, you must take action! Once the aggression occurs, you must first walk over to your Jack Russell; this is important because if you make the dog come to you, they will associate punishment with being called and this will not be good for the relationship you have with the dog.

After you have moved over to the dog, you should slap the dog’s chin. This slap is done just hard enough, with your hand and nothing else but your hand, to close your dog’s mouth. This slap should never be hard enough to move your pet’s head back, just enough so that their mouth closes and they get the message. Also, while you do this, you say, in a low, growling type voice, “No!”

Although it may take patience, this is a good way to discipline your Jack Russell without fear of hurting them.

Make Changes to Their Routine

The third step to stop Jack Russell aggression is to reconstruct the dog’s daily routine in order to avoid the situation that sets them off. Remember, just like people, dogs, especially the intelligent Jack Russell breed will have situations that annoy them, but when that annoyance becomes aggression it needs to be avoided as much as possible before it escalates. Now, by editing the dog’s daily schedule, this doesn’t mean that you should change your whole life around. For instance, if your Jack Russell is triggered by same-sex aggression, just keep him away from other dogs of the same sex and if you find that your Jack Russell is bored, make sure to take them outside more and let them burn off some energy. It’s the little things that can really make a big difference!

So, there you have it! The three steps to stop Jack Russell aggression are to identify the problem, enacting the proper form of discipline and then follow up by trying to avoid placing your Jack Russell in the situation that causes them to lash out. Also, always remember that when you make a plan to curb aggression, you have to stick to it and be patient!

Stop Shiba Inu Digging

shiba inu diggingIs your little Shiba Inu digging you into insanity? If so, then you are not alone.

One of the many frustrations amongst Shiba Inu owners is that they can’t seem to stop their Shiba Inu digging up their garden.

Sometimes the pups are content to just dig holes in the yard, and sometimes these little guys will want to wreak havoc on your kitchen linoleum.

3 Reasons for Shiba Inu Digging

In order to figure out the reason your Shiba Inu is digging, the first thing to do is figure out why. There are usually three possible reasons your pup is tearing up the yard.

  1. Boredom
  2. Restlessness
  3. The other dogs are doing it

Treating Boredom

shiba inu diggingIf Boredom is the cause of your problems, then in order to stop Shiba Inu digging from tearing up your garden you need to keep your dog entertained.

Puppies, much like toddlers, have a very short attention span and they need constant entertainment. One of the best ways to keep your dog entertained is to invest in puppy toys.

Some Great Dog Toys

shiba inu diggingGetting him a Kong toy will be a big help to control his digging urges. The Kong toy is a cylindrical rubber chew toy with a hole in the center to put treats in that your Shiba Inu has to dig out.

Dog biscuits fit inside them nicely, as do pieces of Beggin’ Strips or Doggie Jerkey.

Stop Shiba Inu Digging from Restlessness

shiba inu diggingWhile you may not realize it, Shiba Inus get restless just like we do. Simply letting your dog outside to play and then closing the door on him is not going to give your puppy the proper exercise needed to exhaust himself.

You may not realize this, but many times in order to stop Shiba Inu digging, simply spending more time exercising your dog will do the trick.

This is especially true if your dog is digging inside. Taking your dog for a jog and playing fetch or Frisbee are a couple of excellent ways to get your puppy worn out.

But, Mom, All the Other Dogs Are Doing It

shiba inu diggingOne of the most frustrating reasons a puppy won’t stop digging is because he sees another dog digging and, quite frankly, it looks like a lot of fun.

Whether you have other dogs in your home that dig or your little pup sees the neighbor’s dog digging on the other side of the chain link fence, you need to find a way to control the chaos.

How to Stop Shiba Inu Digging

basic dog commandsThe first thing you need to do is to train your Shiba Inu in the basic dog training commands.  You’ve got to teach your Shiba Inu to Sit, Stay, Heel, “No”, “Wait.”  Once you learn how to train your dog in the basics, you can implore more advanced techniques to stop digging.

In addition, you can fill the holes with cement. It’s effective, but only temporarily.

Another method, which is much easier on the wallet, is to bring your puppy inside whenever he starts digging. A firm “No!” and a march back indoors will take a little while to work, but puppies are smart and yours will eventually catch on.

A good dog obedience training book is always an excellent way to stop Shiba Inu digging.  Read my honest, in-depth review of the best dog training books online and learn how to train your dog yourself.

click me

Stop Shiba Inu Barking

shiba inu barkingAll dogs bark at times.  But if your little Shiba Inu is barking non-stop, there’s a good reason.

Dogs, like children, need to voice their thoughts and Shiba Inus are no different. It’s important to teach your dog when to bark and when not to and there are ways to stop Shiba Inu barking that don’t confuse your baby.

The Natural Way to Stop Shiba Inu Barking

Positive reinforcement is always the best way to teach your dog when it’s okay to bark and when it isn’t.

using a clicker to help train your Shiba Inu is one excellent method of training your dog not to bark. Whenever your dog is barking for an inappropriate reason the first thing to do is use a voice command such as “NO!”

This will remind your dog that you are the one in charge. When your Shiba Inu is silent for a moment’s pause, use the clicker and then give them a treat.

A treat for good behavior reminds your puppy you are not angry, but you are still showing that you’re the one in charge.

If your dog doesn’t stop barking completely and lowers their bark to a soft “woof” then lean down and softly say “Good boy/girl” or something that thanks your puppy.

To stop Shiba Inu barking it is very important to make sure you thank them and reward them for their good behavior.

What Not To Do

There are things you should avoid when you are trying to stop Shiba Inu barking from driving you insane. Don’t do the following:

  • Use negative reinforcement
  • Use a barking collar
  • Teach your dog to bark

The first thing to avoid is negative reinforcement, which means in order to stop Shiba Inu barking you cannot yell at your dog or reprimand your dog without backing it up with positive reinforcement when they obey.

Simply yelling at your dog and getting angry actually makes the situation worse and your dog will continue this unwanted behavior.

Many people consider using a barking collar. While it is true that a barking collar will stop Shiba Inu barking, the collar doesn’t do anything to really improve the situation.

In other words, your precious member of the family is not learning when and where to bark, he’s learning not to bark. This is not a healthy means of resolving the situation.

You have to train your dog that it is okay to bark under certain circumstances, not all the time.

Finally, do not teach your dog to bark when you’re trying to stop Shiba Inu barking from happening all the time. One of the most confusing things for a dog is having their owner command them not to bark during training, then encourage them to bark during play times.

Until your Shiba Inu knows when it is okay to bark from the times it is not okay, do not encourage any kind of playful barking banter with your pup, otherwise you will have no luck when you’re trying to stop Shiba Inu barking.

How to Stop Your Jack Russell from Shedding

2 jacks in a tubIt’s a common complaint with all Jack Russell pet owners. How do you stop Jack Russell shedding?

Although you’re never going to completely stop any dog from shedding, there is particular care you can take for your Jack Russell to limit their shedding as much as possible.

If you brush their coat routinely, feed them the right kind of quality dog food and find the right shampoo to clean your Jack Russell with, you will create as close to a shed-free dog as possible with this breed.

Brush their Coat Daily

groomProbably one of the best pieces of advice to stop Jack Russell shedding is to brush this breed as needed.

Generally, a Jack Russell will not need to be brushed more than once or twice a month, but during the spring, brushing should be increased to once every few days, since they are shedding a winter coat.

Brushing a Jack Russell Terrier is not only healthy for its coat because it picks up loose hairs, but it also allows for you to check their coat for ticks and other potential problems.

Buy a Furminator Hair Deshedding Tool

If done routinely, brushing your Jack Russell will also become a bonding time for you and your pet.  The best deshedding tool I’ve ever used is the Furminator. I swear by this little gadget.

The Furminator reduces shedding by up to 90%, which allows me to share my home with my Jack Russells without constantly having dog hair on my clothes and couch.

It’s highly recommended by veterinarians, groomers and pet professionals.  The Furinator is guaranteed to reduce shedding better than any brush, rake or comb.

The Furminator comes in small, medium and large.  Since Jack Russells are small dogs with short hair, I’d buy the small Furminator.  Buy it here at Amazon. 

However, if you’re going to use a brush, the best type of brush for this breed is a bristle brush. A bristle brush will help to stimulate and rejuvenate your Jack Russell’s skin while gently removing loose and excess hair. You can buy the Glendan Dog Brush on Amazon too.



Nutrition is important to stop Jack Russell shedding.

Making an effort to feed your Jack Russell the right amount of quality dog food, specific for their age is important not only to reduce shedding, but also to help your Jack Russell live a long and healthy life.

Another bit of nutrition advice which will prolong the health of your Jack Russell’s coat is to give them fish oil tablets. These tablets will make their coat silkier and stronger for years to come!

Use the Right Shampoo

pet shampooThere are probably more shampoos out there for dogs then there are for humans and so the dog shampoo isle could definitely intimidate a pet owner.

Fortunately, to stop Jack Russell shedding, all you have to remember is to look for the shampoo specifically made for Jack Russell Terriers. It sounds simple enough and if you know what to look for, it is simple!

Additionally, just because the shampoo is good for your Jack Russell does not mean it has to be the most expensive brand. If it says it is for Jack Russell Terriers, than the regulations and vitamins that it requires are pretty much the same for all brands.

Also, if your Jack Russell seems to be scratching a lot, use an oatmeal shampoo because the more they scratch, the more they shed. So, if you eliminate the scratching, the amount of shedding will follow suit!

So, in summation, to stop Jack Russell Shedding, the three most important pieces of advice are to get into a brushing routine with your pet, give them the proper nutrition and use the right shampoo while bathing!

Good luck and enjoy the freedom of a dog hair free household!

Ways to Stop Jack Russell Growling and Aggression

Many dog owners experience aggression problems with their Jack Russell, especially in the form of biting or growling.

There are a few ways to stop Jack Russell growling, most of which require a great deal of patience and discipline.

Before anything else, always remember that you should never start disciplining the dog by calling out to them – this makes them anxious and will give them the tendency to think that every time you call them out, you will be punishing or disciplining them.

Instead, be the one to go to the dog whenever you are trying to stop Jack Russell growling or biting.

Another no-no when it comes to training your dogs is hitting. Any form of violence is strongly prohibited, if you care about your dog and want him to be disciplined properly.

Do not use objects to hit the dog because this will cause nothing but fear and resentment. At the end, you won’t be able to stop Jack Russell growling because the dog will not trust you at all.

Instead, perform the “chin slap” – an upward slap that is gentle but just the right amount of force to close the dog’s mouth. NEVER flip the dog’s head back!

If you have a smaller dog, three fingers or less will do the job. If you want to stop Jack Russell growling, nipping, mouthing, barking, crying or biting, the chin slap is a good way to train without enforcing violence.


Think of yourself as the mother (or father) of your puppies. Grab the young pup by the scruff of their neck to lift them up just a little bit. Then, shake them back and forth for a little while while they are growling.

The scruff is the loose skin between the head and the back. Use just one hand to perform this method. Of course, if you have a larger dog, you’ll have to use both hands on either side of the neck and head to stop Jack Russell growling and aggression.

The degree of the shaking involved will have to depend on what your Jack Russell did that requires disciplinary action.

All in all, whatever method you choose to enforce, always treat your dogs with respect. Never use violence or sheer force.

The correct way of discipline will leave nothing but learning and a good sense of trust between the pets and their owner.  Soon enough, problems like growling and biting would be nothing but a thing of the past for you.

How To Stop Jack Russell Barking – Simple Tips For Training Dogs At Home

According to the Department of Animal Science, University of California, excessive barking is a common reason behind sending street dogs to animal shelters.

Many terriers and cross bred varieties have a bad reputation for barking. There are numerous reasons behind this unnecessary barking. In the next couple of paragraphs, we shall learn how to stop Jack Russell barking, in a few simple steps.

Know Your Dogs:

Jack Russell Terrier is a breed of small dogs that have their roots in fox hunting.  They may be broken-coated or rough-coated and their entire body is white in color, with smooth and spotted fur.

They’re physically strong, stubborn, territorial, determined, protective, intelligent and highly energetic.

This energetic breed relies on stimulation and intense physical workout to stay fit and healthy. Being hunter dogs, they have a peculiar habit of alerting their owners through growling.

Why They Bark?

Before training your dog, the owners must determine their barking patterns under different circumstances. They can easily stop Jack Russell barking, if they’re able to find out why these pooches yell.

# The pups instinctively bark when they’re approached by dangerous elements, strangers, weird objects and big dogs.

# According to the researchers at Department of Applied Ethology, Saskatchewan University, pups bark when they’re alone, bored or stressed. They turn excited when they see something new and start howling.

# They have high energy levels and need to spend it in physical workouts, otherwise they can create a great deal of nuisance, due to pent-up energy.
# They start woofing when they feel the need to go to the toilet or because they feel thirsty, hungry and sick. Moreover, some playful members start yowling when they have to capture the owner’s attention.
How To Stop Jack Russell Barking:

# Make sure that you return home as soon as possible. If possible, you can consider hiring a dog sitter or request your neighbors to drop by at home and play with your pets. This will interrupt his solitude and he shall enjoy in your absence.
# Provide your four-legged friend with plenty of toys, dummies and entertaining stuff to keep him entertained during the day.
# Owners must take their pooches for daily walks and engage them in physical exercising, running and hunting activities.
# Spend some time with your K9 pal and shower your affection on him. Give him a bath, pet him or stoke his fur. This will discourage his repeated attempts to seek attention.
# Give him a helping hand when he’s not able to catch the objects that are placed beyond his reach or else, he’ll start barking out of sheer frustration.
Ground Rules For Training:

Owners must start their training at an early stage to effectively stop Jack Russell barking in the future.

# Always discourage your pooches from snarling at other dogs when they’re walking on the streets or watching yard in the night.

# Set a fixed play time for him. Give him his meals on time and take him out for toilet twice a day. Use bells or dog whistles to train him for their daily activities.
# Use the “stop” command and scold him as soon as he starts yowling. Wait for some time and notice his behavior. If he stops on your command, you should reward him for his disciplined behavior.
# You may also use electric dog collars (mild ones) and other punishment objects if he acts stubborn.
Dog training requires attentiveness, dedication and consistency. You must follow all the aforementioned steps to train your dogs. Check online websites for more tips on how to stop Jack Russell barking.

How to Stop your Jack Russell Biting

Jack Russell’s as a rule are a fantastic companion or family dog. They are friendly loyal and energetic without being overwhelming for little children.

But sometimes these little guys can get a bit bitey, which can be a huge problem for families and elderly owners of Jack Russells. What can you do? Well there are a few things to consider when discouraging biting in Jack Russells.

Why do Jack Russell’s Bite?

As terriers Jack Russells can be naturally defensive and sometimes even aggressive in nature. This can stem from dominance issues but more commonly Jack Russells bite in 2 scenarios; When giving chase or when playing. If we take some time to understand these behaviours then we can deal with them much more effectively.

What is the Difference Between Play-biting and Attack Biting?

Dogs can become overstimulated and over excited very quickly while playing and in this type of situation biting or nipping is generally just a sign that your pup is getting a little too carried away, whereas attack biting tends to be less provoked and tends to follow aggressive signs baring teeth and low growling.


Why do Jack Russells Bite and Give Chase?

Unfortunately this is a bit of a left over instinct from a wild dog or hunting dog’s catch and kill mentality. While no where near as severe and usually with no malicious intent, terriers are genetically hard wired to chase and some times their enthusiasm gets the better of them resulting in biting or nipping.


How can I stop Jack Russell biting?

To stop Jack Russell biting your best techniques are preventative ones, remember unless your dog is display aggression and dominance issues, then your dog’s behaviour is largely situational. However if your dog is showing aggressive behaviour out of the context of these overstimulating situations then you should see your vet or a professional dog trainer for advice.


Stop Jack Russell Biting in the Early Months

There are two main approaches to stop Jack Russells biting at a very young age.

1) Pack behaviour; if your pup bites then react the same way that it’s mother or siblings would, with a light tug on the back of the neck or a whining cry when hurt.

2) Replacement; if your pup bites your hand give them something appropriate such as a toy to gnaw on.


Stop Jack Russell Biting in the First to Second Year

If your Jack Russell is still biting at one year this then becomes a dominance issue, they are trying to put themselves at the head of the house by giving out a quick nip here and there. You should establish your dominance, maybe by using a contained enclosed fence or something similar as a ‘time out’ spot that your Jack Russell is sent to for a brief period after biting.


Stop Jack Russell Biting as an Adult

If your Jack Russell is still biting as an adult then it’s time to seek professional help, other wise you could end up with a huge behavioural issue that could have repercussions on you and your dog.


Preventing Aggressive Behaviour- No More Rough Play

Choosing non confrontational play such as fetch can go a long way to preventing aggressive behaviour, whilst it’s great fund to rough house with your Jack Russell, ultimately the resulting behavioural issues tend not to be worth it for you or your dog.