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Yorkie Training – Why You Must Train This Breed!

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Yorkie Training

Yorkie trainingyorkie training starts with knowing the breed's temperament and personality.  Yorkshire Terrier dogs belong to the “toy” dogs group.  They're referred to as companion breeds because they're bred to keep people company.  The Yorkie in particular is very intelligent, funny, and affectionate.  He's also referred to as a big dog in a little body.  Dog obedience training and house training a Yorkie can be a serious challenge.  This article will give you tips on how to train a Yorkie.  But you can also find helpful tips in an article dog care basics for more in-depth dog care and training.


Well, as far as dog obedience training goes, Yorkies are very stubborn, bossy and dominant.  With this dog, you must learn to be the Alpha and teach your Yorkie that you are the Alpha.  I'll give you a resource at the end of this article on how to be the Alpha Dog.

The Difficulties in Housetraining a Yorkie

yorkie training the right waySince Yorkies are teacup size, their internal organs are tiny.  And that means it's physically difficult for them to control their bladders or bowels for more than a few hours at a time. Toy dog breeds like the Yorkie are not recommended for households with young kids as Yorkies hate being played with roughly.  Also, they're fragile.




So How Do You Train a Yorkie The Right Way?

yorkie training The first step in training a Yorkie the right way is to buy a dog training book.  I don't mean just any dog training book.  Get a dog training book that has dog obedience training, house training and dog healthcare all in one.  One of the best dog training books online that combines all three is called The Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package.

I've written an in-depth review on it to help you make an informed decision. In fact, I've written an in-depth, honest review of some of the best dog training books online.  But, if you're someone that learns better using video, there's an excellent dog training video I'd like to recommend.  It's called Doggy Dans Dog Trainer Online.

Yorkie Training The Right Way – Be the Alpha

yorkie training the right wayThe second step in training a Yorkie the right way is to learn to become the Alpha.   The alpha is the leader of the pack.  You decide when your dog eats, where he sleeps, if he can climb on the couch, etc.  Dogs are pack animals.  And there's a hierarchy.  The top dog gets to eat first, sleep in the highest bed, and tells the other dogs what to do.

If they get out of line, the Alpha corrects them by giving them a bite on the ear or neck.  Not enough to bleed, but enough to hurt the other dog so that that dog stops the behavior.

So what you need to do is act like the alpha.  When your Yorkie does something, you need to correct him immediately so he knows it's not okay to do it.  There are many corrective devices to use, but because this dog is so tiny, the only real corrective device you should use is your voice.  Be stern and loud when you say “No!”


yorkie training the right wayYorkie training requires correct timing.  You can't reprimand your dog 5 minutes after he's done the deed. He'll have no clue as to why you're reprimanding him.  Make the corrections within 1to 3 seconds of the behavior.  If you can't get to him within that time frame and he's far away from you, don't bother.  Just wait until the next time.




yorkie training the right wayYorkie training requires consistency.  If you correct your Yorkie sometimes and not at other times, he won't know why you're punishing him.  Don't confuse him. Either he's allowed to jump on the furniture, or he's not.   Whatever you do, be patient.  Sometimes it might be easier to learn how to train your Yorkie by watching a video.



Dog Training Videos Work Wonders

There are excellent dog training videos that will teach any breed how to behave.  If you're someone that learns better by video, then I highly recommend you take a look at Doggy Dans Dog Training Videos.

Yorkie Training - Why You Can't Afford Not to Train This Breed!
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Yorkie Training - Why You Can't Afford Not to Train This Breed!
The Yorkie is a breed that needs a distinct kind of training because of its character traits. Learn what you should and should NOT do when training this dog!