Yorkshire Terrier

Stop Yorkie Barking

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Understanding the Reasons for Your Yorkie Barking

Yorkshire Terriers are known to be lively, and they are notorious for barking. It may be helpful to pay attention to your Yorkie barking because he may be trying to express himself or communicate with you. Certain dog breeds are more predisposed to barking. Dogs will bark for many different reasons.

Barking Due to Happiness

You may be hearing your Yorkie barking because he is happy to go outside to play or to take a nice walk. Maybe, your Yorkie enjoys taking a ride in the car with you. It is common for dogs to bark when they see relatives or friends coming to the house for a visit.

Barking To Get Attention

Another reason for your Yorkie barking is because he may be hungry, or he may need to go outside. Dogs bark when they are trying to communicate a need. It is important to make sure that your Yorkie has enough food to eat. Puppies may whine or bark at night because they may be lonely. Dogs may bark or whine when they are scared. Sometimes, you may hear your Yorkie barking just because he wants to play. It is helpful to give your Yorkie enough attention each day.

Barking at Unfamiliar Noises

You may want to familiarize your Yorkie puppy to a variety of sounds that are routinely around the house. Sounds that may be new to your puppy may be the doorbell ringing, or the sound of the television. Some dogs bark when they hear the telephone ringing, music playing, or the noise from a vacuum cleaner.

Warning Bark

Yorkies are sensitive and will bark if they see mail carriers or children riding bikes near their house. Yorkie barking may be due to distractions that can be upsetting your Yorkie. It is common for dogs to bark if they see a stranger approach their house. Your Yorkie may start barking when he hears other dogs in the neighborhood barking.

Barking Due to Boredom

Dogs may bark because they are bored and they need something to do to keep them busy. It is important to provide enough attention and appropriate exercise for your Yorkie everyday. You may hear your Yorkie barking because he is lonely and he wants company. It may be helpful to have safe and appropriate dog toys available for your Yorkie to play with throughout the day.

Barking Due to Separation Anxiety

Yorkies may be used to human companionship and attention. You may be the most important person in your Yorkie's life. When Yorkies are left alone, they may experience separation anxiety. They may bark, whine, or howl. They may be worried about where you are going and when you will return back home.