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Shih Tzu Training: How to Train a Shih Tzu

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shih tzu trainingShih Tzu training is not extremely difficult, mainly because the dogs are well behaved and eager to please. Most people with some knowledge of dogs are aware the Shih Tzu was once bred as a companion for Asian royalty. This is understandable since these little dogs are sweet, with a hint of arrogance that contributes to their social nature.

It also keeps them from being a complete pushover.  However, if you’ve recently brought a puppy home, you’ll find it can be stubborn to potty training at times. Fortunately, Shih Tzu training offers some great tips that will help get the dog past the point of leaving any surprises for you.

The Shih Tzu Personality

Shih Tzu training will bring out the best in these fun-loving and cooperative pets. The Shih Tzu is remarkably nimble, which makes them an ideal choice for ring shows and public events where they can perform their tricks. These qualities translate to fun-loving house pets that enjoy the role of host and greeter when company comes calling.

The Shih Tzu is a Lap Dog and Loves Affection

They are not a tough breed, and will not hold up to rough treatment. On the other hand, they are very affectionate and love to spend the afternoon on a comfortable lap. The breed does not require a lot of exercises, which makes the Shih Tzu well suited for apartment living. Apparently, this combination has made the dog a favourite among elderly people.

Shih Tzu Training: Health and Grooming

shih tzu trainingThere are a few health concerns with the breed, and these can be addressed with Shih Tzu health and grooming guides. Similar to most breeds with long facial hair, the Shih Tzu needs regular clipping to avoid eye-watering.

In addition, the hind hairs should be kept trimmed for health and sanitary reasons. Shih Tzu training will demonstrate the proper way to perform the trimming, as well as offer bathing and other grooming tips. Shih Tzu seems to enjoy being the centre of attention, which means they will stand still for as much grooming as you have to offer.



Get a Shih Tzu Training Guide

You'll definitely need a really good Shih Tzu dog training guide as there will be behaviour issues that may arise from the arrogant quality in the dog's breed.

However, Shih Tzu training will help you identify the signs of adverse behaviour at the early stage. The training includes sound suggestions for correcting adverse behaviour, and getting your dog on track in a matter of days.

A Good Training Guide Covers Diet & Exercise

shih tzu trainingShih Tzu training includes a lot of information regarding the animal’s care and well being. The information includes recommended types of feed, as well as feeding and training schedules.

Making sure you have the dog’s attention is important during training, and when the dog has been fed correctly, the animal will respond well to training.

This will result in a healthy and happy pet, that will bring years of fun and companionship.  An excellent all in one Shih Tzu dog training resource is called The Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package.  It contains 3 books: dog obedience, house training guide and dog health care guide and step by step videos.