How To Stop Shiba Inu Whining

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shiba inu whining 3There are times when your dog needs to whine. Perhaps your Shiba Inu is a little scared, or maybe your puppy is nervous or overstimulated, like when he’s going for a car ride.

Sometimes, though, your puppy could be whining for what seems like no reason at all and you are going out of your mind trying to figure out how to stop Shiba Inu whining.

Don’t worry, there are numerous training methods you can try to stop your puppy from whining all the time.

The First Step to End Shiba Inu Whining

step 1The first step to end your Shiba Inu whining is to find out the exact reason behind the whining. There are limited ways your puppy can communicate with you.

While it might be driving you crazy, whining is still one of the most effective forms of canine communication. Because your puppy talk is limited, it’s important to narrow down the reasons behind the whining.

Some reasons for puppy whining might include:

• Greeting overstimulation
• Anxiety
• Injury or ailment

Inferior feelings

If your puppy is feeling nervous because of any of these reasons you can certainly stop Shiba Inu whining and puppy whining in general, through active training.

How to Train Your Shiba Inu

Once you have determined the reasons your puppy is whining so much, you can begin teaching him to stop. The first reason behind the whining could potentially be over stimulation.

Over Stimulation

anxious dogOver stimulation often occurs during greetings. Have you ever noticed that when you pay too much attention to a toddler they get hyper and overstimulated?

Your Shiba Inu is the same.

You can stop overstimulation whining by lessening the excitement. While it is still extremely important to greet your puppy with love when you come home from work, you need to tone it down a notch.

Greet your dog quietly and speak softly to stop Shiba Inu whining from over stimulation.


If your dog is whining because of anxiety, which is actually a very common reason for whining, the most important thing you can do is calm your puppy.

Teach your dog that there’s no reason to be afraid or nervous. Use positive reinforcement to keep your dog from whining anxiously when it’s not necessary to be anxious.

If your puppy is hurt or ill then there is no reason to train your dog to stop Shiba Inu whining, instead make sure to take your dog to the vet and get him or her treated.

Use soft, calming words to keep him from getting too nervous or upset when he doesn’t feel good.

The Napoleon Complex

napoleon complexSometimes your puppy might have an inferiority complex and in order to stop Shiba Inu whining due to those inferior feelings you need to build your puppy’s confidence.

Dogs who whine and step back around other, more dominant, dogs are actually acting on normal animal behavior. Still, it can be distressing watching your puppy feel inferior.

In order to stop Shiba Inu whining around more alpha dogs, build your puppy’s confidence by getting them comfortable with games such as Frisbee or rope tug of war.

Interact positively with your dog on a very regular basis. Teaching your dog to be confident will stop Shiba Inu whining.

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