Stop Labradoodle Biting

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In order to stop Labradoodle biting it’s important to train your dog from a young age.

Labradoodles’ are beautiful breeds.  A combination of Poodle and Labrador Retriever, this breed is known to be gentle and good tempered.

However, biting can still be a problem with Labradoodles just as it can with any dog breed. Knowing how to stop Labradoodle biting will make you and your pet happier.

Why is My Labradoodle Biting?

Because Labradoodles’ aren’t very temperamental there are really only a few possible reasons your dog is biting. He could be biting in anger or to be territorial. He could be biting in fear.

Your dog could simply be biting from boredom.

Determining the reasons why is the first step to stop Labradoodle biting. Pay close attention to when your dog is biting. Is he biting and when you’re not paying attention to him?

If so, this is a type of separation anxiety or boredom. You can very easily learn to stop Labradoodle biting from separation or boredom.
Is your Labradoodle biting whenever he wants something and you say no?

Is he biting other dogs when the get too close? This is a dominant bite or a territorial bite. This type of biting is not usually common in Labradoodle breeds, however, it can show up in puppies who don’t know any better.

Is your dog biting whenever he feels threatened? Is he biting in order to protect his food? This is likely fear biting and you can easily stop Labradoodle biting from fear with gentle reprimanding.

How Do I Stop Labradoodle Biting?

If your dog is biting because of separation anxiety or boredom, one way to stop Labradoodle biting is to play with him and wear him out. If your biting is boredom, then your dog needs more stimulation physically and mentally.

Spend more time with your Labradoodle. Take him to the park or toss the ball around with him.

Exhausting him will stop the biting. You can also gently spray him with a water spray bottle if he’s biting and being overly aggressive to get your attention inappropriately.

If your dog is biting to be dominant or territorial with you or other dogs, the water bottle is going to be very important. Keep a short leach on your puppy when you go out for a walk.

If he starts to get aggressive and tries to bite other dogs (a dominant issue) then pull the leash closer to you, look firmly at your dog and say “No! Sit!” and point at the ground until he sits.

When he behaves and sits quietly, use a clacker and give him a verbal praise. Once he is able to walk past other dogs (or people for that matter) without biting at them, use the clacker, give him verbal praise such as “Good boy!”, and give him a treat.

This extra incentive lets your Labradoodle know he’s done very good and will be one key way to stop Labradoodle biting.