Stop Labradoodle Barking

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It’s rare you need to know how to stop Labradoodle barking. Labradoodles make some of the best pets on the planet. This lovely breed is known for its gentility and ability to get along great with kids.

Because they are usually very easy going animals, Labradoodles don’t often have behavioral issues. Still, every now and again your dog might decide to bark when he should be behaving and you need to know.

Labradoodle Barking Barrage

Chances are if you have a Labradoodle you’ve hear him bark. You will never have a completely silent dog because it’s not feasible. Dogs bark because that’s how they communicate to us and to other animals.

If you try to stop Labradoodle barking altogether, then you’re going to be disappointed and your dog is going to be very unhappy.

Your pet needs to be able to communicate with you. Most often Labradoodles bark from fear or anger and those are important keys of communication.

However, if your dog is barking incessantly you need to find out why he’s barking and put an end to it.

Sometimes Labradoodles bark because they are bored and trying to get your attention. This is actually one of the most common reasons for Labradoodles giving you their signature low-pitch vocal opinion.

Because Labradoodles are extremely friendly and want to be loved and adored, if you’re not giving them the proper attention they will bark. They will bark loud and they will bark a lot.
In order to stop Labradoodle barking from boredom, it’s important to pay attention to your animal. This doesn’t mean you can play with him for a half an hour then ignore him the rest of the day. No, you need to make sure you’re keeping your dog happy.

The best way to stop Labradoodle barking is to wear him out by playing with him whenever he starts barking at you, after you tell him not to bark.

You need to set up routine play times with your Labradoodle to keep him happy. You also need to spray your pooch with a water spray bottle and train him to “Sit! Quiet!” on command before you play with him.

Training him to obey first will stop Labradoodle barking.

How Do I Stop Labradoodle Barking at Strangers?

The best way to stop Labradoodle barking at people as you walk down the street is to teach him the verbal command of “Quiet!” or “Stop” as mentioned above.

He tricky thing about strangers is that you want your labradoodle to protect you, however, he can’t go around barking at everyone and you know that.

It’s more important to stop Labradoodle barking at strangers through a verbal command than it is to make him stop barking at anyone.

Sometimes, you do want your dog to bark at someone he doesn’t know.

Use a short leach when you take him out for a walk. When your Labradoodle start to bark at a stranger, spray him with the bottle and use a voice command to “Stop!”

When he sits quietly, give him a “Good boy!” verbal praise and a treat. Also make sure you gently guide him closer to your own body by tugging the leash if he goes to move towards a stranger.

This will stop Labradoodle barking.