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Stop Your Jack Russell From Jumping On People

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For a small breed, they really can get some air! At first, it may be amusing but this is a bad habit that will only get worse, so you must stop Jack Russell jumping immediately!

In order to stop Jack Russell jumping you need to first, start disciplining your pet from the very first jump.  Second, remember to get down to their level to greet your Jack Russell as soon as you walk in the house.

And finally, you need to find a way to consistently drain their massive amounts of energy without hurting yourself!

Stop Jumping Immediately

The first jump is the first sign of trouble. Just as you have to establish the hierarchy in the household or your Jack Russell will run rampant, you must also establish that jumping is not an acceptable behavior.

In fact, you shouldn’t even allow your dog to put their paws on you, or your guests, because if you give a Jack Russell a foot, they will take a mile!

In order to stop Jack Russell jumping, you must start by gruffly tell your pet, “No!” after they jump. Ensure that you continue this behavior every time your Jack Russell jumps so that they associate jumping up as being bad.

Get Down to Their Level

As important as it is to discipline your Jack Russell after they jump, it is equally important to make a compromise and show them an acceptable way to greet you.

Your Jack Russell is going to love and trust you, so when you come home, they are going to want to see you and receive attention.

In order for them to feel they will receive that attention without jumping up, you should get down to your pet’s level to greet them.

You should continue to get down to their level every time you come home, as soon as you come home, in order to teach your Jack Russell that this is the proper way to receive the wanted attention.

Drain their Energy

Jack Russell Terriers have a lot of energy that they are just bursting to release. This excitement could be a cause of why they jump.

So, in order to stop Jack Russell jumping and to lessen their energy, without draining your own energy, instead of taking your pet for a walk, take them for a bike ride, or rollerblade ride.

This technique should only be done if you’re sure you can safely preform this exercise with your Jack Russell, but if you can, it is a great exercise for the dog and a lot of fun for the owner!

Bike riding or rollerblading allows your Jack Russell to move at a much faster speed and so it is freeing for them. In addition, it tires them out without tiring you out nearly as much!

So, in summation, the best ways to stop Jack Russell jumping is to curb their jumping habits from the start, get into the habit of getting down to their level to greet them and also, using a bike ride or rollerblading excursion to expend their energy in place of a walk!

Then, enjoy the pleasures of having a beautiful Jack Russell Terrier without the jumping!

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