Stop Your Jack Russell from Digging

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Jack Russell Terriers are notorious for digging. There are three important steps to stop Jack Russell digging. First, you must first understand the root of the problem.

Then, you must discourage your Jack Russell from digging through discipline. Finally, you must find other outlets for your pet to expend their instincts.

Why they Dig

Jack Russell Terriers were bred to hunt fox and other animals which dig tunnels in the ground. Therefore, it is their natural instinct to want to dig.

However, if they are digging up a yard or worse, your furniture, this is definitely a problem that must overrule natural instinct.
In order to stop Jack Russell digging, you must ask yourself three questions. Why does your pet dig? Where does your pet dig? And also, around what circumstances do they dig?

For instance, if your Jack Russell digs when you are not home, it means that they are not stimulated enough. Rather, if your Jack Russell digs at all times of the day, whether they are in the house or outside, it means that their natural instinct has been triggered.
To be clear, though, your Jack Russell Terrier is not digging with the intent to cause you hardship or annoyance. So, once you figure out the root of the problem, you will be able to fix it!

Discourage the Digging

Whether your Jack Russell is digging in the house, or out in the yard, it is an unacceptable behavior. To stop Jack Russell digging, your pet must be disciplined from the start.

Giving your Jack Russell a firm, “No!” and slapping them on the chin is a good way to make them know what they did was wrong. However, to be clear, you are only slapping your pet with just enough force only to close their mouth, not to make their head go back.

This chin slap should also only be done with your hand and nothing else! When disciplining in this manner, their head should not move at all!

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So, now you have figured out the root of the problem and you have actively disciplined your Jack Russell. The next step to stop Jack Russell digging is to find a better way for your Jack Russell to take out his natural instincts.

If you find that your Jack Russell is digging because they are bored, then you should provide them with more exercise and challenge their mind through obedience training.

If you find that this is a natural instinct that your Jack Russell is having trouble curbing, disturb the spot where he likes to dig so that it is no longer a fun experience for him.

For instance, if your Jack Russell likes to dig the couch, put a blanket there with a taste they do not like. If he is digging outside, plant a rose bush in his favorite digging spot so that your Jack Russell will be deterred by the thorns.

Hopefully these tips will help you to stop Jack Russell digging! Just remember to identify the problem, discipline the problem early and then explore other avenues for your pet.

Jack Russell Terriers can make great pets. All your Jack Russell needs is a little patience and some tough love!