Stop Jack Russell Barking

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How to Deal with Jack Russell Barking

Jack Russell terrier is a breed full of energy and is always demanding more activities and attention from its owner. Jack Russell barking is one of the most common behavioral problems many owners struggle with. Jack Russell barking can become a disturbance to your family and your neighbor. It will also harm the relationship between the dog and its owner as the owner becomes frustrated and angry.

Why Jack Russell Terriers Bark
Like humans, dogs bark to express themselves. It is acceptable for them to do so but excessive barking should not be allowed. Jack Russell barking is mainly due to the history of the breed. Jack Russell terriers are hunting dogs and they are supposed to bark to grab the hunter’s attention whenever they catch a prey. This type of dogs are highly intelligent and they get bored easily staying indoor. Therefore, Jack Russell barking may also be due to the lack of stimulation and boredom. Because of their instincts, Jack Russell terriers are impulsive dogs which have a hard time controlling themselves. They may then resort to barking.

Basic Solutions to Stop Excessive Jack Russell Barking
Walk your dog every day to make sure that it is exercised. Since Jack Russell terriers have a lot of energy, they need a lot of physical exercise in order to feel calm. This will help lessen excessive Jack Russell barking. Secondly, these terriers are bred to be working dogs. Living in a domestic home goes against their instincts. Train your dog to do simple tasks, such as fetching the owner his/her slippers or newspapers. Practice commands like “sit,” “stay,” and “quiet.” This will help the dog focus and concentrate only on the owner when barking triggers, such as strangers and moving objects, appear.

Barking out of Boredom
Jack Russell barking may become the most rampant when the owner is not at home. In this case, the dog may be barking out of boredom and isolation. It is particularly important for the owner to exercise and play with the Jack Russell terrier until the dog is exhausted. This way, when the owner leaves home, the dog will spend the day resting and sleeping. If this method does not work, the owner can consider hiring a dog sitter who take the Jack Russell out for a walk during the day.

Barking at Moving Objects and Visitors
The owner will need to desensitize the dogs to visitors and moving objects, such as squirrels and cars. Practice the “quiet,” and “stay” command constantly to make sure that the dog is focused. When the terrier begins to bark excessively, remove it from the situation, and take it back again several seconds later. The owner needs to be very patient as this process may take a long while depending on individual dogs. Once the dog is calm, reward it with a treat.