Stop Your English Bulldog Puppy from Whining

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Just as babies cry, English bulldog puppies are known to whine a lot during the first few weeks of being in your home. In order to stop English bulldog puppy whining, you must enact these three steps. First, you must understand why your English bulldog puppy is whining.

Second, you must bond with your puppy. Third, you must keep a healthy balance of solving their problems as well as teaching your English bulldog puppy the ways of the household. 

Understanding Why they are Whining

The first step to stop English bulldog puppy whining is to understand why they are whining.

The most common reason is that your puppy is experiencing separation anxiety from their home, mother and littermates.

Think of it from your puppy’s perspective. You are born and all you know is your home, your mother, your brothers and sisters and the humans who live in the house.

Then, one day, some total strangers, take you away from everything that you know and bring you to a new house. These strangers may play with you for a while, but when night falls, they stick you in a room and turn off the light. 

As cruel as this situation seems, it is essentially what happens to every puppy who is adopted. Given that situation, it really makes sense as to why a puppy would whine.

When humans bring home a puppy, they are excited but when a puppy is brought home for the first time, they are probably very scared.

Another reason that an English bulldog puppy may whine is because they are hungry or otherwise uncomfortable. These situations should be dealt with on a case by case, situation by situation basis and always done with a healthy amount of patience.

Bond with your Puppy

The most important step to stop English bulldog puppy whining is to bond with your puppy. As soon as they trust you and love you, then your puppy will stop feeling so anxious, which in turn will stop their whining.

If your puppy knows that you love them and will readily take care of all their needs, then that sense of abandonment and loneliness from losing their other family will dissipate.

The first couple weeks of bringing a puppy home is crucial to the development of your relationship with that puppy. In those weeks, you will work into a routine and your puppy will learn the ways of the household.

Keep the Balance

The third essential step to stop English bulldog puppy whining is to attend to their needs, but do not give in to them and cause bad habits.

Crating is always a good idea because it allows your English bulldog puppy to have its own space.

However, if your English bulldog puppy is having trouble adjusting to the loneliness, try putting a warm bottle of water under a blanket and ticking clock to simulate another puppy with a heartbeat so your pet does not feel cold and alone.

Although, no matter how bad you feel for your whining puppy, you must never give into the temptation of bringing them out of their crate, if that is your chosen method.

You should lessen their loneliness and give them an abundance of love, but you cannot give into your English bulldog puppy. Always remember that you are still the master.

To close, if you stick to these three steps, you should be able to stop English bulldog puppy whining effectively. First, figure out why they are acting this way.

Second, give them the love they deserve. Third, try to lessen their loneliness but do not cave to them.