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Stop Your English Bulldog from Snoring

By September 26, 2013 No Comments

It’s a common misconception that you cannot stop English bulldog snoring. Unfortunately, because their nose is pressed into their face more than other dog breeds, snoring is a problem for almost all English bulldogs.
An English bulldog snores because it is having trouble breathing.
Thankfully, there are three pieces of advice that will work to stop, or at the very least lesson your English bulldog’s snoring.
The first bit of advice is to make sure your English bulldog is healthy. The second piece of advice is to make sure the room where they sleep is always cool.
The third point of advice is to change the humidity in the room your English bulldog is sleeping.

Make Sure they are Healthy

The first tip to stop English bulldog snoring is to make sure that your pet is healthy all the way around! Take your English bulldog to the vet to see if they are at the right weight for their size or if there is anything else that needs to be checked.
English bulldogs are prone to Brachycephalic Upper Airway Syndrome and Laryngeal Edema. A symptom of these conditions, but not a direct diagnosis, is snoring.
Therefore, you should just take your English bulldog to get checked out. If your English bulldog checkup reveals that they need to lose some weight, make sure that you make time to exercise with them and adjust their diet.
Also, check to see if the food you are giving them is quality dog food specifically made for English bulldogs.

Is their Room Cool?

The second tip to stop English bulldog snoring is to make the room where your pet sleeps cool. This will cause them to sleep sounder, be more comfortable and reduce snoring.
English bulldogs are naturally overweight, even if they are healthy. So, the hotter it is in the room where they sleep, the more uncomfortable they are and the harder it is for them to breathe.
Thus, the more your English bulldog will snore. By making sure your English bulldog is cool, you can eliminate their discomfort and hopefully, their snoring.

Change the Humidity

In order to stop English bulldog snoring, you may need to change the humidity in the room.
If you have cooled the room and your English bulldog is still snoring, then there may be too much or not enough moisture in the air for your English bulldog to sleep comfortably. An inexpensive trick to changing the humidity is to open a window.
However, if for some reason opening a window would do more harm than good, you could always look into a humidifier for the room where the dog sleeps.
Fortunately, if your English bulldog sleeps in your room, you will benefit from the humidifier as well.
So, in order to stop English bulldog snoring, you should try these three solutions. The first, being to make sure your English bulldog is at their healthiest.
The second is to make sure your English bulldog is comfortable and cool. The third and final solution is to change the humidity in the room to something that is pleasing to your English bulldog.
Hopefully these tips will help so that you and your English bulldog finally get a soundless, good night’s sleep!