Stop Your English Bulldog from Shedding

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Shedding is a common problem among owners of English bulldogs. Although, to stop English bulldog shedding, you just have to follow these three easy steps!

First, you need to analyze why your English bulldog is shedding. Second, you need to introduce salmon fish oil tablets into your English bulldog’s healthy diet.

Third, you need to you need to brush your English bulldog daily.

Why they Shed

Like most things, a crucial key to stop English bulldog shedding is to understand why they are shedding. You may have noticed that in the spring and summer months, your English bulldog sheds the most.

This is because your English bulldog is shedding his winter coat in the spring and keeping his coat thin in the summer. Just like our hair, your English bulldog’s hair grows all of the time.

So, while you can put your hair up or get it cut if it’s too hot, your English bulldog needs to shed their hair off to stay cool. Therefore, in the spring in the summer especially, you must stay ahead of your English bulldog’s natural shedding process.

Introduce Salmon Fish Oil

In order to stop English bulldog shedding, give your pet salmon fish oil. It needs to be salmon fish oil because that is the type of fish oil that comes recommended for the coat of the English bulldog breed. Salmon fish oil will help to cleanse their coat and keep it silky.

Salmon fish oil also holds essential vitamins for your English bulldog to keep their coat healthy. The health and wellbeing of your English bulldog’s coat is what will lessen your pet’s shedding.

In addition to salmon fish oil, also make sure that your English bulldog is getting the right nutrition in his diet. Any dog food that is branded specifically for English bulldogs will do.

It doesn’t have to be the most expensive brand by far, but it is important that the food contains the essential nutrition specifically manufactured for English bulldogs.

Brush them Daily

Finally, the most important tip to stop English bulldog shedding is to brush your pet daily. By brushing your English bulldog, especially in the spring and winter, you will collect most of the loose hair that your pet would otherwise shed.

Brushing your English bulldog allows you to continue to stay ahead of the shedding curve. An English bulldog obviously needs loose hair to shed.

However, if you collect all of that loose hair, then there is nothing left to shed. Brushing your English bulldog will also help you to bond with your pet.

After a while, this will become an activity that you share together, like walking or playtime. It will become a part of your collective routine that both you and your English bulldog will enjoy!

In summation, if you follow these three easy steps, you will stop English bulldog shedding! First, understand the problem fully. Second, make sure to feed your English bulldog the right kind of fish oil in addition to a healthy diet.

Third, brush your English bulldog every day! Then, you will be able to enjoy your English bulldog without the hairy mess that otherwise comes with your relationship.