Stop Your English Bulldog from Farting

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It could be silent or it could be roaring, but to maintain peace and sanity in your home you must stop English bulldog farting!

There can be nothing worse than a stinky English bulldog. English bulldogs are a little more prone to farting because their noses are pressed into their face more than most dogs and therefore, while eating or drinking, they breathe in more air.

For the same reason that humans cannot eat too fast, or it will cause them gas, English bulldogs swallow a lot of air when they eat, causing gas. 
Now, you obviously cannot help your dog from breathing in too much air, but there are ways to reduce the amount of your English bulldog’s farting in other areas.

The first way to limit the amount of gas your English bulldog has is to feed them the right food. The second way stop the farting is to refrain from feeding your English bulldog table scraps.

The third piece of advice for having a flatulence free English bulldog is to feed them smaller meals throughout the day.

Feeding them the Right Food

The first way that you can stop English bulldog farting is to feed your pet Premium Dog Food, specifically for English bulldogs.

In the same way that a human will get gas by eating cheap food, your English bulldog will follow suit.

This quality dog food may be a little bit more expensive, but it could really save your sense of smell at home. Additionally, this Premium Dog Food does not have to be the most expensive.

In fact, if you look around a little you may even be able to find it at a comparative price. Either way, to end the stench you should choose
Premium Dog Food!

Do Not Feed them Table Scraps

Feeding your pet table scraps is bad for many reasons. If nothing else, it will spoil your English bulldog.

However, especially with an English bulldog, which is a breed prone to illness and allergy, feeding them human food can also be dangerous to their health.

In addition, to stop English bulldog farting, you must stop giving your pet food from the table. English bulldogs were not meant to have human food.

Therefore, if they eat human food, then their stomach will have an adverse reaction, causing gas.

Feed them Smaller Meals Daily

It can be stressful during a busy work week or to make plans but the final way to stop English bulldog farting is to feed your pet smaller meals three or four times per day, instead of the normal two.

Also, like humans, eating multiple, small meals throughout the day is healthier for your pet’s digestive track. That way, there is less food your pet’s body has to deal with at one time and so it is less to cause your pet to have gas.

So, in summation, in order to stop English bulldog farting, you must enact these three changes to your pet’s diet. First, you should switch to a higher quality dog food.

Second, you should refrain from feeding your English bulldog table scraps at all costs. Third, you should feed your English bulldog smaller meals throughout the day.

If you follow these instructions, you should be able to enjoy the lovely scent of your home, without the threat of an English bulldog’s fart stench!