Stop your English Bulldog from Barking

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Normally, English bulldogs do not bark very much. However, if you feel that you need to stop English bulldog barking, there are three ways that will help you to achieve your goal.

First, you must figure out why your English bulldog is barking. Second, in order to stop their barking you must discipline your English bulldog the right way.

The third way to stop their barking is to begin correcting this behavior from the very beginning.

Why are they Barking

The first step to stop English bulldog barking is to understand why your pet is barking. The natural reaction for every dog to communicate is through barking and whining.

Dogs do not understand that humans do not speak dog bark. Therefore, humans do not always know what their pets want.

Additionally, the English bulldog breed is known for not barking unless they have a reason. So, it is fairly rare to have an excessively barking English bulldog.

Hence, if your English bulldog is barking excessively, you should try to figure out what makes them bark. If your English bulldog is skittish, find out what is scaring them.

It could be as simple as they do not like the scent of the mailman or a neighbor that walks by every day. Whatever it is, try to pinpoint the times that your English bulldog barks and figure out what is going on during that time frame.

Finding the source of your English bulldog’s barking could not only stop them from barking, but also comfort and cure your pet from getting startled from that situation.

Discipline your Pet the Right Way

Your pet, especially an English bulldog, will always feed off of your reaction. Your pet can feel when you are angry or excited and they know when you are calm.

In order to stop English bulldog barking, you cannot get angry at them and scream, “No!” or they could get the wrong opinion of your command and think that there is a reason to bark.

So instead, in order to calm your English bulldog down and stop them from barking, pick a command word, other than, “No,” such as “Enough,” or event “Stop” and say it loudly so that they hear, but calmly.

If done correctly, every time they bark, your English bulldog will understand that there is no real reason for them to bark and they should quiet down.

Discipline them from the Start

The third way to stop English bulldog barking is to begin to discipline the behavior right from the start. If your English bulldog is beginning to bark excessively, you cannot wait for a habit to form.

If a habit of barking forms with your English bulldog, then it will be much harder to stop your pet from excessive barking.

The easiest way to curb this behavior is to pick a command word as discussed earlier and stick to it as soon as you notice a problem.
In summation, in order to stop English bulldog barking, you must follow these three steps. First, you have to figure out the problem.

Then, you must discipline your English bulldog appropriately. Finally, you must remember to discipline your English bulldog as soon as you begin to see a pattern of excessive barking.

Hopefully, these tips will allow your household a little peace and quiet!