Stop Dachshund Barking

By January 13, 2014 No Comments

Is your Dachshund barking up a storm?

Where did all that courage come from?
Historically, your dachshund is a hunter. For a badger, his fair warning is your dachshund barking. If the badger is ignorant enough to stay around your dachshund will fight to the death, and win. This breed has its roots in 1900 Germany. This explains their fearless persona. As a member of the hound family they will not rest until they have tracked, chased and perhaps even killed their target. They are as fierce and determined above ground as they are below.

The good

They are loyal and natural watchdogs. Your Dachshund barking is their way of showing you that they have your back. They will not back down when it comes to protecting you. You must guard against their getting hurt by larger unknown dogs. Without considering size, your Dachshund will rush a bigger dog who can become irritated instead of intimidated. It is done out of love.

The bad

Your Dachshund barking may not be his most endearing trait. They are stubborn and determined so scolding them for exhibiting their natural traits will not get you very far. They will bark at newcomers as well as familiar people until they realize that you have the situation under control. If you leave and come back they will even bark at you. They are chewers and diggers so you may find a trail of destruction upon your return.

The ugly

Your Dachshund barking may even be welcome compared to the fact that in cooler weather they will refuse to potty outside. They hate rain and they hate to be cold. If you do not have a covered potty area, you can expect household “presents” that are not accidents. Another unpleasant trait is their “dragon breath”. Please, pass the doggy mints!

Built in entertainment

The magnitude of your Dachshund barking cannot hold a candle to the hours of amusement they will give you and your family. They are especially comical with other family pets. They can be seen hanging on the upper lip or tail of your large dog. They love to chase and be chased. They can get along with any and all family creatures. They also love to burrow under your covers so you will never be lonely in bed. Fortunately, they don’t take up much space.

An overall hit

Your love will overcome your issues with your Dachshund barking. With firmness they will learn to accept their limits. There are reasons that wiener dogs are among the most popular pets. There is a good chance that you will want more than one. Loneliness will cause excessive barking. Standard or miniature, long hair or short, they are a breed to fall in love with.