Stop Boxer Barking

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Discouraging a Boxer Barking Habit

Barking to Excess

Barking comes naturally for boxers and other breeds of dogs. However, boxer barking that occurs regularly throughout the day can quickly become frustrating to an owner. Fortunately, there are things an owner can do to help curb a boxer's barking habit.

A Reason for Barking

An owner's first step in discouraging boxer barking is to figure out its cause. The best way to do this is to observe the dog's reactions. For instance, does the doorbell cause the barking fit? Alternatively, does the dog start a round of barking when it finds itself alone in a room? Perhaps the barking is triggered by the presence of a particular person or animal. Some dogs bark because they are uneasy, while others bark because they don't like to be alone. There are even dogs that begin to bark because they associate a particular person with a frightening situation. An owner who finds the cause behind the barking will be better prepared to deal with the dog's habit.

Calming a Boxer's Barking Habit

Once an owner is aware of why a dog is barking, he or she will know when to expect the barking to occur. When the boxer barking starts, an owner can immediately go to the dog and speak to it in a calming voice. For example, if the barking is triggered by the daily mail delivery, an owner can be there to reassure the dog that it is safe. By patting the dog and calming it, an owner is showing the pet that it is not in any danger. If an owner is consistent in this practice, the dog will likely see that there is no need for such a reaction. Furthermore, if an owner gives the dog a treat when it refrains from barking, it will further solidify the lesson.

Occupying a Boxer's Alone Time

Boxer barking may begin when the canine is put into a room by itself. Of course, if an owner avoids placing the dog in a room alone, the barking won't be an issue. However, if an owner must put the dog in a room alone for a little while, he or she may consider purchasing some safe, appealing toys that will help occupy the canine.

Appreciating a Well-Timed Bark

Finally, an owner must always keep in mind that boxer barking can be helpful in many situations. For instance, a dog's barking can alert an owner of a stranger who's trying to enter the house. When barking happens at an appropriate time, an owner should be sure to give the dog plenty of praise. In short, boxer barking that takes place at an appropriate moment can keep an owner safe from harm.