How to Stop Terrier Barking in 3 Simple Steps

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stop terrier barkingYou've landed here because you want to learn how to stop Terrier barking.  Some breeds are more prone to barking than others and the terrier group falls into that tendency.

Nonetheless, we love our terriers. From Jack Russell to Smooth Fox and from Minature Bull to Kerry Blue, what they lack in bark control they make up for with their engaging personalities and lively attitudes.

Stop Terrier Barking in 3 Simple Steps

When caring for a dog of any breed, but especially our energetic terrier group, it is important to make sure the dog is healthy: physically, emotionally and intellectually. Meeting these core requirements can help stop  terrier barking before it becomes problematic.

1. Exercise your dog daily. Your terrier is full of spunk and has energy to burn. It is especially important to exercise terriers that are left alone for lengthy periods. A brisk 15-minute walk before work can keep your dog content until you return home.

2. Make sure your dog is properly socialized. When in an unfamiliar situation like meeting a new dog or encountering a group of children on a bike ride, terrier barking can be triggered if your dog is not properly socialized.

Expose your terrier to many different sights and sounds in a safe and controlled environment. When your dog feels emotionally secure, terrier barking is less likely to be triggered by exposure to new sights, sounds and situations.

3. Give your terrier a job to exercise his mind. There are several food reward activities you can provide for your pet to encourage a sharp mind. Place several pieces of kibble in a “Buster Cube” or a “Kong” and watch your terrier solve the problem of releasing the reward.

Recognizing Problem Barking

stop terrier barkingTerrier barking is a natural means of communication for your dog. Barking is your terrier's way of telling you something. It is important to decipher acceptable barking from unacceptable barking.

If your terrier barks in the middle of the night at a loud, unfamiliar sound, it's likely an acceptable communication. However, if terrier barking occurs when the mail is delivered daily, this could be a problem.

The mail carrier leaves and the dog is rewarded: essentially the dog has “chased” the mail carrier away.

Stop Terrier Barking With Distractions

Use distractions to stop terrier barking. For example, play a game of fetch with the dog when the mail is being delivered. Do this daily until the terrier no longer perceives the carrier as a threat.

There are many reasons for problem terrier barking. Pay attention to what your terrier is trying to tell you to help solve the problem barking. There are many dog training books online that deal with barking.

In fact, I've compiled a list of the top 5 best dog training books that deal with barking.  You can also visit Secrets to Dog Training if you are having difficulty with dog barking, aggression and other unwanted behavior.