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canis clickertraining reviewThis is a Canis Clickertraining review.  Ever heard of canis clickertraining? Does your dog think he owns the household? Does he obey you when you give orders? Well, there is a way to effectively train your dog.

This Canis clickertraining review will make you see how easy it is to have an obedient dog. However, this will only work to your advantage if you learn how to make it work.

What’s Your Dog’s Personality?

It’s important to understand that dogs have their own diverse personalities. Some enjoy obeying and learning new ways of life while others are happy when rebelling and doing crazy staff all the time.  

Some dogs are eager and curious to explore new things and aren’t afraid of you. Even your attempt to treat them isn’t enough for them to enjoy listening and obeying your orders.  That’s why you need Canis Clickertraining.  

Will Canis Clickertraining Work for Your Breed? 

canis clickertraining reviewPerhaps you are curious as to which breed this training covers. My Canis Clickertraining review reveals that the answer is – it works for every breed.  All dog breeds are hard to train with certain of them being more difficult to train then the rest.

Whichever type of dog you own, my Canis Clickertraining review promises that dog training with this method will work for you. Reading this Canis Clickertraining review will be your first and most important step to get a disciplined dog.

Canis clicker training has worked for many people. It offers the best training program to help you train your dog effectively. With this training you can have the best bulldog that never misbehaves.

What Does Canis Clickertraining Review Consist Of?

First, what is Canis Clickertraining Academy and who made it up?  Canis Clickertraining Academy is a book written by Morten Egtvedt and Cecilie Koeste, who trained with Karen Pryor, one of the founders of Clickertraining.  The book is very anti-negative reinforcement.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Positive and Negative Reinforcement – and why you unknowingly are negative reinforcing certain behaviors
  • How to find effective reinforcers
  • How to Condition the Clicker and How to Use Alternative Reward Markers.
  • The 7 Different Teaching Techniques and How to Choose Between Them
  • Detailed training plans for 30 different behaviors

What Do You Get with Canis Clickertraining?

In addition to the downloadable ebook, you get 5 bonus videos:

Bonus Video #1 – The first video is called “Teaching the Retrieve.”  It teaches your dog to retrieve with high speed and precision.  It shows you step by step exactly how to do it.

Bonus Video #2 – The second video is called “Get the Mail from the Mailbox”  It shows you how to clicker train your dog to get the mail for you!

Bonus Video #3 – The third video is called “Teaching Heel Position with a Puppy”  Learn how to make your dog heel in 15 minutes!

Bonus Video #4 – The fourth video is called “Getting a Soda from the Refrigerator.”  This is  a great trick that will impress your friends.

Bonus Video #5 –  The fifth video is called “Teach Your Dog To Wrap Himself in a Blanket” This is a neat trick!  This trick will teach you how to combine all of the behaviors you learned in the ebook, i.e., roll over, targeting, down, hold).  This is truly impressive.

Do I really need a training resource to train my dog?

canis clickertraining reviewThe truth is you need it, unless you are an experienced clicker trainer. Clickers increase the speed at which your dog learns.

The book is written in an organized way to help you follow along with the detailed information and most importantly put the information into practice.

Both you and your dog will be happier at the end of the training. Any honest canis clicker training review can attest to this.